The 12 Most Instagrammable Places in Vancouver

Few cities offer the natural beauty Vancouver does. From stunning seashores to sky-high ski tops, robust forests, and delicate cherry blossoms, Vancouver seems to have it all. Vancouver’s vibrant and diverse creating scene is just as stunning as its landscapes. This city’s mixture of scenic allure and handcrafted artistry is truly one you could only find here. Whether you are looking for minimalist galleries or vibrant gardens, here are the most Instagrammable places in Vancouver.

1. Get that #GoldenHour shot in Lion’s Bay

Lions Bay Modern Home vancouver rental
Source: Peerspace

Stun your followers with unbelievable views. Less than an hour away from downtown Vancouver, Lion’s Bay has some of the most luxurious homes overlooking the scenic landscape. Tourists and locals retreat from the bustling downtown to relax in the mountains, or even to capture that golden hour picture.

2. Find your wild side at a jungle-like loft garden oasis

Loft Garden Oasis In Mt Pleasant vancouver rental_
Source: Peerspace

Many don’t know there is a mini jungle in the heart of Vancouver, but with 198 plants and counting, “mini jungle” is exactly what loft garden oasis is. Perfect for portrait shots or branding events, the owners curated this loft with creatives in the mind. With delicate bohemian artifacts and industrial architectures, this multifaceted venue fits all aesthetics.

3. Step up your street art shots at the Pink Alley

pink alley graffiti
Source: Unsplash

Known as the Pink Alley, 688 W Hastings St. is Vancouver’s most popular side street. Don’t let the name fool you. Not only is the alley pink but orange, purple, and yellow. This alley is perfect for a color block fashion shoot or a vibrant candid shot. There is a pink and purple basketball court in the middle of the alley. Next time you’re visiting downtown, check out one of the most Instagrammable places in Vancouver.

4. Discover your boho escape in the middle of downtown at the Railtown Sets

The Railtown Sets vancouver rental
Source: Peerspace

Nestled in Vancouver’s booming Railtown neighborhood, this studio boasts a large layout and natural lighting. This simple yet elegant set is easy to maneuver for novices and professionals. With the natural light, everyone will find the perfect shot. Its rustic elements make this studio feel cozy, and the bohemian elements give each shot a free spirit feel. Feed your wanderlust right in the middle of downtown Vancouver at the Railtown Sets.

5. Smell the roses at the Butchart Gardens

Most tourists visit Vancouver for the cherry blossoms, but many don’t know of the 900 species of plants in this garden alone. With over 55 acres, visitors must come back to see the phenomenal flowers. This colorful natural attraction changes year-round, giving its visitors something new to see every season.

With different style gardens, like the rose garden, Japanese garden, and Mediterranean garden, photographers of all aesthetics can find the perfect shot, making Butchart Gardens one of the most Instagrammable places in Vancouver.

6. Take your Instagram to new heights on the Capilano Suspension Bridge

vancouver capilano Suspension Bridge
Source: Unsplash

For the photographers that don’t mind an adrenaline rush, Capilano Suspension Bridge is a breathtaking attraction that could elevate any Instagram page. The suspension bridge is over 140 meters long and 70 meters above the ground. The award-winning attraction attaches to treehouse landings so you can stop for that picture-perfect view. After dark, hundreds of lights illuminate the bridge. Get a unique perspective in the treetops at one of Vancouver’s most popular attractions.

7. Inspire #FOMO among your followers at an elegant chateau

Elegant Château vancouver rental
Source: Peerspace

Impress your followers with this luxury chateau. Gorgeous marble countertops, a spiral staircase, and the dangling chandelier is the epitome of opulence. The high ceilings and all-white walls give an impression of grandeur and expense. A tour of this mansion proves every room is Instagrammable. This chateau even has a backyard gazebo and home theater. For the lifestyle bloggers, luxury brands, or those who flaunt on the ‘gram, this chateau makes the perfect backdrop.

8. Give your business profile pic a pop of color at a vibrant coworking space

Coworking Space for Filmed Interviews & Office Shoots vancouver rental
Source: Peerspace

As more people become entrepreneurs and business owners, coworking spaces are becoming popular as well, and so are business Instagram pages. Just because the profile is about business doesn’t mean your pictures can’t be vibrant. The office’s uniqueness makes it attractive as a workplace and source of inspiration. 

The rich blues, bright teals, and bursts of yellow motivate the professionals who work there. Although it’s unlike the other destinations on the list, this office’s bright accents make it one of the most Instagrammable places in Vancouver.

9. Find peace among the bustle of downtown in a beautiful corner studio

Beautiful Heritage Corner Studio vancouver rental
Source: Peerspace

This stunning studio gives a simple yet charming vibe. With tons of natural light, an elegant white backdrop, and strategically placed pops of color, there’s no such thing as a bad shot here. The soothing atmosphere and clean look have a cozy small-town feel. This effortlessly stunning studio is the perfect backdrop for your next post.

10. Grab a sweet treat and snapshot at Earnest Ice Cream

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist nothing is more Instagrammable than a great candid shot. With its rustic-chic background, you can’t go wrong taking a picture at Earnest Ice Cream. This Vancouver family staple is a great stop for the food bloggers and the residents who want a delicious frozen dessert. The stained wood accents give the parlor an organic farm to fork feel. Before devouring that next cone, snap a creative picture of your treat. 

11. Feel like a socialite at a studio perfect for a pop-up

Dynamic Studio w an Open Layout vancouver rental
Source: Peerspace

This neon-tinted Iron Works studio lined with disco balls and fairy lights is a dazzling location for a late-night pop-up. This industrial site gives the impression of an invite-only party in Vancouver’s historic district. Dating back to 1921, the owners revamped this multipurpose studio for music performances, art shows, and private events. With a fully staffed bar as well, stun followers with an A-list socialite shot at the Iron Works.

12. Cozy up at a refined, Nordic-style home

Nordic Inspired Home vancouver rental
Source: Peerspace

Scandinavian and Nordic-style homes caught the eye of many lifestyle and real estate magazines in Vancouver. These cozy houses take residents out of the city’s fast-paced mindset and into relaxation. This home is the last of the 12 most Instagrammable places in Vancouver because of its splash of color, reclusive patio, and modern yet cozy interior. If you’re lucky enough to stay here, take advantage of this picturesque house.

There’s something for everyone in Vancouver!

Vancouver’s unique dichotomy of urban and rural, industrial, and bohemian, makes this city the perfect place of inspiration. From top-rated photographers to coveted designers, it’s no wonder, these professionals choose to call Vancouver their home.  The art these creatives brought to Vancouver enhances the cities natural beauty. If you’re lucky enough to visit, make sure you check out of these most Instagrammable places in Vancouver.

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