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The 11 Most Instagrammable Places in Dallas

This unique city in the Lone Star State is much more the thriving metroplex than some out-of-towners might guess, full of world-renowned architecture, top-tier food and drink, as well as fascinating history. Our list of the 11 most Instagrammable places in Dallas caters primarily to two groups: tourists and long-time residents. The former entails people unfamiliar with the city who are traveling in and want to document their trip. Whereas the latter involves Dallas locals looking for new and perhaps under-the-radar places to set the scene for an Instagrammable day.

1. The Urban Cloud

tiny house cabin dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

Dallas is no small town, but this hand-crafted tiny home in Urbandale will leave you feeling like you’re on a forested homestead. It’s part of the Urban Cloud, a property that contains a handful of additional rustic buildings and outdoor areas. The cabin itself is crafted from pine, which was cut and hand-planed in North Carolina; that natural, raw look translates well to photography. Whether you’re shooting for a style that’s more Little House on the Prairie or grungy and Southern Gothic, the Urban Cloud just may be the place for you.

2. Deep Ellum’s “Traveling Man”

Deep Ellum the traveling man art dallas
Source: Pixabay

“The Traveling Man” is the unofficial mascot of the Deep Ellum neighborhood and has been cited as one of the best pieces of public artwork in America several times over. It’s actually a series of three sculptures conceived of by artist Brad Oldham. They’re constructed of riveted sheet metal so they resemble the materials of the area’s train cars in bygone days, and they’re located near the neighborhood’s railways.

3. This swanky, upscale ballroom

upscale ballroom dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

This sweet ballroom has all the elements to turn a normal night into a magical one: whimsical but elegant decor like something out of a fairy tale, opulent chandeliers, and even a light-up multi-color dance floor. If you’re looking to put on an event and want maximum Instagrammability, check this place out.

4. The Texas Star Ferris Wheel

ferris wheel texas dallas
Source: Pixabay

Forty-five gondolas and it spins at 1.5 revolutions a minute. It’s the largest Ferris wheel in the United States, and it’s right here at Dallas’s Fair Park. On a clear day, you can see the Fort Wayne skyline from the top, some 20 stories up. When your Instagram followers get a load of the Texas state flag design on the bearings or the big white “TEXAS STAR” wrapping around the wheel’s inner rim, there will be no confusion about where you’re at.

5. This bright, glamorous downtown studio

studio rental dallas
Source: Peerspace

You can take portraits for days, and they’ll all look like a different space. This spacious studio leaves you with plenty of breathing room — not to mention awesome natural light — but it’s also full of different backdrops, pieces of furniture, and cool props. Much of it has a Victorian flavor to it, making it ideal for drop-dead gorgeous portrait work.

6. This sun-drenched production space

production studio dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

This bright studio is a more intimate option, ideal for natural light photography. The street-side window fills the entire wall, and the white gauze or muslin curtains diffuse the light when drawn, softening it beautifully. The owner has movable backdrops with several options, as well as a formidable spread of professional lightning equipment available for rental.

7. The secret Teddy Bear Park

teddy bear park dallas
Source: Pixabay

In Highland Park, there’s a smaller area called Lakeside Park, and it’s infested with bears. Don’t worry, though — they’re concrete sculptures. This is one of the cutest photo ops in Dallas, and it’s becoming a favorite of Instagrammers.

8. This stylish modern house

modern elegant house dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

Every inch of this spacious home is polished and stylish, from the dynamically angled wood paneling to the distinctive modern furniture. Some of it feels Scandinavian design-inspired, giving the home its own unique flair. Host an event here or rent it out for a photoshoot, and you’ll walk away with lifestyle photos or off-the-cuff event pictures that are a cut above the rest.

9. A professional green screen studio

professional green screen studio dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

It wouldn’t occur to everyone, which is exactly why it’s awesome. Dallas is home to this professional green screen studio, where the options are pretty much endless. Gear up for some perfectly lit shots, then trade out the background to be whatever you want. Get ridiculous and fun with it, and the Insta-likes will flow like champagne.

10. The Giant Eyeball

dallas the giant eye art
Source: Pixabay

It’s hard to scroll past this one when people see it in their Insta-feed. We’d call it “eye-catching,” but that would be ridiculous. This recommendation doesn’t quite have the same feel as most of our others, but it’s truly striking. It’s evocative. It’s sure to draw attention and comments, and that’s valuable engagement for any Instagram account.

11. This modern house with the killer view

modern home rooftop dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

This modern open-concept home in Old East Dallas looks great from the outside, but inside is just a stylish. Take a shot with friends mixing up craft cocktails at the private bar, or better yet, head up to the roof — there’s plenty of space, as well as excellent views of the Dallas skyline.

Frankly, Dallas-Fort Worth doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It’s got culture, style, and a little cowboy attitude for good measure. Like the rest of the state, it’s got killer tacos, which is reason enough to plan a trip. Whether you’re heading there from out of town or you’re a creative local making plans for an event or project, we’re optimistic you’ll find a spot you love among what we consider the 11 most Instagrammable places in Dallas. Don’t forget to hashtag ‘em #MadeInPeerspace when you do, so we can cheer you on.

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