The 8 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Des Moines

Curious to see who made Peerspace’s list of the best Des Moines lifestyle photographers? Des Moines is the best place to start looking if you are interested in having a lifestyle photoshoot. Smack dab in Iowa’s heartland, it’s a natural meeting place for visitors from all over The Hawkeye State.

Its central location makes telling a story about you and your family’s lives in Iowa easier and more effective. And this you can immediately feel when browsing the portfolio of the top 8 Des Moines lifestyle photographers! From modern to retro in character, there is no narrative or emotional tone these talented artists can’t create for you.

1. Jill Marie

Jill Marie is a recent import to Des Moines, but her passion for photography goes back much further. If you enjoy gentle colors, candid family moments, and a sense of adventure, then you’re going to love her style!

Jill also makes expert use of the environment, using the scenic outdoors of Iowa to share nostalgic and romantic qualities with viewers. She is experienced working outdoors as well as in the homes of her subjects. Homecoming for newborns, family picnics, and other lifestyle experiences give her images added narrative and emotional power. And Jill’s talent for keeping her subjects feeling at ease and expressive is immediately visible when browsing her images.

2. Rachel Jean

Rachel Jean is one of the younger top Des Moines lifestyle photographers on our list and started her personal brand back in 2020. From family moments to weddings and graduations, the memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime find their full expression through Rachel’s images.

We also love her thoughtful approach to the “why” of photography. Rachel sees it as her mission to spread the love by showcasing what’s beautiful about you! In her own words: “Photos are empowering in that they can showcase both outer AND inner beauty, and I hope everyone I come in contact with feels empowered to show their heart a little more and take a risk they were too scared to take before.”

3. Lori of L.E. Photo Design

As a wedding and Des Moines lifestyle photographer, Lori is a natural fit for this list. Brad and Lindsey are partners of hers, forming the dynamic trio behind her brand: L.E. Photo Design.

Her images capture both the highlights of weddings as well as the in-between moments that show what makes each matrimony unique. Warm golden hour tones, serene backgrounds, and loving eye contact between couples are hallmarks of Lori’s particularly emotive approach. She tells the story of not only your peak moments but also the feelings and bonds that make life truly worth living.

4. Morgan Moon

Family photoshoots and wedding photography with a lifestyle perspective are what Morgan Moon does best! Her images have a documentary emphasis that’s a delightful departure from traditional posed portraits. Instead of posing her subjects, Morgan allows natural moments of expression to arise in front of her. It results in images that showcase connections as they authentically unfold.

We get a better sense of what makes her subjects laugh, embrace, and explore. She is especially good at finding lifestyle angles with children, subjects that tend to be less cooperative when it comes to striking the right pose!

5. Amelia Renee

Couples in Des Moines and beyond flock to Amelia Renee for adventurous and creative lifestyle photography! Her images are fine art in character, meant to portray a snapshot of life for future generations to enjoy.

Amelia’s style is classic, with gently guided poses that convey precisely the right tone for a subject and scene. She is also talented at using natural colors that make it easier for viewers to remember how it felt in a given moment. We also enjoy her love of playful captures, especially in her family lifestyle and wedding photography. Amelia has a real talent for helping her subjects feel entirely at ease and free in front of her lens.

6. Kate Van Dorn

“Narrating the chapters in your story with candid and emotional imagery” is the maxim that Kate Van Dorn works by. And it’s an approach we love to see! Narrative is a powerful component of lifestyle photography, after all. We get to see not only what’s beautiful but what you value when browsing Kate’s portfolio. The activities you’re engaged in and the settings you choose all tell viewers something about what it’s like to be you.

What’s more, Kate chooses some of the most intimate close-ups we’ve seen. Working right among the loving arms of parents holding their babies to immerse you right in the feel of the moment.

7. Lexie & Sawyer of Flynn Photography Company

Family, elopement, couples, and wedding photography captured with a lifestyle approach are what Flynn Photo Co. has to share with you today. Lexie & Sawyer Flynn are the creative couple behind this brand. Their portfolio is full of tine art images that celebrate moments both major and minor in the lives of their subjects. The Flynns use a unique color grading approach, with deep shadow and subdued colors to heighten the nostalgic character of their images.

We especially love how these Des Moines lifestyle photographers coax out dynamic and exciting postures in their subjects. It gives their images an engaging and uplifting quality that leaves you smiling along with their subjects!

8. Mandy of April + August Photography

Mandy of April + August Photography specializes in the exciting genre of lifestyle family photography. She uses an approach she describes as “candid, vibrant, and emotive”. Candid in how she captures expressions and engagement. Vibrant in the color saturation and exposure of the scene. And emotive in how each image makes you feel.

Rather than simply creating a beautiful image, Mandy is always trying to express something about the bonds her subjects share with each other. Her talent for expressing these feelings is a major part of what makes her a top Des Moines lifestyle photographer.

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