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10 Fun Game Night Party Ideas

Games are perfect party activities — they’re great icebreakers for new groups of people, as well as a simple way to turn any ordinary gathering into a fun, competitive, and exciting night. However, a game night party isn’t just about dusting off old boxes of Monopoly and Sorry and clearing a space on the dinner table. For a truly engaging experience, you can take your game night from basic to extraordinary with these game night party ideas.

1. Turn the invitations into a game

Whether you’re still into sending out old-school paper invites, or you prefer to do everything online, add an extra fun element to your game night party by turning the invitations themselves into a game. This could mean designing them like a board game, creating a riddle for guests to solve, or sending a series of clues.

2. Make it virtual

These days, there is almost nothing that can’t be done on a mobile phone. If old-fashioned board games aren’t readily available or just aren’t your style, hook up a projector, laptop, and screen or a smart TV with access to the internet, then try playing Jackbox TV games.

Two of the best games are Quiplash and Tee K.O. Quiplash is kind of like Cards Against Humanity, but the zany sayings and one-liners are all your own creation. Tee K.O. is a T-shirt designing game where you can let your inner artist shine. If you like one of the designs, you can even order an actual shirt with it!

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3. Have a throwback 

Board games are already somewhat of a throwback, with all of the mobile gaming and video games we have today. So why not turn the whole party into one big throwback? Ask everyone to bring their favorite childhood games and snacks like Goldfish crackers, cosmic brownies, chicken nuggets, animal crackers (they’re vegan!), Teddy Grahams, and sugar cereals, and celebrate the good, simple times of the past.

4. Turn the party into one big game 

Design the party around a game! This is definitely one of the most meta game night party ideas. Come up with rules for gameplay, with cards with instructions, a method for drawing turns, and a spinner like the one used in Twister. For an adults-only game night, consider throwing in a drinking game with rules customized for the people in attendance.

5. Battle: winners of games compete with each other

If you’ve got a competitive group of guests, consider cranking up the stakes by making it one big competition. Set up various game tables around the room with similar lengths of play time. When a game is completed and the winner is crowned, match that winner with a winner from another game. Continue this until two people are playing against each other in a two-player game. This setup can also work for games played with teams. This is one of those game night party ideas that requires some organizational skills, but if all works out smoothly, you’ll have an intense night of fun!

6. Give out prizes

Raise the stakes even more and offer prizes for winners of every game. Lottery tickets, mini sample size bottles of liquor, fancy decks of cards, candles, gourmet candy, special mini editions of games, and funny dice all make great prizes and often cost less than $10 a piece. Ask all of your guests to pitch in a few dollars via Venmo before the party (you can write this on the invitations) so that no one is stuck buying all of the prizes.

7. Host the party in an exciting venue

All you really need for a game night are tables and chairs (but the floor works too!). That means you can use just about any type of open space to try out these game night party ideas. On Peerspace, you can book just about any kind of venue — from an industrial multipurpose warehouse to a swanky bar. You can narrow your search by the amenities offered in the venue, so for example, if you want a kitchen for preparing or serving snacks at your party, you can note that in the list of filters.

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8. Make it a costume party

Costume parties aren’t just for Halloween. You can host a game night costume party any time of year. Just ask your guests to get creative and put together costumes based on their favorite games. Some possible ideas include: the Monopoly man, Plumpy, Mr. Mint, Jolly Lord Licorice, Gramma Nutt, Princess Lolly, Queen Frostine, Gloppy, or King Kandy from Candyland, Colonel Mustard, Mr. Green, Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum, Mrs. Peacock, or Mrs. White from Clue, Cavity Sam from Operation, any of the Hungry Hungry Hippos, or the prisoner from Monopoly.

9. Pour some game-themed cocktails

Self-described “geek” bars and arcade bars have been serving video game-themed drinks with names like Princess Peach for years, so coming up with board game-themed cocktails can’t be too much of a stretch. If you aren’t too into mixology yourself and aren’t friends with any bartenders, consider hiring a mobile bar service and asking them if they can come up with any themed concoctions. Just be sure to give the company enough lead time to create a custom drink list for your party.

10. Serve game-themed snacks and appetizers

You’ll probably be too busy playing games to sit down to a full meal, so snacks, appetizers, and bite-sized desserts are the perfect way to feed all of the hungry players at your party. This is one of the most thoughtful game night party ideas if there are a number of foodies in your group.

Create a colorful candy buffet to represent Candyland by using glass jars to display candy like candy canes, licorice, and lollipops, and laying out fudge on pastel-colored platters or cake stands. When you set up a table full of brightly-colored, delicious candy, your guests will feel like they’ve stepped right into the board game. For appetizers, serve pinwheel sandwiches, crackers, chips, and anything else that can resemble game pieces.

Game night doesn’t have to just be a simple gathering of friends playing board games. You can dress up your get-together with these fun game night party ideas.

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