The 9 Best Interior Designers in Oakland, CA

Curious to see who made our list of the top interior designers in Oakland, CA? Situated next to San Francisco, this city is far from living in the Bay City’s shadow. In fact, Oakland does more than well for itself, having a thriving industry, a gorgeous cityscape, and lush landscapes that anyone could fall head over heels for. It’s also one of the most sought-after places in the Bay Area.

It’s no surprise that it’s even known for having some of the prettiest homes. In fact, some of the very best designers come from here, right in Oakland! These interior designers in Oakland, CA are some of the best in the nation, and they’re here serving their community. So whether you want to spruce up your space or give it a full makeover, these fabulous designers that Peerspace curated just may offer exactly what you need

1. Laura from LMB Interiors

Home décor magazines and catalogs create so much lust while still leaving readers green with envy, right? Well, Laura, the wonderful designer behind LBM Interiors, can create those beautiful spaces that feel too amazing to be true. Her vision is to create an environment that inspires, is restorative, and offers something welcoming. She seeks out on her quest to find entirely genuine items for the client. Laura is elated whenever she can perfectly design what the client has in mind.

Her portfolio is gorgeous, and each project just proves that she’s getting better and better each time.

2. Kelly from Joy Street Design

The brilliant founder, Kelly, has deep roots in the Oakland area, and this helps her earn the title of being one of the best Oakland interior designers. Dating back to 2011, Kelly wanted to base her visions on one idea: that everyone deserves to live in a home they love, which can only be achieved when the space is personal, functional, and comfortable. She is a former lawyer, with her complex thinking and fun personality bringing a perfect balance needed for a seamless project

Kelly loves bringing spaces to life through colors. Her designs make it obvious that she adores vibrant hues, and she’s able to pair this up with her preferential choice of the contemporary style!

3. William Adams Design

Will, from Williams Adams Design, has had the privilege to work on a variety of projects across the world, both small and large scale. With his Midwestern charm and desire to transform clients’ lives through their homes, Will is proving to those in the Oakland area that he is certainly one of a kind.

Although he will mostly focus on bathroom and kitchen remodeling, thanks to his extensive understanding of spatial design, he’s able to stand out compared to his competitors. Overall, this fabulous interior designer is making a name for himself in Oakland, and it’s certainly building!

4. Johnelle from Mignonne Décor

The lead designer and owner of Mignonne Decor is the lovely Johnelle. She has a unique process of conceptualizing new projects, all thanks to her fine art background. Having traveled all around the world and visited some of the world’s art capitals, such as Florence, Italy, and Paris, France, she can utilize these new perspectives for unique interiors and designs. Johnelle fully embraces the diversity and culture she was raised to love, and her design philosophy is that every room has the potential to be much prettier with a touch of something vintage and soulful.

She likes to balance modern elements within a space and will use coveted vintage décor she discovers from antique stores to create this. She has an appreciation for all the masterpieces in the world, but Johnelle’s designs themself are truly a masterpiece. Needless to say, Johnelle has forever left her mark in the community as being one of the very best Oakland interior designers.

5. Melanie from Coddington Design

Offering services online and in-person within the Oakland area, Melanie finds it a true privilege to work directly with clients on each project. The variety of clients is also something that she and her team find so thrilling; from Hollywood stars to a couple moving into their first home, Melanie welcomes them all with open arms. When checking out Melanie’s portfolio, you’re going to find a lot of common themes.

This includes paying homage to the Scandivanian aesthetic through monochromatic schemes, but she also loves throwing in a hodge-podge of styles. In the end, it leaves this unique atmosphere that is not only sophisticated, but it feels luxurious as well.

6. Kelley Flynn Interior Design

Kelley strongly believes that designers not only create functional spaces but that emotional design spaces “capture the soul and spirit of the people who live in them,” a quote from her website. Kelley and her business are built on the exploration of expression, specifically for beauty. But, of course, beauty is within the eye of the beholder, so she works on getting to know her clients and learning what they see as beautiful.

Her interiors start with a unique vision for each project and are inspired by the transformation process. Thanks to her refined approach, integrity, and excellence, she has garnered a loyal base of clients, and she has been featured in local publications such as California Home & Design. Her approach is unique, and this alone allows her to stand out and prove she’s one of the best of the best.

7. Sarah from Bay Gold Staging & Design

Sarah deeply commits to allowing quality and passion to meet in the real estate market. Originally starting out studying real estate, she moved on to combining real estate with interior design, and created her business, Bay Gold Staging & Design, to provide real-estate-related services such as open house and home staging.

She now offers interior design, allowing new clients to reach out to her. Sarah has certainly mastered the craft, which includes creating a mission statement emphasizing the quality needed for clientele.

8. Carrie from Park and Pacific Interior Design

You can call Carrie a “triple threat,” meaning she has triple the skills that make her totally desirable! She has 20 years of educational and work experience and has worked with some of the world’s best builders. Carrie is certainly a top-notch interior designer that clients will be more than happy to line up for.

While her firm is full-service, she just adores focusing on kitchen and bathroom remodels. Her transformations are phenomenal and have left clients speechless time after time. In addition, she packs in a punch with transitional pieces, which beautifully creates a balance of old and new, comprising her signature looks.

9. Meghan from Sky City Design + Color

Meghan is an interior designer focusing on kitchen and bathroom remodels and color consultations. She understands that it can be tough navigating the interior design world, and she completely welcomes her clients with open arms.

Happily guiding them through the ins and outs, she can leave all of them feeling confident that she’s the right choice when it comes to Oakland interior designers. Her style is flawless, and it’s clear that she caters entirely to the client within each project. Since Meghan isn’t a fan of labels, she prefers not to have a signature style. Instead, it’s all about what the client is after.

Interior designers in Oakland, CA: conclusion

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