National Crayon Day: When It Is & How To Celebrate (2024)

Get ready to embrace your inner artist and your inner child simultaneously — National Crayon Day is just around the corner! Every stroke of color and whimsical creation made with crayons is in the spotlight on this fun, little-known holiday. Read on to learn when National Crayon Day falls and how you can celebrate it.

When is National Crayon Day?

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In the United States, National Crayon Day falls on March 31st every year, which is the last day of that month.

How to celebrate National Crayon Day

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Regardless of your age or your level of artistic ability, there are tons of ways that you can make the next National Crayon Day a blast. Here are our top suggestions in that vein:

Make some art using crayons

We’re starting off our list of ideas for observing National Crayon Day with an absolute necessity. Taking some time to make art of your own using these little sticks of colorful, paper-coated wax!

Even if you haven’t picked up a crayon since you were a kid, the nice thing about them is that they’re incredibly easy to use. So you can grab a box of crayons and immediately bring your artistic vision to life.

Crayons are also incredibly affordable and don’t require any expensive or hard-to-find supplies. If you have kids, be sure to spend some time with them making drawings together. They will definitely appreciate the chance to spend time with you and be creative!

Adjust these paint party ideas for adults to suit your National Crayon Day ambitions and you’ll have one awesome art party on your hands!

Or go to a crayon art class

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Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, an art class dedicated to various crayon techniques is another excellent way to spend the holiday, especially if you invite the kid or kids in your life to do the same!

Participating in a crayon art class is a chance to learn techniques that push the boundaries of traditional crayon use. Melting crayons, for instance, offers a more dynamic approach to the medium, where you can experiment with heat to create fluid, abstract designs or intricate textures in whichever colors you enjoy the most. Learning to blend crayon colors properly allows you to achieve subtle gradients and rich, nuanced tones that will enhance your creations’ depth and vibrancy.

You’ll likely learn about even more crayon techniques if you do end up attending such a class, so get ready to level up as a crayon artist!

Read books about crayons

There are numerous books about crayons, most of which are picture books geared toward younger kids. Some of our favorites include Harold and the Purple Crayon, The Crayon Man, The Day the Crayons Quit, and How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow. Plus, here’s a longer list of 15 crayon-themed book suggestions to help you discover the perfect choice.

And if you’re an adult who would like to read a book about crayons, consider books like Crayola: A Visual Biography of the World’s Most Famous Crayon. It provides a visual deep dive into crayons and their history. There’s also The Art of Crayon: Draw, Color, Resist, Sculpt, Carve, which shows how fine artists are using crayons in all kinds of inventive and unique ways, from large scale sculptures to detailed drawings.

Gift a child in your life a set of crayons

Remember how excited you were to receive a fresh 64-pack of Crayola crayons (the one with the sharpener in the back!)? Each box contained an amazing array of colors that allowed you to bring your creative vision to life.

Why not gift that same experience to a kid you know, especially if they have already demonstrated a love of art and creativity? Once you give them the box of crayons, take the time to sit down and draw with them, combining the gift of a physical item with the gift of quality time together.

Visit a “Crayola Experience” location

We would originally have suggested that you take a tour of a crayon factory to observe the holiday educationally, but sadly, Crayola (the most famous manufacturer of crayons in the United States) no longer gives tours of its factories

However, they do offer an exciting alternative: the Crayola Experience! These are locations where you can learn about crayon manufacturing and history from interesting exhibits, create crafts using crayons and other art supplies, and even test out new Crayola products that you wouldn’t otherwise get to try.

There are Crayola experience locations in the following cities, so consider traveling to one of them if you happen to be relatively nearby:

  • Chandler, AZ
  • Easton, PA
  • Mall of America, MN
  • Orlando, FL
  • Plano, TX

There is also a Crayola Experience location opening up in Pigeon Forge, TN in fall 2024, as well as four more Crayola Experience locations due to open up across the United States by 2027.

Plan a celebratory, crayon-themed event

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Yet another way to make National Crayon Day a success is by organizing a whimsical crayon-themed gathering. You can invite your guests to come in their most vivid attire (ask each of them to dress up as one of the iconic Crayola crayon colors, perhaps?). Then, set up interactive stations with plenty of paper and crayons where attendees can unleash their inner crayon artists.

Create a mural

Another activity idea we love is creating a giant mural by offering a huge piece of paper where all the party guests can collaboratively contribute or host a crayon-themed scavenger hunt with creative prizes. You might also serve crayon themed snacks, offering treats that come in all colors of the rainbow and even an incredibly convincing crayon box cake like this one.

Next, check out some of our favorite kids’ birthday party ideas to help throw your child a colorful celebration!

Book an amazing party space

One of the most important aspects of planning a successful party—whether it’s crayon-themed or not!—is choosing the right location for your event. After all, the right party venue can make or break the party itself. If you end up deciding that your own home isn’t the right space for the party you are planning, your best alternative is to rent out a suitable venue for a few hours. The easiest way to do that is by searching for the best party venues near you on Peerspace, which is the internet’s largest marketplace for hourly rentals of all kinds of spaces. 

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Here are some of the filters you can use on Peerspace:

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National Crayon Day: conclusion

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No matter how you decide to observe the exciting holiday that is National Crayon Day, it’s an excellent opportunity to relax a bit, embrace your inner child, and indulge your creative side. Make art using crayons or go to an art class to improve your crayon art skills. You can also read books about crayons or visit a Crayola Experience location near you.

We definitely recommend you book a party venue and plan a truly epic crayon-themed party. Enjoy the holiday!

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