12 Creative Couples Game Night Ideas To Have Fun With The Gang

On the lookout for couples game night ideas to celebrate a fun night with your fellow loved-up friends? We get it! Couple’s game nights are like the ultimate group date. Through games, you can build your bond with your partner and enjoy fun and laughter with your friends. If you need help coming up with new games to play on your next game night, we’ve got a few ideas for you.

Oh, and if you’re looking for even more ways to make the event extra special, Peerspace could help you out. We’re home to tons of amazing venues that you can rent by the hour. It’s a great way to give your couple’s night a change of scenery without committing to a nightly rental. 

But back to the topic at hand! Keep reading to discover 12 couples game night ideas for laugh-out-loud fun with your friends. We also share amazing venues that you can rent on Peerspace ideal for couples game night. Let’s get to it!

1. The Newlywed game

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Who says the newlywed game is just for newlyweds? An at-home version of this classic gameshow can provide plenty of fun for dating couples, married partners, and everything in between. But why not switch it up by booking an extraordinary Peerspace venue for your newlywed game hijinx?

Here are a few of our favorite options:

As you can see, you can book a variety of unique spaces to host your newlywed game in style. Not only will you and your partner learn how well you really know each other, but you’ll also get to go head-to-head with your friends.

You can find a list of newlywed game questions here to get your couples game night ideas started. 

2. Two truths and a lie 

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“Two truths and a lie” is a classic icebreaker game, where players make two truthful statements about themselves, along with a single lie. But it’s anyone’s guess which statement is the lie. It’s another fun way to see how well you and your partner know each other compared to your friends. 

3. Mario Kart team races 

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Do you and your partner have a competitive streak? Here’s a couple’s game night idea that’s perfect for gamers. Grab your Nintendo Switch and Joycons, then have everyone compete in a Mario Kart tournament to see which couple reigns supreme. You’ll get to go toe to toe with your friends, and see if your relationship can survive the blue shell. 

Keep the retro gamer vibes going by renting a classic arcade near you on Peerspace. Find one with Mario Kart, neon signs, tasty food and drinks, and prepare for an epic battle!

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4. Couple’s night D&D

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This couple’s game night idea is for the nerds! Gather your friends and host a one-shot D&D session. You can find D&D campaigns designed for couples or small groups online, or come up with your own campaign to get the dice rolling. Who knows, if your friends enjoy themselves enough, long-term couples’ D&D sessions could be in your future! 

Need the perfect setting to bring your D&D tourny to life? Then you need to see The Red Drake Inn! It’s a Medieval-themed space in Glendale that a Peerspace reviewer has described as: “An incredible location, beautiful decorated with incredible vibes! Host was incredible responsive and informative, highly recommend!”

5. Couple’s card games

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Card games are a classic game night staple. For your couple’s game night session, try playing a game designed for teams of two, like kemps. The goal is to secretly signal to your partner that you have four matching cards in your hand without anyone else catching on. Think you and your partner can manage it? 

6. Among Us 

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Here’s one of those great couples game night ideas for remote get-togethers. Play a couple’s game of Among Us with your friends via voice chat. 

In Among Us, the goal is for players to figure out who “the imposter” is and vote them out before they wipe out the rest of the crew. You’ll discover if you and your partner are capable of fooling each other or not. And if you play with two imposters, then there’s a chance you’ll get to be partners in crime! 

7. Couple’s Twister 

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Who says twister is just for the kids? Break out a twister mat, and have each couple compete as a team. Each player earns one point for winning a round. The couple with the most cumulative points by the end of the game wins! It’s a nostalgic classic that’s awesome if you and your friends have known each other since you were kids. 

8. Couple’s bake-off

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Have each couple compete on a team to see who can create the most delicious treat. You could have each team offer a unique take on a classic dessert, or give everyone the same recipe and see who can recreate it. 

No matter who wins, it’s a fun and tasty twist on your couple’s game night. And it would be even more fun when you host at a Peerspace kitchen. On Peerspace, you can easily book a well-equipped kitchen space that also serves all of your aesthetic needs.

9. Never Have I Ever 

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Never Have I Ever is a classic party game that allows you to relive some of your most cringe-worthy experiences. It’s even more laughable when you and your partner play as a team against your friends. You can come up with your own “never have I ever” statements for the game, or play with a card game to get you started. 

10. Grocery Dash 

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Head to a grocery store, and split each couple up. Have everyone pick their partner’s favorite items – like their favorite drink, favorite snack, or something that reminds them of their partner. When time is up, everyone can see how well they know their partners – and hopefully, you’ll get some of your favorite treats to enjoy together. 

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11. Family Feud 

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This couple’s night game idea puts a spin on a classic game show. Split your friends into two teams and have them compete in an at-home version of Family Feud. You could have each couple compete on the same team, or split them apart for a more interesting competition. 

12. Phone game 

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How well do you know what’s on your partner’s phone? Put your knowledge to the test with the Game of Phones! With this party game, you’ll find photos, memes, and internet articles on your smartphone in response to challenge cards. You can also assess your selfie skills or come up with emoji hieroglyphics to gain points. To put a couple’s game night ideas spin on it, try splitting into teams and combining each couple’s points. 

Bonus: Pool games

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Looking for couples game night ideas to help you cool off during the summer? Take your party to the pool! You can have everyone compete in two-people games, like beach ball balance races, volleyball, or chicken. And when you’re ready for a break from fun and games, you can chillax with your partner on the sidelines. 

If you don’t have a pool to host at, look for one that you can rent on Peerspace. Peerspace provides you access to gorgeous venues with pools in cities across the globe.

Couples game night ideas: conclusion

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Make your next couples game night a blast by utilizing these super fun couples game night ideas! And remember., you can easily turn it into a battle of epic proportions by booking a Peerspace venue.

With amazingly stylish and well-equipped spaces hosted by considerate and helpful locals, you can plan a couples game night for the books.

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