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The 10 Best Maternity Photoshoot Ideas near Seattle

We love the beautiful city of Seattle for its Pacific Northwest charm: verdant forests, Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier National Park, and other breathtaking natural sights. The rainy weather is a big boon for those who love rainy days. Not to mention that it’s home to all kinds of important cultural touchstones, like musicians (Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, etc.), arts (it’s a center of glassblowing, for one), and tech companies. Whether you’re a resident of Seattle or just visiting to soak up the sights for a short time, you’ll find that the city’s soothing weather and progressive, artistic atmosphere means there are lots of great places for maternity photoshoots. We’ve gathered 10 fabulous maternity photoshoot ideas near Seattle, so you’ll have plenty of options as you begin to plan.

1. A stunning boho-inspired natural light studio

pioneer square studio rental seattle
Source: Peerspace

There’s so much to love here. For starters, the south-facing windows in this studio mean it’s filled with plenty of sunlight throughout the entire year. This 664-square-foot location features a clean palette of white floors, white walls, and exposed brick — making it an excellent option regardless of your aesthetic. We love the simplicity of this location and the endless possibilities it suggests.

2. A cozy urban cabin with maritime flare

Cozy Urban Cabin with Maritime Flare seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

This sweet, 750-square-foot guest house/cabin is a hideaway that feels like it should be in the wilderness, even though it’s right in the city (in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, to be specific). The keyword here is cozy. Especially as rain pours down outside, any photoshoot here will be cozy beyond belief — you’ll enjoy the sound of rain on the skylight above the bedroom. Once you make yourself at home here, you’ll understand why we consider it to be one of our top maternity photoshoot ideas near Seattle.

3. An elegant and spacious ballroom on Capitol Hill

Elegant and Spacious High Ceiling Ballroom seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

Looking for a wide open space for your photoshoot? Planning to take more dynamic photos, in motion, perhaps even dancing? This stately 2,000-square-foot ballroom, located on the second floor of a historic Capitol Hill home, cannot be beat for these kinds of photos. Outside the windows, you’ll be surrounded by trees, adding a touch of natural beauty to your elegant images.

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4. The beaches at Golden Gardens Park

golden gardens seattle beach
Source: Pixabay

Standing in Golden Gardens Park provides outstanding views of the Olympic Mountains, as well as the iconic Puget Sound. Photos on the beach are probably your best bet for maternity photos here. We especially recommend snapping photos on the beach at sunrise or sunset, which is when the light is exquisite. Additionally, if you’d like to do a bit more exploring in Golden Gardens, you’ll also find two wetlands, forest trails, and more.

5. A luxury home on Mercer Island

luxury home mercer island seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

Mercer Island is located in Lake Washington, part of the Seattle Metropolitan Area but separate from Seattle itself. It’s an incredibly wealthy location (one of the 100 richest ZIP codes in the U.S., in fact) and all that wealth shows in the grand homes found on the island. One such home is available for rent — a beautifully decorated, 3,000-square-foot mid-century-inspired house. For a more luxurious maternity photoshoot, this is a great bet.

6. A lovely natural light studio

natural light studio seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

Ideal for a small photoshoot, this space boasts fabulous natural light and a soothing, even ethereal atmosphere that’s perfectly suited to a maternity photoshoot. Here, portraits will center the subject and little else, if that’s the aesthetic approach you choose to take.

7. A modern home situated at Mount Baker

Mount Baker Modern Mid-Century seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

One reviewer commented, “The house is beautiful, tons of natural light and gorgeous touches all around.” We agree! It’s a comfortable and modern dream home, with dazzlingly green and picturesque views out of its massive floor-to-ceiling windows. Outside, the open courtyard includes a serene koi pond. Your maternity photoshoot here will strongly benefit from the “your home, but better” feel of this space, which makes it a superb maternity photoshoot idea near Seattle.

8. An unforgettable designer downtown loft

downtown designer loft seattle
Source: Peerspace

This loft has been featured in magazines and on design blogs. Looking down from the bedroom loft, it’s especially easy to appreciate the thoughtful, charming design, as well as the enormous, floor-to-ceiling windows. Plus, it’s located in historic Pioneer Square (known for being Seattle’s “original neighborhood”), so it’s a short walk from Pike Place Market, the Seattle Art Museum, Benaroya Hall, and many of the city’s best restaurants — all great destinations to visit after your maternity photoshoot.

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9. Discovery Park

discovery park photoshoot seattle
Source: Flickr / Paul VanDerWerf

One of the best parks in Seattle, and by extension one of the best maternity photoshoot ideas near Seattle, Discovery Park is made up of 530+ acres that include forest groves, tidal beaches, meadow lands, sea cliffs, streams, and more. You’ll have access to views of Puget Sound from above, as well as of the Cascade and Olympic Mountain ranges. It’s an exceptional example of all the natural beauty that Seattle and, more generally, the Pacific Northwest really has to offer.

10. An airy and plant-filled photo studio

Light and Plant Filled Photo Studio seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

This space (which, the hosts mention, is frequently described as “Instagrammable”) is a loft with a flexible daylight studio, as well as a full kitchen and lounge. There’s even a gas fireplace that effectively takes the cozy feel to the next level. Most of all, though, it’s defined by its abundance of bright natural light and the plants that are everywhere throughout.

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