The 8 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Tucson, AZ

Hoping to work with one of the best Tucson lifestyle photographers? As Arizona’s second-largest city, Tucson is a hub for creative and cultural activities. Photographers of all genres happen to live here. While you’re definitely spoiled for choice, finding the vision that matches your dream is a time-consuming job.

That’s why we at Peerspace have curated this list of the top Tucson lifestyle photographers for you! Each one of them is a master of telling the stories of families, newlyweds, individuals, and even newborns, ensuring you will revisit your cherished moments for decades to come.

1. Alexa Rae Photo

Alexa Raw is a Tucson lifestyle photographer who happens to also be a mother. So she knows just how fleeting childhood can be and how important capturing images of kids is. Her client feedback is full of subjects who were not only shocked by the power of her images but also by how comfortable they felt working alongside her.

Alexa’s family photography style is semi-documentary in character, helping you to feel at ease enough to be spontaneous. That way she can capture those moments of fine art that naturally express themselves. She prefers this rather than using poses that look like every other photographer’s work.

And speaking of style, you’ll love Alexa’s preference for earth tones and subdued colors. Deep shadow adds contrast to the already powerful outdoor natural light she favors. Coupled with her skill for framing and encouraging her subjects to engage, viewers feel like they’ve stepped right into the lives of her subjects. Which is much more engaging than seeing what’s obviously a planned photoshoot!

2. Casia and Eric of Fletcher and Co

Casia and Eric Fletcher founded Fletcher & Co. in 2007. As top Tucson lifestyle photographers, they offer a wide range of services focused on the portrait niche. They use lifestyle elements to help viewers better understand what it’s like to be their subjects. Poses convey emotion, backgrounds imply place, apparel suggests glamor and lifestyle, while expressions complete the story.

The Fletchers also create fine art photography as well. So whether you want something for a family album or an image to beautify an interior space, Fletcher & Co. is more than up to the challenge!

3. Meredith Amadee Photography

The photography of Meredith Amadee stands out by recognizing the entirety of her subjects. The joy and light-filled moments as well as the struggles that got them to where they are. As she shares: “my desire as a Tucson wedding photographer and storyteller is to notice and capture that fight, that celebration and capture it with artistry and with dignity.”

Meredith succeeds admirably! She finds poses that best convey the story while still staying true to the unique qualities of her subjects. She also works closely, often within arm’s reach. It heightens the emotions we feel when viewing the scene.

4. Mandy Rena Photography

Joyful images that take you right back to how you felt are what Mandy Rena lives to create! This Tucson lifestyle photographer’s family, maternity, and newborn photos beg to be printed, hung on a wall, or placed in an album for generations to appreciate.

Some lifestyle photographers go dark and moody and others prefer vibrant contrast. But Mandy’s approach is soft and radiant, reminding us of classic wedding photography. And like wedding photography, the pastel shades and white light suggest a celebration, new beginnings, and happiness! Gently blurred backgrounds place all of the emphasis on her subjects, not to mention their color-coordinated apparel.

5. Audria Abney

Audria Abney’s specialties are lifestyle portraits and wedding photography/ However, she is also active in the newborn, maternity, and commercial photography genres. Her images evoke classic family lifestyle genres like picnics, kids exploring, romantic holiday outings, and so on.

And the radiant Tucson sun, distant mountains, and desert cacti are never far from view. By including these, Audria leaves no doubt that this is a Tucson story being shared.

6. Emily Jayne Photography

Heirloom family lifestyle photography is what Emily Jayne has to share with you. Her specialty is carefree sessions where you are given as much guidance as you need, yet are allowed to roam, free of insecurities and able to focus on your loved ones. Emily’s style has a subdued approach to color, with cinematic hues and balanced highlights. Shadows are embraced or even deepened when appropriate.

We also love the spontaneous quality of many of Emily’s photographs. Subjects are so engaged with each other or the environment that you feel like you’ve stepped right into the middle of a family outing. Just the sort of feel you’d expect from lifestyle photography!

7. Sara Patterson Photography

Families, expectant mothers, couples, and even newly graduated seniors all turn to Sara Patterson when looking for a photographer to tell their story. Her preference for warm golden hour tones and soft lighting gives her images a classic appeal, especially when coordinated clothing and nostalgic guided poses are included.

Sara includes just enough of the outdoors in the background as well. Creating environmental portraits that convey place and time right alongside beauty and as befitting the sun-kissed state of Arizona, Sara bathes her subjects in natural light.

8. Sandy MacNaughton of Journeys Photo Stories

For most of Sandy MacNaughton’s life, her career has focused on the world of artistic expression. Besides being a Tucson lifestyle photographer, she has also explored theater, interior design, and even swimming pool design.

But photography combines everything Sandy loves about art with the ability to immortalize actual instants in time! As she shares: “I love how you can capture an emotion in a split second! Telling stories of your Journey is what I love to do. Discovering your passions, exploring your interests, and mirroring those into artwork that is uniquely yours.”

Sandy splits her time between the deserts of Tucson and the forests of Washington, all while documenting life milestones and the bonds shared between couples, families, and individuals. Bold natural light, rich colors, and close-up compositions all define Sandy’s approach to lifestyle photography.

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