12 Gorgeous Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Cleveland

Looking for new places to set up your camera on America’s North Coast? This roundup of indoor photoshoot locations in Cleveland is here for you. From chic pink spaces to grungy industrial lofts, let these inspiring spaces open your mind to creative possibilities. Best of all, you can easily rent all of these spaces right here on Peerspace!

1. An adorable pink content studio

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Cleveland
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The Blush Gallery is an adorable pink and white setup tailor-made for beauty content. Here, you’ll find everything you need to create chic content from start to finish, from salon suites for styling models to a fully-equipped content studio. 

There are photo backdrops with props for polished professional shots and selfie booths for a more casual touch. If you need to shoot glamour photos, beauty content or tutorials, or anything else with a feminine flair, check this studio out on Peerspace

2. An industrial loft in midtown  

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Cleveland
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Do you love the industrial grunge look? This indoor photoshoot location in Cleveland has you covered. 

The roomy industrial loft in midtown has rustic brick for days. With nearly 3,000 square feet of space, you’ll find plenty of aesthetic nooks and crannies, and the exposed ceilings and ventilation equipment will give your photos an amazing raw look. 

Plus, check out that exposed elevator. Not only is it super aesthetic, but it’s also got plenty of room to transport your photography equipment. No climbing stairs with a heavy tripod for you! 

3. An eclectic creative space perfect for music lovers

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Source: Peerspace

This Cleveland event space is designed to get your creative juices flowing. 

Here, you’ll find three separate areas with their own distinct vibe: Studio A features an aesthetic entrance with tons of mounted records and grungy details perfect for music lovers. Studio B features studio lights and aesthetic backdrops like a grass wall, perfect for staging more traditional photos. Finally, the Pynk lounge features a laidback modern space perfect for taking breaks with your crew or editing photos. 

Come see what each area has to offer on Peerspace

4. A gorgeous artist’s loft with paintings galore 

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Source: Peerspace

Want to bring a more refined touch to your photoshoot? Have a look at this gorgeous and roomy loft in the heart of Ohio City. The space has an industrial yet elegant vibe, and it’s filled with gorgeous art that can’t help but spark your imagination. 

“This space is absolutely spectacular,” says Peerspace reviewer Penny W. “If you need a cool, easy, fun, stunning location that has multiple camera looks, I would say there is no question, book here.”

5. An airy downtown studio with views of the lake 

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Cleveland
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Located in the heart of Asia Town in a historic 115-year-old building, this gorgeous studio apartment has stunning views of the lake. You’ll find everything you need to stage photos here, including plenty of natural light, homey furniture, and even a private dressing room where models can prep. 

“This studio looked exactly like the pictures and was absolutely beautiful,” said photographer Kristen Z. “The lighting was perfect and my pictures came out gorgeous.”

6. A luxe and historic loft

Historic DeLuxe Loft
Source: Peerspace

Located in a historic Lakewood building, this chic and stylish loft can help you enhance your creativity. 

The loft features a bold and rich color palette of black, emerald green, and bright yellow. Every room in the space, from the kitchen to the bathrooms, carries the same flair to help you feel at home for your photoshoot. See pics of every room on Peerspace. 

7. A minimalistic white studio

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Cleveland
Source: Peerspace

This open and airy all-white room is ideal for all kinds of photography. The minimalistic decor helps keep the stage simple and clean to let your models shine. But if you want to add an extra splash of color — like bringing in some colorful balloons — the hosts here can help you make that happen. 

And if you’re staging a photoshoot on a budget, this is one of the best indoor photoshoot locations in Cleveland for that. You can book the room on Peerspace for just $35 an hour. 

8. An indoor rock climbing space perfect for fitness influencers 

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Source: Peerspace

If you’re a fitness influencer looking to create content during the winter, here’s an amazing indoor photoshoot location for you. 

This downtown Cleveland space features an indoor rock climbing gym and weight room, ideal for staging active shoots. Plus, the bright white color palette and artistic touches can elevate your pics with creative flair. 

9. A modern boho home with plenty of sunlight 

Cozy Cute & Modern Boho Furnished Home
Source: Peerspace

This indoor photoshoot location in Cleveland blends boho and modern styles together. The two-bedroom home in Ohio City features a cozy and colorful interior design, ideal for eclectic photoshoots or images with a free-spirited touch. Learn more details on Peerspace. 

10. A rustic barn with abandoned vibes 

Downtown Production Barn
Source: Peerspace

Think you can’t stage photoshoots with a country flair in the city? Think again. 

This two-level barn in Cleveland Heights has all the rustic country vibes you could ask for. The interior features raw wooden walls and exposed beams ideal for staging shabby-chic or mysterious photos. Plus, you can get some cool lighting effects when sunbeams leak through the wood.

11. A cozy contemporary grey apartment suite 

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Cleveland
Source: Peerspace

On the other hand, sometimes neutral colors provide the ideal backdrop for your models to shine through. 

This Lakewood apartment suite has a neutral grey palette to create your vision. There are plenty of vintage chic touches too, like the adorable white fuzzy chair and ottoman. It’s an ideal spot to capture chic or refined photos with a touch of old-fashioned charm. And how amazing would it be to contrast a brightly-dressed model with all the neutral tones here? 

Bring your creative ideas to life when you book the apartment on Peerspace

12. A historical church in the heart of the city

Historic Urban Landmark Renovated with Modern Features
Source: Peerspace

We’ve saved one of our fave indoor photoshoot locations in Cleveland for last. 

The former home to a Catholic church, The Elliot venue honors its roots while providing modern amenities and upgrades perfect for photoshoots. Here you’ll find a beautiful blend of stunning historical architecture and sleek modern style. You can stage photos in front of gorgeous stained glass and curved staircases, as well as sleek lounge furniture. 

It’s an incredible and aesthetic space ideal for Cleveland creatives. And, as always, you can book it for your next endeavor directly on Peerspace

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