10 Lovely Mother’s Day Party Ideas

Mothers deserve to be celebrated all year-round. But Mother’s Day, and these Mother’s Day party ideas, give us the chance to set aside the time to do something special for the moms or mother figures in our lives. And sometimes flowers and cards delivered with breakfast in bed just don’t cut it. What do you do for the woman (or women) who have done everything for you? Here are some Mother’s Day party ideas that will show Mom just how much she means to you.

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1. Host a brunch

Let mom sleep in on her special day by hosting brunch instead of breakfast. All you need is enough seating and a stellar menu of her favorite breakfast items. Serve Bloody Mary drinks and various flavors of mimosas (like orange, mango, pineapple, and grapefruit). For the food, serve light breakfast bites like egg muffins, quiches, yogurt parfaits, mini muffins, scones, doughnut holes, or croissants. You can also opt to go full-on big breakfast party mode with a pancake or french toast bar complete with toppings and syrups.

Does Mom prefer more satisfying noshes? Go all out with a bagel wall — a savory twist on the donut walls that you see all over wedding Pinterest boards! Many bagels places even offer catering so that you can serve various sweet and savory flavors of cream cheese, too. The table is the center of attention at a brunch party, so spruce up your dining table by adding some vases of her favorite flowers or tiny potted succulents to the tables, then find some cute napkins that suit your mother’s personality.

2. Have a tea party

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One of the most unforgettable Mother’s Day party ideas is an old-fashioned tea party. This should be ideal for your Mom if she loves to dress up and prefers tea over coffee. If you can find a local tea room that hosts parties, planning will be a breeze. If not, don’t worry. You can do it yourself with enough teapots, cups, saucers, tables, and chairs. 

To create the perfect tea party atmosphere, use cloth tablecloths instead of plastic, place flowers on every table, display desserts on three-tiered cake stands, and serve tiny sandwiches and bite-sized desserts like macarons. Encourage guests to dress up in their best clothes (it’s not a tea party without fancy hats!).

3. Give out awards

Happy Mother's Day postcard
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You know your mom is the best ever (no bias, of course), but how do you let her know in a special way for Mother’s Day? If you know her love language is words of affirmation, consider having everyone give her some superlative awards. The awards can be made with hand-lettering or calligraphy on pretty paper like cardstock or scrapbooking paper, painted on wooden blocks, cross-stitched, or etched onto custom plaques.

It is a perfect idea for those who love to get creative and give meaningful, handmade gifts. Incorporate this suggestion with other Mother’s Day party ideas for an extra-sweet touch.

4. Go wine tasting 

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Head to a local winery (sometimes they even host live music for guests to enjoy) or host your own wine tasting party at home! If you select some bottles at Costco, you can guarantee you’ll be sampling quality wine. Or, if you have the time, order some samples from subscription boxes online. Winc, VineBox, and Wine Awesomeness are all superb subscription box options (VineBox even features mini, test tube-size samples). 

If she likes to branch out, consider buying some wines made from tart cherries, peaches, apples, or even pineapples. If you want to serve more than just cheese and crackers, shop around at a local chocolate shop or ice cream parlor, and design a wine-and-dessert pairing experience just for mom. 

5. Host a craft party

arts and crafts team outing idea
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If your mom is crafty, consider hosting a party at a workshop. Make-and-take classes are fun parties, and gifts rolled into one. You can find classes for cake decorating, candle making, painting, ceramics, cooking, or whatever she loves most. If you don’t have workshops in your local area, you can find kits at craft stores or online, then DIY a craft party at home.

6. Gift her the perfect day

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Remember those coupons you used to make your parents as a kid? They were thoughtful but low-budget gifts that you often made last minute, and this is one of those Mother’s Day party ideas that is the same sort of concept. However, this grown-up version requires a little more planning and better presentation.

The basic idea is to create an itinerary (which you can type out on pretty paper) for your mom’s idea of a perfect day. Think of her favorite activities. What would she do all day if she didn’t have to work or run errands? Create a day where she has no responsibilities other than to have fun. Gather her favorite foods and drinks — or make the necessary restaurant reservations — book classes or experiences she loves, and create a personalized, ideal day from sunrise to sunset just for her.

7. Enjoy a spa day

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If your mom loves to be pampered, treat her to a manicure and or pedicure. You can book an appointment at a salon, rent your own equipment, or hire an in-home spa company that will come to you. This is absolutely one of the most low-key and effortless Mother’s Day party ideas on this list.

8. Choose an unforgettable venue

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Give mom an enchanting escape by hosting a Mother’s Day party in a lovely, exciting venue. On Peerspace, you can rent a loft, mansion, art gallery, cafe, and more for any of these Mother’s Day party ideas. It’s the perfect way to let her know you appreciate her personality and style. No matter where you live, you can find a Peerspace venue with fabulous amenities and considerate touches.

9. Hand out thoughtful cards

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Sometimes card shopping can be a challenge. When you can’t find a drugstore card that fits your mom’s personality, consider searching online to find a card that is as lovely as she is. Lovepop makes beautiful pop-up cards and paper bouquets for every occasion, hobby, and interest. If she’s got a green thumb, consider getting a card made on seed paper. It’s the card that keeps on giving, as it can be torn up and planted later.

10. Curate the perfect playlist 

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Music can speak for you when no words can express your gratitude to your mom. Take a look at her Spotify to find her favorite songs, artists, and genres, then craft a playlist full of the hits she loved when growing up, along with what she listens to now.

Your mom deserves the best, and these Mother’s Day party ideas are the perfect ways to shower her with love and appreciation. Tailor each to your Mom and wow her with the best day ever.

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