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The 7 Best Milwaukee Pet Photographers

The rest of the country can underestimate Milwaukee at their own peril. It’s far more than just the largest city in Wisconsin: Milwaukee is a full-blown scene, with great music, artists, food, and stunning sunsets. Plus, it’s chock-full of extremely talented photographers — as we’ve highlighted in some of our previous resources –– and the pet photography scene here is especially top-notch. We actually had quite the difficult time choosing the best Milwaukee pet photographers, and we wouldn’t dare to say that our list here is definitive — but we did manage to settle on a diverse list of talented photographers who take some of the most thoughtful pet photos around.

1. Ren and Caleb Lenhof of Studio 29 Photography

Ren and Caleb Lenhof are a talented husband-and-wife photography team who specialize in family photos, wedding portraits, lifestyle shoots, and, of course, are among the very best Milwaukee pet photographers. Their pet photos are sweet, stylish, and full of personality. One thing we admire about their pet photography work is that it does a great job of showing how your pets are both part of the family, and yet they’re their own creatures — unique, strange, and just a little wild. Ren and Caleb have really differentiated themselves from other photographers in the area for their universal style and ability to continue to experiment, even as they’ve built a solid reputation for themselves.

2. Sandi Ford of Unleashed Pawtraits

The human behind the pet-photo dynamo that is Unleashed Pawtraits — one Sandi Ford — came to Neenah,WI, from the United Kingdom in 2015. Around a year later she created Unleashed Pawtraits, which has quickly become one of the go-to greater Milwaukee area pet photography businesses. She specializes in dog photos, able to capture every little bit of the silliness and loyalty that makes your dog so unique and such an important part of the family. We appreciate her in-studio photography, as well as her expertise with lighting and posing. Take a look at her portfolio, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be in love with every pup you see.

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3. Breanna Rae Photography & Design

Breanna is a Sheboygan-based pet photographer who takes glamorous and sometimes whimsical photos of local Wisconsin pets. Whether you want a picture of your pet lizard or your family’s faithful pup, Breanna has a knack for producing stunning, evocative, and hilarious photographs. Compared to her peers, we think her style is perhaps a bit glossier and more editorial, the type of work you might see in a magazine about pets. It’s no wonder she’s among the top pet photographers in the greater Milwaukee area.

4. Laura McArthur

Laura McArthur is an award-winning local photographer whose work both in studio and on location indicates an enormous amount of competence, focus, and attention to the finer details of portrait-making. We absolutely love her pet photos, as they’re romantic, using light to gorgeous ends and turning your pets into the heroes of their own little worlds. Plus, she’s a gifted post-production editor who’s able to use editing software to take already beautiful photographs and raise them up a notch, without dampening the aspects of the photos that really makes them special.

Our favorite aspect of Laura’s work is her willingness to create full-field photos, where landscape and light are allowed their own space to add texture and depth to the overall composition. A lot of people use such a tight focus that the backgrounds are just blurs of color. We like both styles when done well — but Laura is especially adept at her craft.

5. Abbie Miller of Stories Framed Photography

Abbie Miller started her photography business back in 2012 and never looked back. She was after capturing the preciousness of family dynamics — of the smallness of children, and the love of parents, and the cuddliness of pets, and just everything that goes into making a home full of love and kindness. In the more than seven years she’s been running her photography business, she’s managed to put together a portfolio full of happy families, cute kids, and super-cute pets.

One thing we really like about her photos is that she’s just as happy planning and shooting a perfect, well-balanced photograph as she is taking a candid shot that just works because it captures your pupper being themselves. Abbie Miller got into business to help families commemorate their lives, and that’s exactly why you should trust her to photograph you and your pets.

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6. Jennifer Brindley

Jennifer Brindley specializes in taking women’s portraits — a job she’s excelled at for more than 12 years. She has an eye for the beauty in everyone and everything, and this skill applies to her work as a portrait photographer and as a pet photographer. Because she is able to see the beauty in everyone, she’s able to give people and pets the gift of being truly seen, the gift of seeing what they look like through her eyes. Her photographs are fashionable, attractive, and full of personality and soul.

7. Stephanie Bartz

Stephanie Bartz is a born storyteller who has been capturing the stories of Wisconsin families and pets for the better part of two decades. She’s got a real gift for taking the quirky, the cute, the strange, and turning it into unique, gorgeous, and whimsical photographs. Her photos have a powerful fine-art quality to them, and they truly excel at demonstrating how family love works, as well as what keeps families happy and growing together. She’s a kind, talented, and gracious photographer who treats every subject as important and totally worthy of her time.

If you’re looking for a Milwaukee pet photographer who will do justice to your little prince or princess — look no further than these creatives we’ve listed here today. They’ve all made a name for themselves for their ability to connect with animals and produce stunning portraits you’re bound to treasure for generations to come.

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