The 9 Best Graduation Photoshoot Ideas in Minneapolis

Graduation season is right around the corner, and you know what that means: photoshoot time! If you’re in the Minneapolis area, there are countless landmarks and breathtaking backgrounds to incorporate into your shoot. With flowers in full bloom and the earth a vibrant green, Minneapolis in the springtime cannot be beat. Take a look at these fabulous graduation photoshoot ideas in Minneapolis. Enjoy!

1. Let your creativity flow at the airy, 2000-square-foot Clubhouse

Style Society clubhouse minneapolis rental
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Starting off the list of great graduation photoshoot ideas in Minneapolis is an absolute gem. The Clubhouse has absolutely everything you need for a photoshoot. Whether you want to look stylish or studious, there’s a corner for you. The converted industrial space is filled with styled vignettes—little themed nooks with a cohesive look. With an onsite stylist, props galore, and every kind of seating you can imagine, you can capture your exact vision here. The Clubhouse also has movable backdrops if you want a cleaner look.

2. Capture sleek snapshots at an inspired industrial loft

Industrial Photo Video Studio in NE Minneapolis rental
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Located in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, this next option brings the loft look to the next level. Furnished with sleek minimalist black chairs and a sofa, the seating area makes for an amazing photoshoot location. The 5,000-square-foot studio is flooded with natural light from the wall of windows on both east and west sides of the huge room. The location also includes photography tools like a softbox to achieve that perfect shot.

3. Soak up the good vibes at an upscale creative space

Intimate Event Space in a Charming Neighborhood minneapolis rental
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Part funky and part chic, this location is a great one for a relaxed graduation photoshoot. With an ornate pink floral carpet and accent pillows to match, this room was designed with aesthetic balance in mind. You can leave the ring light behind because surrounding the room are spider-arch windows that let in tons of natural light.

What’s most amazing about this charming home is its versatility. In addition to the picture-perfect seating room, there’s also a great outdoor area. It has a large patio with a vibrant blue outdoor sofa and lush trees. Be it seated or standing beneath the leaves, you’re sure to look great in this beautiful outdoor space, no matter how ill-fitting that graduation robe may be.

4. Fall in love with the breathtaking Minnehaha Falls

minnehaha falls minneapolis
Source: Unsplash

Towering at 53 feet high, Minnehaha Falls is a stunning place to take pictures and is one of our favorite graduation photoshoot ideas in Minneapolis. Not only is it beautiful, it’s surprising. You might guess this location is a far drive outside the Twin Cities area but alas it’s a remarkable city park located in an urban area between the airport and downtown. If the weather is on your side the day of your shoot this is a great way to capture precious memories and to immerse yourself in a little slice of nature.

5. Let in the light at a peaceful, plant-filled bungalow

North Loop Jungle Bungalow minneapolis rental
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Floor-to-ceiling windows give way to a tree-lined view from this cozy, rustic bungalow. With a fluffy sectional sofa and throw pillows for days, you’ve got a great place to take casual seated photos. The sitting room is also accented by house plants to breathe life into any photoshoot.

6. Achieve aesthetic looks at an Arts District loft

Art District Industrial Studio minneapolis rental
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What would a list of great photoshoot locations be without at least one loft? And of course, you wouldn’t find it anywhere in the city but the Minneapolis Arts District. Exposed beams, untreated brick walls, large industrial windows, this studio has it all. If you want that soft, artistic look, then you’ve found your photoshoot spot. This 4th-floor location has an air of sophistication that’ll elevate any picture. The windows let in generous natural light but if you need more the space is equipped with an Einstein light, for anyone unfamiliar it’s a flash unit that has variable light high enough to outshine the sun.

7. Take your pics to the next level at a modern pro studio

Modern Controlled Natural Light Studio with 18' Glass Windows minneapolis rental
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While we generally think an interesting home or garden makes for more exciting pictures than a photo studio, this one is an exception. Sitting right along Washington Ave is a quaint studio that has what they call “controlled natural light.” What that means is that translucent screens can be pulled down from the truly huge wall of 18-foot windows to further diffuse incoming light so all your photos have a soft feel. If all this weren’t enough, since this is a traditional studio they have professional photography services available.

8. Admire the sights at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory

The Marjorie McNeely Conservatory in Como Park across the river in St. Paul is not only easy on the eyes, it’s easy on the wallet, too. Admission is free, and so is photography during normal operating hours, only be sure to leave the tripod at home. However, if you’re interested they offer half-hour private photo sessions before and after hours for a fee. This indoor botanical garden will allow you to have all the beauty of nature in any weather. There’s also a beautiful Japanese garden and a delightful lily pond to name a few.

9. Immerse yourself in historic architecture at a 19-century Victorian mansion

Downtown Minneapolis Gorgeous Victorian Mansion minneapolis rental
Source: Peerspace

If you’re about to attend or just graduated from a historic college, this is the ideal Minneapolis location for you. Wainscoting, lacy window treatments, a grandfather clock, an elaborate fireplace, and more all take you back in time in this Victorian mansion downtown. The Harry F. Legg house, nicknamed the “English Rose,” was built in 1887 and has been immaculately maintained. The entire house is clad in honey-tone wood that will bring lovely warmth to your pictures.

Minneapolis has so much to offer, ranging from exciting baseball games to an arts district to the Mall of America. It’s not just a fun city, it’s a beautiful one too. We’ve seen everything from a waterfall right in the city to a historic mansion. The opportunities are endless, both for photography locations in Minneapolis and in your future.

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