The 7 Best Landscape Photographers in Washington, DC

Looking to discover breathtaking work by the best Washington, DC landscape photographers? To many, Washington, D.C., instantly conjures up visions of sparking marble monuments, bustling tourists, and soaring buildings. But did you know it’s also home to an abundance of talented photographers as well?

Covering the district’s cherry blossoms, museums, neighborhoods, cityscapes, and the world at large, these Washington, D.C., landscape photographers have all spent years sharpening their creative vision, as their portfolios demonstrate. Imbuing their work with a refreshing perspective, these creatives have a firm grasp on producing inspiring photography. That said, we at Peerspace loved discovering the work of the most talented landscape photographers in Washington, D.C., and think you will, too!

1. Nikhil Bahl

As a full-time professional educator, environmentalist, and photographer, Nikhil Bahl draws his inspiration from nature. He honed his creative eye in Kenya, Iceland, the varied terrain of the United States, as well as other parts of the world. In fact, Nikhil shows us a view of the world we rarely get to see beyond National Geographic.

The National Park Service and the US Fish & Wildlife Service have recognized Nikhil’s work, collaborating with him to educate the public through his art. In addition, his photography has appeared throughout the Washington, D.C., metro area, including in private collections. He’s the author of the instructional e-book Creative Interpretations, which seeks to guide aspiring new landscape photographers.

2. Navin Sarma Photography

Navin Sarma is a passionate photographer who excels at showcasing the majesty of the natural world. By bringing awareness of conservation issues through landscape and nature photography, he uses visual storytelling to help us understand Mother Nature and our role as her stewards.

With work featured in public exhibitions, editorials, and campaigns, it’s clear Navin is one of the top landscape photographers in Washington, DC. Reach out to him if you’re looking to collaborate with a talented photographer who also makes a real difference through his vision.  

3. Golié Miamee

Traveling and showcasing scenic views through a fine art approach is how Golié Miamee tells her story of the world. Whether it’s with wildlife, floral, abstracts, or architecture, Golié’s vision is striking. In fact, she uses an artistic approach that merges tasteful digital editing and stunning scenery to great effect. Driven by curiosity, her lust for exploration is one reason why we’ve chosen her as one of the most talented landscape photographers in Washington, D.C.

However, Golié also sees photography as a window for others to experience the very emotions she feels in the moment. As she says, “I see every photograph as an image that can come to life; and hope that each one gives my viewers the same bliss and enjoyment as it does for me.”

4. Andrew Rhodes Photography

Andrew Rhodes impresses us not only through his images but his considered philosophy in how his work touches the viewer. As he relates his philosophy, “Knowing who I am is almost as important as my shots themselves. After all, fine art prints don’t come with hundreds and hundreds of skimmable user reviews and easily comparable features. No, at its core, photography is art and the value of art is in the connection between the artist and the observer.”

He is mindful that he’s showing us his unique view of the world. His work reflects that knowledge, traveling and documenting everything he sees. Photography also runs in his family, but instead of designing shutters and working in studios like his grandfather and great-grandfather, Andrew finds catharsis out in the field behind a lens.

5. Allen Russ Photography

As a specialist landscape photographer, Allen Russ endeavors to capture natural and human-created environments across the world. His work has appeared in several national publications, including Landscape Architect Magazine. He has also been featured within the Cultural Landscape Foundation’s Landslide 2011 and 2012 calendars.

Allen’s current book project is of interest to any DC native, entitled City of Trees: The Natural Monuments of Washington, DC. He hopes to garner funds for the restoration and maintenance of the National Mall through a partnership with an associated trust. The best landscape photographers in Washington, D.C, are undoubtedly ones who are engaged on a community level like Allen. Several of his images in the City of Trees series showcase DC’s world-famous cherry blossoms, gifted to the United States by Japan back in 1910.

6. Marie Joabar

Founder of and an educator at Capital Photography Center, Marie Joabar boasts a range of knowledge and technical mastery. Marie’s focus is landscapes, foreign countries, cities, and the people who inhabit them. She’s especially active in the Shenandoah Valley as an instructor for the county.

Marie’s work graces the printed and online publications of the Shenandoah County Department of Tourism, as well as several local print publications. Marie’s images also have an emotional quality to them, with autumn leaves and hilly farmlands creating a nostalgic tone. It’s this mastery that makes her one of the best landscape photographers in Washington, DC

7. Tony and Katie of DelSignore Photography

Portrait and landscape photography duo Tony and Katie DelSignore own and operate DelSignore Photography in the DC metro area. They also specialize in landscape images that are ideal for gracing residential and commercial spaces. As such, they offer extremely high-resolution prints of the highest caliber.

Their work comes from across the United States, Canada, Europe, and beyond with a focus on natural and travel landscapes. DelSignore Photography has also been featured internationally in Landscape Photography magazine and Travel & Leisure. Given their specialty, we’re amazed by the sheer diversity of their portfolio, which takes us from the Arizona to Austria in a single click!

Bonus: LG Photography

LG Photography is owned and operated by Lindsay Galatro, an award-winning travel and commercial photographer. Though she’s based in Washington, D.C., her photography passion takes her across the country as well as to more far-flung places, like Switzerland, Rome, and Vietnam. Alongside her partner Vincent, Lindsay shoot incredible travel images and style and shoot an array of commercial work for their clients. This duo is also consistently awarded for their expertise in the photography and business world.

As Lindsay’s Instagram wisely informs us: “Life is too short & the world is too big. Go Travel”. And after seeing her images, that’s precisely what you’ll want to do!

Washington, D.C. landscape photographers: conclusion

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We hope you have found inspiration in this list of Washington, D.C., landscape photographers. They create their work to have that effect, inspiring us all to get out in the open and explore. And no matter which side of the camera you’re on, Peerspace can make your exploration of D.C and beyond that much more beautiful.

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