The 9 Best Interior Designers in Riverside

Tucked away outside of Los Angeles, you’ll find the beautiful city of Riverside. The landscape here is simply exquisite, thanks to its mountain surroundings. While the art scene in Los Angeles may overshadow the Riverside artistic community, there’s no doubt about it that there is some exceptional talent in Riverside. And that includes the incredible Riverside interior designers.

While the landscapes and glorious cityscape help with the city’s beauty, they also know how to make the city sparkle inside. At Peerspace, we love highlighting these fantastic talents and they definitely deserve more notoriety. So here are nine Riverside interior designers that you’re going to want to check out!

1. Stevie Nichol Interiors

Stevie has always had a major passion for interiors, even during childhood. She loves psychology, problem-solving, and creativity, and interior design combines all things she loves best! When it comes to her work, she focuses on transforming a space to create the perfect balance of functionality, comfort, and beauty while focusing on the psychological effect that the design will have.

The result is always about creating a beautiful home where her clients can make happy memories and live in comfort. Stevie’s portfolio is filled with dreamy designs too. She loves combining modern-luxe with hints of southern California rustic elements. The result is a beautiful space that evokes a warm atmosphere.

2. Kathleen Ann Design

This lovely Riverside interior designer loves collaborating with the clients. In fact, her focus is to design a space that is reflective of their personality and lifestyle while working within their budget. Unlike many other Riverside interior designers, Kathy focuses on multiple aspects of interior design itself. This can include taking on projects involving a remodel, standard home decorating, or even paint color selections.

She always loves a good challenge and can take on anything that clients throw at her, from furniture to cabinetry. Ultimately, Kathy desires to create beautiful spaces that all reflect the client. She doesn’t even have a signature style or preference, as Kathy is more adamant about giving her clients exactly what they want.

3. Hector and Chris from Romero + Obeji Interior Design

Hector and Chris are the two brilliant Riverside interior designers behind the firm Romero & Obeji Interior Design. They both have extensive knowledge and experience in residential design and decorative genres too. Whether it’s historical, modern, or even anything in between, they know how to wow their clients and will even teach them along the way. Hector and Chris understand that there may be differences in preference when it comes to the client’s location. So, both of these interior designers will constantly stay well-versed in the variety of available interior designs.

This includes suburban and urban lifestyles, but as far as rural too. This fantastic duo is very advanced regarding space planning, custom designs, architectural styles, and so much more. They’re an all-in-one package! Their past beautiful projects reflect how incredibly these two designers are. You’re going to find luxurious elements, soft colors, bespoke furniture, and a space that can tell a story.

4. G/M Business Interiors

This brand is passionate about helping commercial spaces feel more character and personality. You’ll find that the design team behind G/M Business Interiors loves to play with colors and patterns while still bringing professionalism into the designs. It’s no wonder the G/M Business Interiors team is among the most noteworthy interior designers in Riverside.

5. Christina from McManaway Interior Design

Christina from McManaway Interior Design is here to bring a more holistic approach, which many other Riverside Interior Designers are not doing. She has spent the past year educating herself on health and wellness in the built environment. She’s received extensive training and even certification for her hard work combining building and interior design with her love of wellness.

Her designs make this very clear too. She uses space planning techniques and lighting and incorporates color psychology to have spaces that feel calm.

6. Interiors By Jacquin

Jacquin is not only just a brilliant Riverside interior designer; her stellar work goes far beyond that. She’s also an artist who loves to paint! Her services range from luxury interior decorating to creating fine art abstract paintings. She’s actually made quite the name for herself in the artistic community in the Riverside area.

Jacquin believes that a well-curated use of colors combined with sophistication can truly make a room stand out! You’ll find that her preference for aesthetics will include warm colors with a contemporary touch mixed in with fine art.

7. Pegah from DLR Group

Pegah is the design leader for the DLR Group, an architecture firm residing in Riverside. She actually specializes in designing spaces for K-12 schools. She loves creating environments that are not only innovative but also can inspire those that are inside.

Pegah’s designs are simply wonderful too! You’ll find that she certainly has a keen eye for detail. Since she leads the design efforts from inception to completion, her clients can trust her to have their vision in mind throughout the process.

8. Joselyn Rendon Interiors

Joselyn believes that you should “Love where you live”; this is her design philosophy. She wants her clients to have that incredible feeling of joy and amazement each time they walk into their own homes. So she is always looking to help out clients. Joselyn and her fabulous team of Riverside interior designers are looking to transform spaces to look and feel stunning, beautiful, and professionally put together.

Of course, you can’t forget about functionality, and she doesn’t! All of this while still reflecting her clientele’s true essence and personality. Her work beings with the client’s vision and ideas. However, she wants to elevate it with the experience and connections she has on hand. She and her team are always looking for the end result to blow away customers. It’s easy to see this, too, as her portfolio is filled with stunning past projects!

9. Michelle Jett Decorating Den Interiors

Like many other Riverside interior designers, Michelle left a career to start a career with interior design. Her dream was to pursue the interior design community, and she got what she wanted — initially acquiring a franchise with Michelle Jett Decorating Den Interiors. Thanks to her affiliation with this major nationwide interior design firm, she was able to supply clients with some of the largest furnishings that a designer could even get their hands on.

She has a deep love for designs and organization and loves getting to the nitty-gritty details too. But it’s really all about what the customer wants. So whether they want something classic, luxurious, or even modern, Michelle will happily give what the client wants and more!

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