12 Gorgeous Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Sydney

As the most populous city in Australia, you can find tons of photogenic studios scattered throughout Sydney. With so many photo studios to choose from, finding the right one for you can be overwhelming. If you’re unsure where to start, we’re here to make things easy for you. Below, you’ll find 12 gorgeous indoor photoshoot locations in Sydney. You can book them all right here on Peerspace

1. A New York-inspired loft 

The New York inspired Warehouse in Leichhardt
Source: Peerspace

Want a taste of the Big Apple in your photoshoot? This New York-inspired warehouse conversion is an amazing space for you. 

This home was designed with filming or photography sessions in mind. You can use the existing set dressing or clear everything out and have a blank slate ready for your creative input. The multi-level layout is totally flexible, so you can customize it to suit your exact needs. 

2. A bright studio with international flair 

Unique Private Sydney Studio with Multiple Themed Sets
Source: Peerspace

If you’re a fan of variety, No Vacancy studios in Sydney has you covered. Here, you’ll find multiple sets themed after destinations around the globe, like Morocco and Santorini. It’s a fantastic way to bring international flair into your photoshoot without even hopping on a plane. 

“This studio was exactly what we wanted,” said Ashton R. “It had everything that we needed, clothes, racks, lighting, beautiful, quality props. I would highly recommend this place for a fashion shoot or any other type of shoot.”

3. An urban boutique yoga studio 

Urban Boutique Yoga Studio
Source: Peerspace

This boutique yoga studio blends a bright and clean color palette with a warm design sense. If you’re staging a fitness photoshoot, the main yoga room has all the influencer aesthetics you want. Or, you could clear out the room and do something totally different. 

The softly curved arches and architectural features are all soothing and easy on the eyes, which can help you capture a laid-back vibe. 

4. An aerial dance studio

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Sydney
Source: Peerspace

Are you a fitness buff looking for more indoor photoshoot locations in Sydney? This bright dance studio has you covered. 

The spacious 100 square meter studio blends modern design sense with a passion for all things dance. If you need to shoot dance or fitness-inspired photos, this space can provide the perfect atmosphere. You can even stage models with the versatile aerial hammocks! Learn more details on Peerspace.

5. A rustic and versatile daylight studio 

Fall Baby Shower Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Located in the heart of Chippendale, this unique space used to be the Hay Loft of the Carlton Brewery. Now, it has new life as a rustic yet homey production space

The large north-facing barn doors will let plenty of sunlight in. And if you don’t like the current decor, you can even contact the owners to ask about building a set, painting walls, or otherwise transforming the space. If you need a space to truly let out your creativity, you can’t miss this indoor photoshoot location in Sydney. 

6. A modern yet rustic production home 

Home in North Turramurra for Production
Source: Peerspace

Conveniently located in North Turramurra, this adorable cottage combines country living with modern vibes. You can stage plenty of warm and relaxing lifestyle photos here, in the adorable kitchen and dining room or cozy living room. And how cute is that wood-burning stove? See photos of every room on Peerspace. 

7. An eclectic maximalist salon 

Versatile Salon in Chippendale with Tons of Character
Source: Peerspace

Sometimes, less is more. And sometimes, more is more. This indoor photoshoot location in Sydney definitely believes in the latter. 

This Chippendale salon combines vintage decor and raw creativity to create a photographer’s paradise. You’ll find a variety of styled backdrops here, including the mind-boggling wall of collectibles and frames. If you need a versatile and immersive studio, check it out on Peerspace

8. A modern grey studio with plenty of natural light 

Western Suburb Studio with Natural lighting and concrete surfaces
Source: Peerspace

If you’re looking for a modern blank slate for your photos, check out this amazing warehouse studio on Peerspace. The concrete slab walls and floor provide the perfect sleek backdrop for photography sessions of any kind – and the lighting is on point, too! 

“Absolutely stunning studio with the perfect natural lighting,” said content creator Nikita G. “The whole process was very smooth! Will definitely reuse this space in the future”

9. A spacious photo studio with a cyc wall 

Spacious & Sleek Studio with Cyclorama
Source: Peerspace

Located in Chippendale, the Dale Studio features everything you need to stage studio photos with tons of flexibility. 

You’ll find photography goodies like a cyclorama wall, colored and hand-painted backdrops, plenty of props, and a kitchen with free coffee and tea for your breaks. It’s a versatile space with everything a pro could want. Learn more about this indoor photoshoot location in Sydney with  Peerspace.

10. A creative multi-set photo studio 

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Sydney
Source: Peerspace

This tri-level studio has tons of set options for you to work with! Here, you’ll find colorful and quirky sets like a swimming pool ball pit, a burlesque-style birdcage, a color block kitchen, and even a cyclorama studio. 

The bright and vivid palette reminds us of the 90s in the best possible way. See photos of every set on Peerspace. 

11. An eclectic photo studio brimming with backdrops 

Gorgeous Photo Studio with Versatile Backdrops
Source: Peerspace

Do you want plenty of backdrops? This gorgeous studio is one of those indoor photoshoot locations in Sydney that has them. Though the space is only 100 square meters, it’s packed with photography options. 

You’ll find plain color or wooden backdrops, as well as a small library of props and set dressings to give your photos an extra pop of interest. There’s even a small wardrobe selection if you want to coordinate model looks or switch things up spur-of-the-moment. 

12. An enchanting cabaret-style theater

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Sydney
Source: Peerspace

Last but not least, if you want to stage dramatic or theatrical photos, you’ve got to check out this hidden gem in Darlinghurst. 

Walking into The Magician’s Cabaret feels like stepping back into an 1800s Parisian cabaret. The venue features an old-world style cabaret room, complete with an underground top hat bar. The whole space brims with magic, mystery, and theatrical intrigue. 
Industry pros have filmed in this enchanting space — including Warner Bros, Disney, and the crew from the feature film I Am Woman. If you want to snap one-of-a-kind photographs in a unique Aussie space, send the hosts a message on Peerspace.

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