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The 7 Best Landscape Photographers in Orlando

Orlando, also known as “The City Beautiful,” is aptly named. Home to more than a dozen theme parks, several art galleries, golf courses, and vibrant nightlife, thrill seekers from across the world flock here to the tune of 60 million visitors a year! However, locals know that both central Florida and the rest of the region is home to some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in the nation. Are you in the mood to appreciate the finest sights nature has to offer? Then it’s your lucky day. Here for your viewing pleasure is the work of the top Orlando landscape photographers.

1. Eric Clay Fine Art Photography

Many photographers dabble in monochrome while preferring color, or vice versa. However, Eric Clay is an incredible landscape photographer who is truly fluent in creating both! His monochrome landscapes are rich with fine detail and tones for the eye to explore without the distraction of color. And rather than haphazardly choosing landscapes for monochrome, Eric finds compositions, environments, and shooting styles that make best use of it.

His photography tends to take in expansive views, but he also includes tighter compositions with a single waterfall, rainbow, tree, or other subject to focus on. The sheer diversity of his portfolio is a treat. Whether you’re a fan of Icelandic meadows, Appalachian mountain streams, or seaside views along the Florida coast, he has something for everyone’s taste.

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2. Amanda Sinco Fine Art Photography

Any photographer can simply document what they see. However, as a fine art portrait and landscape photographer, Amanda Sinco creates heirloom photography that will be cherished for generations. Her connection to nature inspires her to photograph mostly in the outdoors, where ample natural light, complex lighting environments, and the pulse of growing things calls to her lens. 

Amanda formally studied the subject at the New York Institute of Photography, but she is largely self-taught, boasting a natural inclination for visual media. Her style uses contrast and richly saturated colors, with an appreciation for low-light environments like sunsets, overcast days, and shadows. Alluring and vivid, Amanda’s work simultaneously has a moody character thanks to her thoughtful embrace of shadows and vignetting.

3. Charles LeRette Photography

While many landscape and nature photographers try to remain faithful to what they see as an “untouched” representation of an environment, Charles LeRette goes beyond the traditional. His landscapes offer both abstract and impressionist leanings that use natural and urban landscapes as a scaffold for his vision of the world to manifest upon. Beaches and windy waves become more reminiscent of a dream or painting through his fine art vision; urban landscapes take on a classical appearance that makes one think of sepia-toned analog images. Charles’s work is a lovely detour from traditional landscape photography that anyone who appreciates modern art will enjoy.

4. Robert Snow

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As a photographer, traveler, and outdoorsman, Robert Snow is the rare creative who can fuse all three of these characteristics into his creative expression. His images showcase not only landscapes but people appreciating them through sports and lifestyle approaches. Of course, by spending so much time shooting portraits in the great outdoors, Robert is constantly in some of the most scenic locations around the world. His Sawtooth Wilderness and Smoky Mountain images are especially stunning, with an appreciation for natural tonal ranges and expansive views that work perfectly for wall art.

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5. Colin M. Burger

Disney stage technician and Orlando landscape photographer Colin Burger combines his technical knowledge and love for creative expression both in his full-time job as well as through his photography. Having always had a camera in hand since his school days, Colin currently creates landscapes that showcase the best of Florida and beyond. He has a refined eye for dynamic lighting, with the golden-hued skies and dark silhouettes of the coast coming up often in his work. Colin’s landscapes also include the urban, manmade environments of the Orlando cityscape. Fireworks, neon lights, and skyscrapers create shining streaks of color across calm waves and starless nights. 

6. Karin Connolly Photography

Orlando landscape photographer Karin Connolly attributes her love and innate connection to the natural world to her frequent explorations as a child in upstate New York. Recognizing the power and emotional impact that channeling that youthful, intuitive aspect of herself can bring, Karin creates stunning fine art landscapes that use the natural world as a canvas. Her work dances between mystery, moody, and whimsical characters.

Minimalism also plays a strong role in Karin’s photography; her sky and beach images in particular use long-exposure techniques to render fine detail moot. Instead, she emphasizes the themes of motion, time, emotion, and tonality, which is incredible considering another photographer might capture the same scene but use settings that merely document the landscape as it is. Karin’s portfolio also includes more traditional landscapes for lovers of expansive views with fewer emotional and mysterious elements at play.

7. Jerry Blank

While photography has always played a role in the life of Jerry Blank, it took a brush with the finite nature of mortality to awaken an urge to take that love into the outdoors as a landscape photographer. In 2006 Jerry took his first digital camera on a backpacking tour of the Little Missouri National Grasslands and rediscovered his passion for sharing the wonders of the natural world with an appreciative audience. 

Jerry’s photography is diverse in scope, covering the majesty, power, and vibrant character of the natural world in various lighting environments, seasons, and locations. One image may take us to the Colorado Rockies while another brings us down into a whitewater river in Montana. Waterfalls and wildlife, as well as human elements like bridges, barns, and huts, are all fair game to his lens. His style takes many elements from classic landscape photography, including wide-angle views with sharpness throughout the frame and dramatic inclusions of foreground points of interest to guide the eyes of the viewer throughout the frame. 

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