10 Instagram Picture Ideas in San Francisco

San Francisco is an electrifying city that leaves most people in awe, with its numerous restaurants, foggy skies, steep rolling hills, antique cable cars, and magnificent architecture. No wonder it’s a popular destination among tourists. SF is amazing because it’s bursting with boundless hot spots. To help you get the next viral photo, check out these mesmerizing Instagram picture ideas in San Francisco. Grab your camera and get ready to snap unforgettable shots!

1. Live it up in a beautiful Edwardian residence in the Sunset District

edwardian house airy bright sf san francisco rental
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Bring out the glamourous royal in you in this beautiful and spacious Edwardian home. This house is effortlessly clean and has rustic-chic décor, both elegantly timeless and soothing to the senses. It’s a perfect space for photography and video shoots because of its airy and spacious design. The house gets tons of natural light throughout the day, so you can be sure to capture your breathtaking pictures using the natural glow of the sun. Its kitchen is a perfect spot for catering or cooking, and it has a beautiful farmhouse dining table that can be extended to seat 14 people.

2. Bask in the sunlight in a gorgeous Mission District creative studio loft

photoshoot ideas san francisco
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Located in the Mission District, this space promises to both excite and impress you. With its numerous potted plants and hanging plants that are suspended so artfully across the entire space, the loft is like a warm paradise. You might particularly enjoy the fact the natural light of the sun is diffused and so it does not intrusively shine into space, giving you artistic liberty to get creative with artificial lights. The loft’s brilliant aesthetics make use of the white color across the entire studio which would leave you feeling clean and motivated.

3. Soak up the opulently wealthy vibe in a luxury penthouse

Luxury penthouse with Bay Bridge view sf san francisco rental
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This whole space leans heavily on modern décor and design that will be sure to get you the coolest pictures. The entire apartment exudes opulence. So if that’s the look you are going for, we encourage you to check out this place. Because the penthouse is located in South Beach, you get a lovely view of the Bay Bridge. The space has natural light, but you can block it out and make use of colorful artificial lights.

4. Embrace modern looks in this stylish design showroom and studio

Stylish Outer Sunset Design Showroom + Studio sf san francisco rental
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What does a beautiful combination of tasteful wooden furniture, modern artworks, and potted plants tell you? It’s a definite must-visit, especially when it comes to Instagram picture ideas in San Francisco. It has a large south-facing front window and a glass door that lets in abundant natural light. Plus, there’s a light filtering roller shade that softens the natural light coming in to give the entire space a warm glow. The space gets good light throughout the day, but if you want a bright light, then the ideal time of the day is around noon.

5. Reach new heights at a unique high-rise terrace in the Financial District

Unique high-rise terrace in heart of FiDi San Francisco sf rental
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This private patio will give you the impressive feeling of looking out at the bustling city from a divine viewpoint. It’s a large space located on the 11th floor of the building that gives you a stunning view of the Bay and Coit Tower. The furniture here is quite simple in appearance and goes very well with the aesthetic of the entire space. The home is sure to give you inspiration for beautifully inspiring Instagram pictures ideas in San Francisco that would get you loads of likes.

6. Strike a pose in these edgy historic vaults from the 1800s

Historic Vaults From The 1800's - Downtown SF san francisco rental
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During the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, these hand-crafted vaults held $300 million at one time, which is fully a third of the United States’ gold reserves. You are about to enter an old money vault. It is as exciting as it sounds! It showcases six vaults and features a private lounge area. Each vault has been decorated to fit many aesthetics, ranging from the romantic Victorian era for those romantic photoshoots to an electric neon world for the fun, edgy creatives.

7. Cozy up in a lower Pacific Heights contemporary home

Contemporary Home With great light sf san francisco rental
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This is a modern home with an incredibly breathtaking rooftop deck, providing a 360-degree view of the entire landscape and a large garden. Trust us when we say this home is the hot spot to get your wealthy, carefree, living-your-best-life images. It is an open floor plan with large windows that allow a lot of natural light. The décor of the space is very contemporary and comfortable. It has a lot of flexible seat areas and is perfect for every shot.

8. Explore your inner colors in an immersive psychedelic studio

Beach-side Immersive Mirrored-Mylar Studio sf san francisco rental
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Every inch of this space is covered from floor to ceiling in mirrored-Mylar, with more sheets of floating Mylar suspended from the ceiling. It has several LED-lights and lasers that you could use to create a visual explosion of light and colors. The combination of the Mylar sheets and lights creates a stunning visual effect that is both edgy and fun. Because of the studios out of this world style, it stumbles on our list as one of the coolest Instagram picture ideas in San Francisco.

9. Let your creativity loose in an eclectic home the Sunset District

Creative, Eclectic Home with Lots of Natural Light sf san francisco rental
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The style of the home is a soothing mix of contemporary and vintage. It is the kind of calm luxury that would keep you excited for hours. Every piece of décor is artfully placed to compliment the overall theme of the house. It also has a backyard that has a natural rock wall seating platform around a sunken gas fire pit.  The home also boasts of a working cedar wood hot tub, the perfect kind of way to unwind after your shoot.

10. Explore a jungle filled with blooming trees at the California Academy of Sciences

This place is one of a kind and the only one in our world. The Academy has a rainforest, a planetarium, includes a natural history museum, and even an aquarium. It is home to over 46 million species, including an albino alligator. The California Academy of Sciences will immerse you in the beautiful allure of nature and leave you with plenty of Instagram picture ideas in San Francisco.

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