The 9 Best Interior Designers in Cincinnati

There is so much glitz and glamour in Cincinnati, such as the impressive architecture, the famous Music Hall, and the major talent pool. You see, the city loves its local talent, including its artists, chefs, and designers. That said, check out the very talented interior designers Cincinnati offers.

1. Amy Youngblood Interiors

Amy believes in creating great designs that envelopes personal tastes and lifestyles. She is all about exceeding expectations, engaging with clients, and diving into the extensive creative process. While Amy lives in Cincinnati, she and her team also serve areas as far as northern Kentucky. Needless to say, having a wide variety of clients in this border city provides plenty of perks!

2. Julie from Winding Lane Interiors

Go bold with Winding Lane Interiors! For those who love fresh colors and exciting patterns, Julie will be the perfect designer for you. Her designs are cohesive and unique, and her entire creative process is gratifying. You’ll find many patterns in her designs, whether this is checkered, stripes, gingham, or something else entirely. Expect plenty of bright colors, too.

3. Amy from Designs on Madison

Cincinnati is filled with so many historical homes. In fact, Ohio and Kentucky are famous for keeping these historic homes and neighborhoods in pristine condition. Amy from Designs on Madison loves to focus on these historic neighborhoods.

She strategically gathers the best Cincinnati interior designers to help her out with these project. When you have the best, you can be confident in everything you deliver, right? While she offers an array of designs, in the end, her traditional styles for historical homes are what stand out the most.

4. Jamie and Christine from Nest Home Staging & Design

The Cincinnati interior designers at Nest Home Staging & Design actually offer several services, including home staging and connecting clients with contractors, builders, and brokers. Jamie and Christine’s business could be considered a one-stop shop for home sellers.

While Nest does provide standard interior design services, they are especially ideal for home sellers needing to “neutralize” their homes for potential home buyers during open days.

5. John from Quince & Quinn

Quince & Quinn focuses on delivering seamless and well-executed projects on a timely and affordable budget. No matter the scale, John is here to prove interior design isn’t just some luxury only the rich can afford.

He is open to serving the Cincinnati area and other regions, including international clients. John and his team gather inspiration from a variety of sources, ranging from travel to history and fashion. This diversity helps in creating unforgettable designs.

6. Jackie Barnes Design

Jackie holds true to her mantra that our environment needs to be filled with health and happiness. She believes aesthetic spaces help support positive well-being, which is an outlook many Cincinnati interior designers would agree with, too.

Ultimately, Jackie helps her clients transform their environment to live their best lives and allow their space to meet their unique lifestyle. Her portfolio holds tightly to her views as well. Not only could you consider her designs to be Instagram-worthy, but they feel so alive. Each of her designs is unique, fun, and simply stunning.

7. Sharon from Eye 4 Design Interiors

Eye 4 Design Interiors is a full-service Cincinnati interior design firm packed with helpful home stagers. Whether you’re buying or selling homes, needing interior design, property management, real estate, or other home-related services, Sharon and her team can take care of all that and more.

Sharon loves combining her creativity, love for design, and robust experience to impress her clients. So whether she’s working as a designer or realtor, she’s here to help her clients by any means necessary!

8. Kelly Clark Design

Kelly is so enthused by her work that she doesn’t see it as work but rather an opportunity! She thoroughly enjoys collaborating with designers, local artisans, and suppliers to help bring her clients exactly what they’re looking for.

Her priority is to create what her clients could only dream of. Kelly is also a leading expert in colors, providing color consultations and training, and she isn’t afraid to color-up the spaces she’s working in.

9. Laney from Reusch Interior Design

Founded in 2010 by Laney, Reusch Interior Design has exceled in creating colorful and bespoke creations for clients. Whether working on basic furnishings or full-scale remodels, principal designer Laney boasts a unique ability to draw in the senses. When it comes to Laney’s style, she appreciates luxurious but livable spaces. This can include quirky patterns, bright colors, and elegant pieces of decorative accents, too.

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