11 Ideas for ‘Be Your Own Boss’ Jobs

Tired of pushing pencils all day at your 9-to-5? If you’re dreaming of a brighter future where you can set your own schedule, choose your own clients, and take charge of your career, why just keep dreaming? 2021 is your year. It’s time to make your dream of being your own boss a reality! Whether you’re looking for a major career change or a side gig where you can earn some extra dough, here are 11 ideas for “be your own boss” jobs where you can call the shots. 

1. Become an independent travel agent

If you’re a globe-trotting dynamo craving more freedom in your career, why not turn your travel knowledge into funds for your next big trip? You could help others plan their amazing trips across the country or across the world. Since you’ll be making your own schedule, it’ll be easier for you to work on location! And if you’re not at home very often, you can put your house to work at our next “be your own boss” job idea.

2. Rent out your home on Peerspace

Are you the owner of a unique space that you’re not using? Put that square footage to work by renting it out to paying guests on Peerspace! At Peerspace, we allow hosts to rent out all kinds of spaces for different events. You could host a wedding, baby shower, business meeting, photoshoot, and plenty of other cool and interesting get-togethers. 

Rent out your entire house for a full day, or just a room or two for a few hours. There’s plenty of potential for hosting to become a full-time career. Check out our host guide for tips on how to get started today. 

3. Share your insight by starting a blog

Got a lot to say and a unique way of saying it? Blogging is one of the most lucrative business opportunities in this day and age. Tons of people start hobby blogs about their favorite topics and slowly grow it into a full time career. If you’re not quite ready to dive headfirst into quitting your current job, starting a blog is an excellent side hustle that can become a full time gig over time.  

4. Sell handmade crafts online 

arts and crafts team outing idea
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In an age of mass-produced products, people crave one-of-a-kind items to add to their collections. Handmade jewelry, clothes, crafts, and furniture pieces are super in right now. You can put your crafting skills to work and setup an online storefront on a digital marketplace like Etsy. Making and selling custom orders is one of the best “be your own boss” jobs for creative types! 

5. Teach what you know

They say that those who know can teach. If you’re in the know about a certain topic, why not turn all that knowledge into a paying career? You could offer tutoring services on anything from math and science, to foreign languages, to arts and crafts. As long as people are willing to learn, you can make steady cash by teaching private lesions, either in-person or via online courses. 

6. Become a photographer 

camera equipment
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Are you an Instagram superstar with an eye for capturing perfect shots? Grab your camera and start up a business making other people look fabulous. You can make your clients look like superstars for all their important milestones. And if you need help finding the perfect location to shoot your masterpieces, check out Peerspace’s photographer resources to find photogenic venues around your city for any occasion.  

7. Operate a babysitting business

Working moms and dads are always in need of someone to care for their little ones during their 9-5’s. If you love babies and kids, starting up a daycare business can be an excellent career change. You’ll get to spend all day caring for adorable kids from the comfort of your own home. If you’re a parent yourself, this would be a great opportunity to spend more time with your kids while they have plenty of friends over to play. 

8. Become a dog-walker or a pet-sitter

english cocker spaniel dog
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Are human babies not so much your speed? No problem, you can look after fur babies instead! Pet parents need someone to look after their beloved best friends during work or vacation, too. You can start up a doggie daycare and give pets a place to stay while their owners are busy. You could offer a leg up on your competition by caring for other pets, like cats, rabbits, birds, or reptiles. The more the merrier at this “be your own boss” job! 

9. Put your organizational skills to the test as a virtual assistant

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Looking for “be your own boss” jobs you can tackle remotely? Companies all over the world employ Virtual assistants, or VAs, to keep their businesses running smoothly. VAs handle all kinds of things like organizing events, managing social media pages, making appointments, transcribing messages, and more. 

If you’re good at staying organized and keeping all the cogs in a machine running smoothly, this is definitely a perfect way to supplement your income. Since you’ll be working from home, you’ll have a ton of freedom to choose your own schedule and select the clients you want to work for. 

10. Start a housecleaning service

Tons of people find cleaning and housework to be therapeutic. If you’re one of those people, then starting your own cleaning service is a career that’s “maid” for you. You could wash windows or scrub baseboards in office buildings, or vacuum and dust inside other people’s homes. Whatever you choose to specialize in for your “be your own boss” job, it’s a business opportunity that offers a ton of independence for people who love to clean.

11. Plan epic parties by becoming an event planner

Large Multi-Use Event Space Wedding Venue los angeles rental
Source: Peerspace

Good with planning, organizing, and putting together epic events? Try subletting your skills to others and becoming an event planner for hire. You could become your neighborhood’s go-to party planner for wedding showers, graduation parties, work retreats, or anything else your clients want. If you need help finding the perfect location for your client’s soiree, you can always check out Peerspace for the best event venues in your city!

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