The 8 Best Food Photographers in Minneapolis

When you think Minneapolis, several images probably spring to mind: lakes, four seasons, and pasties. But did you know the Twin Cities are also home to some of the most talented food stylists and photographers in the nation? If you’re looking for a skilled creative to bring a traditional, specialized, or even fine art approach to your next photoshoot, take a look at our carefully curated list of the top food photographers in Minneapolis!

1. Jonathan Conklin

With 12 years of experience working as a chef, including six in the hyper-competitive NYC market, Jonathan Conklin decided it was time to move from knives to lenses. His talent in the kitchen means he has an insider’s knowledge rare for even a professional food photographer. Jonathan’s as skilled as a cook and stylist as he is a photographer. He also has a highly customer- and collaboration-oriented mindset that he brings to each shoot.

In his own words: “I love and respect the art of creating and presenting food. Whether you provide comfort foods or high-end fine dining, products for Amazon or your personal website. I want to give you amazing images that will put customers in your seats and buying your products.” With such a positive approach to customer relations and insider experience in the kitchen, it’s no wonder Jonathan is one of the best food photographers in Minneapolis.

2. Mike Parker

As a leading presence in the Twin Cities photography scene for over 30 years, Mike Parker is one of the first artists you’ll want to consider. Several household name brands are satisfied clients of his, including Nabisco, Pillsbury, Safeway, Chili’s, and many more! Mike’s 4,500-square-foot downtown studio is nestled in the heart of the NE Minneapolis Arts District, and it includes a fully decked-out food styling kitchen accommodating two stylists and assistants.

As expected of such specialized talent, Mike’s portfolio and work covers nearly every base imaginable in the food photography world. Backgrounds range from punchy advertisements to fine dining venues. Lighting choices include moody matte takes and bright, cheerful natural light invoking summer backyard barbecues. In short: Mike has exactly what it takes to make your brand shine!

3. Christine Armbruster

Freelance documentary photographer Christine Armbruster brings a unique approach to the food photography scene. Educated in commercial photography yet fascinated by culture, Christine has a distinct vision for her images. Her food and editorial work has been featured in several publications, including Wine Enthusiast and Kinfolk Magazine, just to name a couple. In addition, her work has appeared in media for The Travel Channel, Airbnb, Grubhub, and many others.

Her studio and on-location work has a fine art character, with most compositions shot from above to maximize the play of shapes and textural elements in the scene. We’re treated to not just the food, but the interplay of subject, environment, light, and main course in playful yet true-to-life ways. Christine’s unique style is why we’ve chosen her as one of the top Minneapolis food photographers.

4. TKP Studio

The team of six photographers behind TKP Studios are constantly mindful not just of how to make food look good, but also how to ensure the success of the client and brand they’re working for. Covering a variety of styles for diverse clients, TKP studios works both in studio and on location to bring high-quality content to Minneapolis’s culinary world. Their client list is both long and familiar, counting big names like Buffalo Wild Wings, Cheerios, and Godiva as satisfied customers. 

5. Theresa Scarbrough

Editorial photographer Theresa Scarbrough is a new talent to Minneapolis, and she’s available throughout the Twin Cities and Midwest for collaborations. Having honed her vision in Laredo, TX, and Chicago, IL, Theresa uses a fascinating, artistic approach to much of her work that’s inspired by her editorial background. She has a way of finding artful arrangements and angles that create photos that look not just delicious but worthy of being featured on the cover of a cookbook or magazine. With her punchy color palette and variety of lighting styles, Theresa’s the real deal.

6. Barbara Wrigley McDevitt

With over a decade of experience in the photography field, Barbara Wrigley McDevitt takes on projects in Minneapolis and SW Florida, preferring to work as stylist and photographer for each shoot. In her own words, “I’m fueled by a love of how food brings everyone together in the simple celebration of friends and family. And I’m happiest with a camera in my hand with the goal of producing mouth-watering imagery that stands out from the crowd and tells your story.”

Barbara uses a gorgeous vintage-styled matte color profile perfectly suited for timeless cookbooks and magazines throughout her portfolio. Her images really bring out textures in both backgrounds and food alike. And her arrangements are both artistic and comprehensive, which makes sense, as she’s one of the most talented food photographers in Minneapolis right now.

7. Eliesa Johnson

Photographer Eliesa Johnson lives and breathes her passion. She works to make visual stories, create connections for subject and viewer alike, and find hidden moments to share with the world. Her many satisfied clients include Serious Eats, Hi Lo Diner, and Target. In addition, she owns The Restaurant Project, an innovative company that focuses on photography for eateries and food brands. Her photography outfit has worked nationally with renowned names, such as Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, and the James Beard Awards. Plus, her cookbook earned a spot on the Wall Street Journal Best-Sellers List for 2019.

Eliesa has an intriguing approach to food photography, with influences from fashion, lifestyle, and travel photography. Her color palette in particular incorporates influences from modern-day lifestyle and wedding photography, with bright white highlights and a slightly desaturated color palette. With her artistic, thoughtful food styling approaches, Eliesa’s work is worth having a look through.

8. Lisa Golden Schroeder of Foodesigns

Lisa’s work covers an astonishing array of areas, primarily ranging from food writing and styling, to some food photography and even passion projects, such as her work with the upcoming field guide, Untamed Mushrooms: From Field to Table. As a true foodie in every sense of the world, Lisa’s inside knowledge makes her one of the most insightful hobbyist food photographers in Minneapolis because it’s clear to us this is less of a job and more of a lifestyle for her.

Lisa seeks to transform our very approach to viewing food. In her own words, “I consider myself a cheerleader, drumming up enthusiasm for real cooking and real food, helping make what can be a daily chore into, if nothing else, a respite from the craziness of everyday life.”

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