The 9 Best Interior Designers in Tampa

This Florida city is a great source of inspiration for local and surrounding artists, including Tampa interior designers. The pristine beaches, the lovely cityscape, and the constant sunshine could fill anyone with with glee. Likewise, the artists here are simply impeccable, all possessing so much talent. Check out the most notable interior designers Tampa has to offer!

1. Lisa Gilmore Design

If you ever want a more eclectic style for your interior design, look to Lisa Gilmore Design! Lisa is not afraid to use color and funky patterns to her advantage. Originating from Chicago, she moved to Tampa and has never looked back. She and her incredible team boast the uncanny ability to create fun, unique combinations. Eclectic meets sophistication is what Lisa Gilmore Design’s about.

2. Dee from Gage-Martin Interiors

Dee from Gage-Martin Interiors chooses high-end interiors worthy of any design magazine. She provides lots of glam to spruce up your space. While she loves luxe spaces, Dee understands function over form. Spaces need to be livable, too, so she creates this lovely balance between luxury and comfort. She intricately creates a gorgeous balance in all of her designs. So, be amazed and check out Dee’s portfolio!

3. Keysha from K. Jillian Designs

You’re going to fall head over heels in love with Keysha and her design firm, K. Jillian Designs. She has a way of making her clients utterly speechless with all the energy she can channel into the spaces she creates. Keysha has a motto of “where style meets functionality,” which she proves time and time again.

She ensures even the busiest of families can have a comfortable home they can live in. In addition, she also brings sophistication and a calming effect to her designs. While all the Tampa interior designers are simply wonderful and talented, Keysha truly knows how to stand out.

4. Michelle from Studio M Inc.

One of the most talented Tampa interior designers, Michelle from Studio M Inc. focuses on classic and luxurious residential properties. Michelle loves historic homes, and it’s always a pleasure getting to create gorgeous spaces within them.

So, what about her style? Your eyes will be met with glitz, glamour, and plenty of timelessness. She loves combining old interiors with new ones to give a visually intriguing vibe to the whole space. Plus, she’s able to conjure up stunning spaces that appear to be equally comfortable as well.

5. Ann Cox Design

Glamorous and bold firm Ann Cox Design is known and praised for its principal designer’s edgy style. With all of the years she’s been a designer, Ann uses her experience to create designs her clients can uniquely call their own. When looking at her portfolio, you’ll see a wide variety of designs, ranging from simple with pops of color to edgy and inspired.

6. Enrique from Crespo Design Group

Feast your eyes on the gorgeous creations by Crespo Design Group’s Enrique! Enrique strategically thinks about every element placed in the room to boost its appearance. While interior design and home décor magazines often feature photos of beautiful spaces that look too good to be true, it’s all possible with Enrique.

With his awe-inspiring creativity and an eye for extreme detail, he has been featured on media outlets like HGTV and Tampa Style. Among all the Tampa interior designers, you’ll definitely want to keep your attention on this talented gentleman!

7. Gargi from Modern Design Homes

While Gargi is one of the newer interior designers in the Tampa Bay area, she has already been making quite a name for herself! Boasting years of experience, Gargi is brimming with so much love and passion for the work that she does. She loves making a statement in each of her client’s spaces.

You’ll find Gargi enjoys light neutrals, pastels, and plenty of clean lines to fill out the space. Though each room may be a blank canvas, you can rest assured knowing she is going to create a masterpiece!

8. Debbie from Tweak Your Space

Founder of Tweak Your Space, Debbie is all about bringing affordability to her clientele. She believes interior design shouldn’t be a major luxury — instead, everyone should be able to afford it. In fact, Debbie’s business actually formed because of the 2008 economic recession. Her innovative process, passion for standing firm in her beliefs, and gorgeous designs are what make her so loved among her clients.

9. Julianne from Hendrickson Interiors

Fall in love with traditional contemporary all over again with the help of Julianne. Hendrickson Interiors was founded back in 2016, and it’s been thriving ever since. Julianne has a love for timelessness, as well as an appreciation for trends. She’s able to create designs with such a delicate balance of thoughtfulness and expertise, it’s no wonder she’s among the most talented interior designers in Tampa!

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