The 10 Best Maternity Photoshoot Ideas in Denver

Planning a maternity photoshoot in Denver is an opportunity to explore some of the city’s best photo studios and scenic outdoor locations. With reportedly nearly 250 sunny days per year, Denver has no shortage of natural light and beautiful weather. You won’t have to travel far to see our picks of the city’s best locations. But if you do want to get out of town, we’ve included a few nearby options as well. Check out our list of maternity photoshoot ideas in Denver to get inspired!

1. A modern photo studio in Baker

Denver Versatile Photo Studio denver rental
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This venue is a great choice if you’re looking for a professional photo studio with a creative vibe. It comes with a white cyclorama wall and overhead LED lighting for a bright and airy space. You can also use the geometric wall mural for a more colorful backdrop. In addition to the production space, your rental includes a loading ramp, furniture, and a Sonos sound system to make sure you’re as relaxed and comfortable as possible during your photoshoot.

2. A rustic barn in Greenwood Village

Private, Rustic Barn close to Denver rental
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Choose this venue for an outdoor location with rustic country vibes. The vintage barn, rail fence, and grassy lawn all come together to create a picturesque rural backdrop at any time of year. A wooden bench with wagon wheels adds to the scene, while a private path leads to the High Line Canal for additional shots near the water. Book this venue for an inspiring maternity photoshoot idea in Denver, which is less than a 30-minute drive from downtown.

3. A historic home in Baker

The Historic Haven of Baker denver rental
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For a more stylish venue, check out this 1890s home that features designer wallpaper and other memorable furnishings. Whether you choose to shoot in the spacious seating area with a built-in fireplace or the cozy upstairs nook with plants and pillows, you’ll have a variety of backdrops to work with to create your own unique look. The upstairs bedroom with pink curtains is especially well-suited to a maternity photoshoot, with its green walls and light blue dresser.

4. An eclectic bohemian space in Cheesman Park

Eclectic Bohemian Space denver rental
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This versatile space is a great choice for a maternity photoshoot idea in Denver, with plain white walls and bohemian furnishings. The wicker chairs and lounges offer comfortable seating, while the indoor plants and warm rugs creative a relaxed, inviting vibe. There’s also a white clawfoot bathtub that can be used for a classic milk bath shot. This venue is located on the second floor above a retail space, so please note that you’ll need to climb a staircase to access it. It has a private entrance and skyline views.

5. A yoga studio in Globeville

(no shoes) clean yoga fitness studio denver rental
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Incorporate yoga poses into your maternity shoot at this spacious yoga studio in Globeville. With comfortable bolsters and yoga swings, you can use this place for seated or standing shots. The floor is padded for extra comfort, and no shoes are allowed in the studio. We think the blue color of the yoga swings, mats, and yoga balls offers a great color scheme for a maternity shoot!

6. A stylish studio in Golden

Stylish Studio denver rental
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Keep things simple at this stylish studio in Golden, CO, with a feminine chic vibe. With exposed brick walls, modern furniture, and white window shades, this location offers an elegant setting for your maternity photoshoot ideas in Denver. Located in the Applewood Shopping Center, it offers free parking and is available to rent for an affordable rate. Of particular note are the indoor plants and large collection of vases that can be used to decorate the space with a floral aesthetic.

7. A natural light photo studio in Centennial

Commercial Natural Light Photo Studio denver rental
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This is another straightforward option for a maternity photoshoot, with lace curtains, natural light, and a comfortable bed and loveseat. There are three built-in backdrops (black, white, and grey), and a separate makeup and dressing room. This space is best for a shoot with a professional photographer who can make the most of the natural light. Hire your own photographer, or ask the Peerspace Concierge service to recommend one when you make your booking. 

8. A Victorian estate in Lafayette

Expansive Victorian Estate denver lafayette rental
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Enjoy the sprawling grounds of this five-acre estate and 6,000 sq.ft. home with great views of the mountains. The patio features brick steps surrounded by greenery and shaded with umbrellas. Inside, you’ll find five bedrooms and several seating areas with a classy, country vibe. Available for rent on Peerspace for a great rate per hour, this is a fabulous deal on a truly impressive space!

9. An art gallery in Uptown Denver

Uptown Art Gallery with open floor plan denver rental
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This 1000-sq.ft. art gallery in Uptown has been used to host weddings, musical performances, and, of course, photoshoots. It’s a great option for your maternity photoshoot ideas in Denver, with its hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, and 14-foot ceilings. You can use the dimmable lighting, tables and chairs, and audio equipment on site, or bring in your own gear through the ground-level entry for easy set-up. Modern wall art and indoor plants complete the scene.

10. A mountain retreat in Boulder

Exceptional and Spacious Private Mtn Retreat denver rental
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Finally, don’t miss this beautiful space in Boulder, CO, which features a massive, wood-paneled seating area with a wall of windows. It’s perfect for a winter maternity photoshoot, since you can capture the snow-covered trees in the background without having to be out in the cold yourself! The main room has modern furnishings, including comfortable couches, a wood-burning stove, and cozy rugs and cushions. There’s also a large bathroom with green marble counters and a white bathtub. And, of course, everything looks out over the hills for a beautiful backdrop.

Picking the right spot for your maternity photoshoot can be a big decision. After all, it’s a choice that will live in your photo collection forever. But Peerspace makes it easy with plenty of venues available from local hosts that can accommodate photoshoots of all kind. Whether you plan to use natural light, or you need to rent professional photo equipment, the Concierge service can help you line up all of the gear and amenities you need for a creative maternity photoshoot.

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