9 Instagram Photo Ideas to Explore in Portland

When posting on Instagram, it’s easy to get burnt out posting every couple days while at the same time bringing in new ideas to challenge yourself. However, finding things to inspire the next photoshoot can also be simple by looking toward a person, a prop, or a location. Peerspace is your go-to resource for locating the most inspiring spaces for creative projects. That said, here are several gorgeous Instagram photo ideas to explore in Portland. Enjoy!

1. Enjoy daydreaming in an open-space contemporary farmhouse

Source: Peerspace

Show off your cooking prowess with a photoshoot dedicated to your culinary escapades. If there’s one thing everyone loves, it is a delicious looking meal, and this remodeled farmhouse kitchen is the perfect canvas on which to shoot on. It boasts of a modern marble countertop and a fun wall tile pattern that only accentuates the vibrancy of the house plants. Be your own chef in this kitchen that matches your fun cooking style.

2. Get physical in a fully equipped fitness center

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Perhaps your personal savviness is focused on fitness. In which case, that’s a great opportunity to share your fitness routine or maybe find a local fitness brand that would love to shoot with a skilled photographer. This brightly lit, private gym in the Northwest District is a perfect location to shoot without worrying about the crowd in more public gyms. It’s equipped with all the gear you might need. Plus, it has private rooms with large windows that can create beautiful lighting for portraits.

3. Embrace cinematic storytelling at a huge, swanky mansion

Source: Peerspace

Photography is storytelling in its own right, but why not amp up the production value for a more cinematic experience? Think of a story you could tell and make it as fictional as you can—sci-fi, horror, even a historical drama! Speaking of the latter, this historic mansion in Mt. Tabor has a variety of rooms that stand out. The bright natural light that streams in from the large windows does well to balance out the moody colors, and the vintage furniture throughout the house adds extra oomph.

4. Explore the nomad at heart with a vintage Airstream

Beautifully Remodeled Vintage 1970's Airstream portland rental
Source: Peerspace

Curious about van life? Try shooting in this remodeled Airstream from the 1970s. Create a whole adventure through your photography. This cozy space is well lit and impeccably interior designed—ideal for family portraits, couples portraits, or even portraits of your furry, four-legged friend. Get creative and try collaging some of your best landscape photography along with the photos taken in this Airstream. You can go anywhere with a little help from Photoshop. 

5. Discover sleek futurism in a modern, Scandinavian-inspired home

Source: Peerspace

Get out of your comfort zone of photo studios and bohemian lofts. This Scandinavian-style modern home feels like stepping into a watercolored Tim Burton film. It’s a bright home with strong lines and angles that can create a lot of interest in composition, especially with a model willing to match the quirky interior of the home.

It’s a charming location with uniquely shaped windows all around. You’ll also have access to a central green space that gives you a lovely view of downtown Portland. If you are willing to try it out, you might just come out with the most unique Instagram photo ideas yet. 

6. Say hello to elegance and refinement at a versatile creative space

Source: Peerspace

If you’re looking for something with elegance, perhaps for a professional portrait session or a group photo session, try this spacious Parisian inspired flex space. The large window creates optimal lighting that is gently diffused by the white walls. The lovely tile floor and high ceilings create an air of royalty and importance. This location is the perfect blank canvas to develop an intimate portrait of your subject. 

7. Take a coffee break in a cozy café and shop

Source: Peerspace

Create an image of everyday life in this laid-back space comprising a coffee shop and surf shop in the Kerns area. This space has everything: natural lighting from massive windows, neon signs, plants, cool merchandise, and chill vibes. Bring your model and photograph them against the perfect evening light, as they take a sip from their latte. Or take a dive into photojournalism and shoot a day in the life of your most interesting friend. Sometimes the small moments captured on camera are the photos that move the masses. 

8. Romanticize the past in a vintage 20th-century residence

Source: Peerspace

There is something quite charming about shaggy carpeting, floral wallpaper, and pastel yellow, or maybe we’re just romanticizing the past. Regardless, lean into the vintage look in this historic 1912 Dutch Colonial mansion. Bring your model in either outfits that match the look or create a jarring contrast against the background. Create a dreamy, nostalgic atmosphere, like a Petra Collins photo, by bringing in a haze machine or even by shooting on film. There are plenty of rooms to shoot, all with different wallpaper and furniture.

9. Get cozy in a charming, mid-century A-frame home

Source: Peerspace

You can’t go wrong with unique architecture. Check out this dreamy A-frame home in West Portland Park. This location’s slanted, high ceilings give a different dimension to your photos. With its large windows facing Mt. Hood, you get a lovely backdrop, especially on foggy mornings in Portland. Its mid-century modern design creates a cozy feeling that you won’t want to ever leave.

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