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The 7 Best Pet Photographers in New Orleans

All of us pet owners know our pets are the best animals in the world. It’s just a given. Some of us are dog people, others are cat people; some keep opossums, and others reptiles, but loving pets unconditionally goes without saying. No two photographs are the same, just as no two animals are the same. Imagine having a studio session for a Christmas card from your pup or a birthday card from your kitty. How about a couples’ photoshoot with your rabbit, or having your bearded dragon in the family photo with you and the kids? These amazing New Orleans pet photographers are dedicated to capturing the spirit of NOLA pets of all shapes and sizes. Check out their incredible work!

1. Lady Walker and the folks at WildHeart NOLA

Easily the most prolific New Orleans pet photographers, WildHeart creates some of the best pet pics we’ve seen. After all, there’s genuinely nothing that warms the heart more than a family photo with your furry (or scaly) friends. Lead photographer Lady Walker is naturally talented with animals, and she knows how important photographs of our pets can be. This isn’t all too surprising, though, as she’s spent over a dozen years and counting as a professional portrait photographer. It feels like destiny that she’s put her expertise to use with a different sort of subject. If you want to smile, just check out the #MenAndMarsupials hashtag on Instagram!

2. Sophia Germer Photography

Award-winning photojournalist Sophia Germer has a hobby: taking glamour shots of all creatures, big and small. On top of her experience in breaking news, politics, and social issues, she’s got myriad accolades to her name. After receiving a BFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute and attending the Eddie Adams Workshop, she was nominated to attend the World Press Joop Swart Masterclass. Germer’s work has appeared in galleries from Vienna to New Orleans, but it’s her stunning, characteristic pictures of animals that really stand out for us.

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3. Olivia Grey Pritchard Photography

Whether she’s connecting with babies, children, pets, or their parents, Olivia Grey Pritchard loves what she does. Each session with Olivia is full of fun and frolics, which expertly occupy short attention spans. Olivia’s family photography has won her countless awards nationally and worldwide. Plus, she’s one of the only family photographers in NOLA who is a certified professional. She’s spent time as a mission photographer for the United Nations, but the South never really left her heart. Now she’s settled in New Orleans, she’s where she belongs: behind the camera, with all of your most adorable subjects.

4. Carla Granados of Cg Pawtography

California girl Carla Granados has been a professional photographer since 2016. For the last few years, she’s bounced across the country to take pictures of everything from bridal showers to fundraising events. But it’s taking pet portraits that she loves most of all. Carla loves hanging out with pets and their owners, sharing stories of how they came to be best friends. It doesn’t matter where your pet is the most comfortable, she’s willing to adhere to all of your furry little diva’s commands. They’ll even get treats if they’re a good model. Additionally, Granados has been in the veterinary field for nine years, giving her a great way of interacting with animals.

5. Rokisha Roussell of RDR Photography NOLA

New Orleans pet photographer Rokisha Roussell takes portraits of your nearest and dearest. With subjects from babies to families, she’s a photographer who can capture your pets at their best. Adventurous and full of ideas, a pet portrait session with Roussell might just be the most fun you’ll have all week. Pets love her, and she excels at snapping them while they’re showing off their full personality! That’s a different kind of skill than managing a pet in a studio setting, where you’re trying to control every element of the photo. Allowing the pets to be themselves and trying to work in more fluid environments takes mastery and patience, and Roussell has both in spades.

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6. Andrew Simoneaux

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Andrew Simoneaux is the brains β€” and the lens β€” behind the popular Instagram account @petsofnola. If you’re looking for a New Orleans pet photographer who features the city in most of their shots, then Andrew is your guy. Although he loves to capture special moments of all sorts, his photographs of pets are so great, it’s hard to stop looking at them. Each picture is bursting with character, making you realize just how special a part of the family dogs and cats can be.

7. Amber Garvin of Portraits by Amber

Born and raised in Louisiana, Amber Garvin is a mother of three. Alongside her two small humans is a very cheeky terrier with a penchant for being photographed. Amber’s special pet portrait sessions are imaginative and different, with some evoking New Orleans glam and others those candid moments. Her style is different and varied, providing Daguerreotype-style portraits, as well as street-style shots that make the most of the glorious Big Easy.

Pet photographs are a great way of attracting likes on social media. Be it Instagram or Facebook, everyone feels better after looking at photographs of cute animals. But, seeing a photograph of pets out on the town in NOLA or adventuring in the Louisiana outdoors? Even better. We love everything these select New Orleans pet photographers do, and we hope you do, too.

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