The 9 Best Interior Designers in Baltimore

Baltimore beautifully upholds its art scene. However, while the fine arts are a regular favorite within Baltimore, the lovely Baltimore interior designers shouldn’t go overlooked either. Baltimore is a thriving city, and the people there are full of passion.

The same can be said for their homes. You’ll find so many neighborhoods that present some of the prettiest homes, and you can easily assume the interior will be just as gorgeous as the exterior. So, with that said, here at Peerspace, we’ve curated the best list of some of the Baltimore interior designers you must know!

1. Kerry from Shamrock Hill

Bring the luck of the Irish into your home with Kerry! Kerry is the founder of Shamrock Hill Design; it all started with Kerry while she was working in fashion merchandising. While she always loved décor, she first chose fashion as her career. Eventually, wanting a clean slate and more creative solutions, she returned to her love of home décor.

Kerry loves keeping spaces looking happy and bright. You’ll find that she utilizes bright colors such as pastels and whites in her portfolio while maintaining structure.

2. Rachel from Plan It Perfect

Rachel from Plan it Perfect is not your average interior designer. While she loves helping clients out with their homes and commercial spaces and will even help with organization, she still stands out.

How so? Well, Rachel also focuses on events. So whether someone needs an interior designer for a wedding, party, or essentially any major event, she will be more than happy to be at service. Event-based interior designers are a dime of a dozen, and she proves it!

3. Janelle and Kim from KJ Design and Mortar Styling

Initially, college roommates, they both found the same passion for interior design together. These lovely Baltimore interior designers know how to turn heads with their designs! This incredible team has a growing portfolio just filled with happy clients.

Kim and Janelle will be happy to do home staging, residential design, commercial design, and many other services. In addition, these ladies are constantly researching properties to ensure that the designs will nicely align with historical and current trends on the market

4. Kellie in the House

Kellie, the founder of Kellie in the House, takes passion as a Baltimore interior designer completely. Her slogan is “all the comforts of home,” and she is constantly ensuring that her clients will be entirely comfortable right in their homes.

While being a beloved interior designer, Kellie offers several other services. This includes catering (she’s quite the chef), organization, and decluttering services,  but also event decorating. So what about her style? You’ll find she loves color and isn’t afraid to use it. Kellie most leans towards modern-contemporary, and it’s exactly what her clients ask for repeatedly.

5. Rachelle and Kevin from Oak Design Project

Rachelle and Kevin are the founders of the boutique interior design business known as Oak Design Project. They bring unique designs to their clients. They tend to have many clients from residential, commercial, and even media-based clients for shows and movies. Throughout the process, they’re looking into ways to ensure that their clients will be head over heels in love with their space.

This fantastic team thoughtfully brings in local artisans for furniture, custom millwork for textiles, bespoke art, and so much more. They love getting artists involved in their projects, making their clients feel like they’re stepping into a well-curated museum.

6. Lauren from LM Interiors

Lauren received formal education in interior design, but before going to the Interior Design Institute, she started as a social worker, getting her Master’s at the University of Maryland. She chose to follow her passion, and she has never looked back. Her boutique firm and its 12 years in business have made quite the name.

Lauren has been regarded as one of the best Baltimore interior designers around. From interiors to exteriors in both residential and commercial, she happily takes them all. However, she thinks more about the functionality of the space and creates this nice balance between that and the aesthetics. As a result, you’ll find clean lines, muted tones, and plenty of decorative accents in her gallery.

7. Leslie from Archila Interiors

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Guatemala, Leslie uses this and her past travels as ways to help make her designs stand out and look unique. Arriving in 2010 in Baltimore, she’d been focusing on building her reputation as one of the go-to Baltimore interior designers. She offers a wide variety of services and is happy to offer her services outside of the Baltimore area, such as to clients in NYC, Maine, or even as far as Florida.

 She is often sought after for her talent in curating gorgeous upholstered furniture and rugs and her keen eye for vignette and store layouts; it’s no wonder her clients adore her. However, she’s always standing out and wants to help her clients, whether residential or commercial, have spaces that ultimately stand out.

8. Liz from Millbrook Circle Interior Design

Liz is the founder of Millbrook Circle, the award-winning beloved Baltimore interior design firm. Liz is always looking out for her clients, wanting to provide something unique and distinctive to their spaces. In addition, she wants to provide something luxurious, but all on an affordable budget.

She also looked into creating functional designs that are still aesthetically pleasing. You’ll find nice colors, fresh patterns, and a new perspective on interiors with Liz. She works with only the highest of skilled artisans within the Baltimore area. Whether contractors, artisans, or even architects, she always has the best contacts.

9. Jay Dillinger Interior Designs

Jay firmly believes that a space can be the root of all happiness. There is something out there for everyone, and Jay wants to be the one to help clients out in finding their style. He is constantly looking to provide the best materials possible, construction that can withstand the test of time, and course, give each client their particular style.

Jay is passionate about his work and outright adores interior design.

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