19 Indoor Activities In Myrtle Beach To Try Next Time It Rains (2024)

Rainy days are just a part of life when you live on the East Coast. As nice as the sunny days are in Myrtle Beach, sometimes the rain comes calling. That doesn’t mean you have to completely cancel your girls’ night or outdoor birthday plans with friends! Not when there are so many indoor activities in Myrtle Beach to try. From wax museums to restaurants, the city has entertainment options by the boatload.

And even if you’d prefer something completely customizable, Peerspace has ideas to make your dream a reality! We have party spaces across the city where you can host a movie night, dinner, or other special event at a moment’s notice. So let’s explore together what activity venues Myrtle Beach has to offer!

1. Visit Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach

See sharks, pet stingrays, and learn all about the wonders of the deep at Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach! This is one indoor activity in Myrtle Beach that has something for visitors of all ages. Educational films, an Amazon ecosystem, jellyfish exhibits, cocktail classes, and other adventures await!

2. Host a potluck dinner with friends

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Dinner parties are an indoor activity in Myrtle Beach that everyone can get behind! Food, friends, and fun are a timeless combination, after all. Take some of the pressure off yourself in the kitchen by making it a potluck-style dinner! Everyone gets to contribute and you’ll get to enjoy cooking styles you might never have heard of.

Once the guest list and dinner menu are settled, you’ll need a venue to pull it off. Peerspace is here to help, with hundreds of dinner spaces near you, including restaurants, cafes, banquet halls, and more!

3. Break free of an escape room

Escape rooms are all the rage these days. You’ll have 30 to 90 minutes a group of people. By working together on solving puzzles and finding clues, you can break free of the room…Or be trapped! Have you been to The Escape Game yet? Their Myrtle Beach location has five different rooms with varying skill levels. Each space is a themed venue where you can explore stories like a Prison Break or a Gold Rush game together!

4. Laugh along with a comedy show

If you want an indoor activity in Myrtle Beach that’s sure to tickle your funny bone, get tickets to a comedy show for you and your friends! Comedy shows include improv, standup, and other performances. Some even include dinner and drinks so you can laugh as you enjoy a good meal! Carolina Improv is one of the best comedy venues in Myrtle Beach, offering classes for aspiring comedians as well as live performances year-round!

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5. Enjoy dinner and jousting at Medieval Times

Do you enjoy Renaissance festivals and other medieval entertainments? Well, you don’t need to wait for summer weather to enjoy a meal and jousting by performers in costume. Not when Medieval Times is here! You can watch knights melee, horseback riders joust, and enjoy a banquet with other guests where you toast the queen, all indoors.

6. Catch a dinner show with Pirates Voyage

Are you trying to decide between dinner or a show for your next indoor activity in Myrtle Beach? Why not enjoy both at Pirates Voyage? Watch pirate crews battle it out on and over an indoor lagoon and pirate ship while you enjoy a four-course meal! You’ll see acrobatics, enjoy live music, and watch some of the best sword-fighting the seven seas have to offer!

7. Try a new restaurant

As one of the premiere vacation cities on the East Coast, Myrtle Beach has excellent fine dining opportunities. Try classic Southern cuisine at The Parson’s Table, a restaurant set inside a former Methodist church! Or you can enjoy some of the best breakfast in town at Drift, a coastal eatery with eggs benedict, crepes, and more to savor.

8. Shop at the Coastal Grand Mall

Rainy days are the perfect time to do a little retail therapy with your besties! Have you been to the Coastal Grand Mall yet? You can walk through dozens of name-brand retailers here, including Victoria’s Secret, Reeds, and Palmetto Moon. The Coastal Grand Mall also has all of your favorite mall restaurants to enjoy a meal at after you’ve picked up a few new wardrobe choices!

9. See Myrtle Beach from above on the Skywheel

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to abandon the beach entirely. Not when you can catch a beautiful view of the city without getting wet from above! Check out SkyWheel Myrtle Beach, a 187-foot ferris wheel with 42 climate-controlled gondolas. At night, the gondolas and wheel are lit up along with the rest of Myrtle Beach, making them a romantic way to enjoy a date night with a potential new boo!

10. Go on a coffee shop crawl

Myrtle Beach isn’t just resorts and beachfront. It also has a good selection of coffee shops and cafes where you can escape the rain with a cup of your favorite hot beverage some some quiet music. Beach Hippie Coffee has some of the most unique drinks in town, including roseberry cupcake lattes and a blushing rose matcha. 

11. Plan a movie night

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Rainy days are a good time to get your friends together for a movie night! Don’t bother with theater tickets; not when you can choose your own movies (and snacks) for a private show! All you need is the right venue, which Peerspace has plenty of! How about this cottage in North Myrtle Beach with a wall-mounted flat-screen TV, multiple bedrooms, and loads of natural light? Bring your friends here for an unbeatable movie night experience! 

12. Visit a beach resort

Beach resort hotels are the best place to find indoor activities in Myrtle Beach on a rainy afternoon! These hotels are filled with amenities to explore, like heated pools, spas, restaurants, game rooms, and rooftop bars. Read a book, listen to music, or enjoy world-class cuisine with friends and family while enjoying an unbeatable view of the sea at Compass Cove, one of Myrtle Beach’s top resort hotels!

13. Play a few rounds of indoor miniature golf

Golf is one sport that a rainy day is sure to ruin…Or is it? Why not head indoors for a round of golf instead? Miniature golf courses are a fun way to enjoy a round or two in a climate-controlled space. Many courses also have restaurants, bars, air hockey, billiards, and other activities to enjoy. One of our favorite indoor courses is Ripley’s Crazy Golf, on North Ocean Blvd. The glowing, blacklight course has 360-degree putts, mind-bending art, and family-friendly fun to enjoy! 

14. Catch a show at the Carolina Opry Theater

Myrtle Beach is such a popular vacation destination that performers stop here from all over the world. And many of them are hosted by the Carolina Opry, Myrtle Beach’s first live theater and still one of the most regularly visited. It has hosted over 10,000 performances in its 38-year history, including magic shows, live concerts, dance shows, and more!

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15. Take a selfie with a celebrity at the Hollywood Wax Museum

It’s never been easier to take a selfie with a famous singer, wrestler, actor, or other celebrity. After all, you’ll find many of them right here in Myrtle Beach’s own Hollywood Wax Museum! Each wax statue takes months of work to get right, with every detail from the eyes to jewelry chosen with care to recreate each star at the height of their fame! 

16. Take a casino cruise

Casinos are one place in Myrtle Beach where the rain won’t find you! Play some slots, have a few drinks, and try your luck indoors. You can even have a brand new experience with Big M Casino, Myrtle Beach’s only cruise ship casino! Big M operates two floating casinos that sail year-round, paying out an average of $383,000 a week! Enjoy subs, wraps, soup, and drinks during and after games of blackjack and roulette! 

17. Check out a video game arcade

Arcade games only get better with time as the selection grows and nostalgia hits a new generation! Enjoy classics like Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and The Simpsons alongside modern console and computer games at an arcade the next time it rains in Myrtle Beach! Video game arcades are a fun place to plan a special event at, like a birthday party. Or you can visit one anytime it’s raining in the city. Player’s Choice has dozens of games to try, along with a large selection of comics, DVDs, and action figures to shop through!

18. Visit an entertainment complex

Do you have a large group of friends or family members with diverse interests? There’s no better place to bring everyone than to an entertainment complex. These venues offer something for everyone so everyone leaves happy! Myrtle Beach is home to 810 Billiards & Bowling, with 20 lanes, multiple billiards tables, and a full-service restaurant with over 20 craft beers on tap.

19. Race at an indoor go-kart track

Looking for a more competitive indoor activity in Myrtle Beach? Head to an indoor go-kart track for your next birthday or bachelor party! You can race electric go-karts that reach up to 45 mph without a drop of rain ruining the day. K1 Speed is where we’d go for a few indoor races with friends. Their Myrtle Beach location has adult and junior go-karts, a video game arcade, pool tables, and more to explore!

Indoor activities in Myrtle Beach: conclusion

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As you can see, Myrtle Beach isn’t any less fun of a place to be when the rains visit. Whether you’re into go-kart racing, shopping, or resort vacations, it’s impossible to have a bad time here. If you’re planning an indoor activity in Myrtle Beach, think about making Peerspace a part of it! We have party venues by the dozen here where you can enjoy the company of your favorite people in a private space!

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