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The 8 Best Pet Photographers in Tampa

There are so many uniquely wonderful things to do with your pet in the Tampa Bay area. Whether you’re the owner of a happy-go-lucky pup or a cat that prefers to simply stare out at the ocean, you’re fortunate to live in Tampa. While Florida is more of a cat state than a dog state as far as stats go, there’s never a moment on the Tampa Riverwalk that isn’t filled with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. No matter your preferred type of critter, there are dozens of Tampa pet photographers out there able to capture their unique personalities.

1. Kristin Barnes of Posh Furtography

Kristin Barnes is the eye behind the lens of Posh Furtography, one of Tampa’s top pet photography studios. As well as being a photographer, Kristin is a tax accountant and mom of four, including two doggos, Bella-Pickles and Moose-Rocket. Though she’s great with numbers, it’s animals that own her heart. The poshest pet photographer in the Tampa Bay area, Kristin is always ready to capture images of your pet — no matter what kind of pet you have.

2. Adam & Mary Goldberg of AGoldPhoto Pet Photography

AGoldPhoto is the pet project of the husband-and-wife duo, Mary and Adam Goldberg. Adam has served for years as a volunteer photographer, taking adoption photographs for pets in shelters around the city. AGoldPhoto came about more or less on accident when staff at the Humane Society Tampa Bay asked Adam if he would host a photo fundraiser for them, which he keenly did. Adam and Mary even met at one of these photoshoots, spending five hours together in the company of a guinea pig, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Their work complements each other, with Adam functioning as lead photographer and Mary as the brand manager. Together, they have thus far raised more than $165,000 for charity via pet owners bringing their pet for a photoshoot, and a portion of the sitting fee gets donated. Make sure to also check out their adorable doggy wall calendars! We love their in-studio action photography, getting pets to chomp at treats and shooting with a high shutter speed to catch their fantastic expressions mid-munch.

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3. Jessica Shaw Photography

Award-winning Tampa lifestyle photographer Jessica Shaw was born to a family of pet lovers. For the majority of her youth, she wanted to be a vet — but that wasn’t her calling. With a grandma who had a dark room, Jessica learned to develop film early on and, using her grandma’s camera, she realized her own calling.

After she graduated from the Art Institute of Tampa in 2013, the loss of her furry best friend made her come to terms with the fact she didn’t have nearly enough photographs of her pet. Suddenly, the lightning bolt hit: she became a pet photographer. Her photojournalistic style captures the familiarity between pets and owners, as well as the beautiful way they live in harmony.

4. Sarah Williams Portraits

It wasn’t until spending a summer abroad that Sarah Williams discovered her passion for photography. While traveling through Italy, she found it impossible to put her camera down. She wanted to capture it all — every little moment, every lasting memory. The moment she was back in the States, she enrolled in photography classes. Intent on honing her craft and doing all she could to capture the perfect picture, she started her own business. Sarah now captures moments in and around the Tampa area, providing clients with priceless memories of their families and pets.

5. Courtney Semler Photography

Ohio native Courtney Semler has planted her roots — and her tripod — in Tampa Bay. Mom to two doggos and a cat, Courtney treats her pet clients as wonderfully as her human ones. As a couples’ and lifestyle photographer, she extends her experience to shooting photographs of pets and their humans. After all, if a photographer is looking to capture love, there’s no love like that of a pet and their human counterpart — unconditional, solid, everlasting, and brief. Courtney has a knack for showing what makes a family special, and we can’t wait to see even more of her pet portraits.

6. Stephaniellen Photography

Stephanie Hayes is a Tampa pet photographer and the owner of Stephaniellen Photography. After graduating from the International Academy of Design in Tampa, where she earned a degree in digital photography, Stephanie started her own business after learning invaluable skills working on projects. Based around Tampa and Orlando, Stephanie excels at portraits — both human and animal — but it’s the animals she adores the most. It shows in her unique pet photography, showcasing pooches and kitties in their best light.

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7. Laurie Elmer and Knicki Lucrezi of Urban Dog Studio

What do you get when you combine a fine art photographer and a lifestyle photographer? One barking good set of Tampa pet photographers! Urban Dog Studio unofficially began as a long-distance relationship between Laurie Elmer and Knicki Lucrezi. The two met on an online photography forum in 2003. At the time, Knicki lived in Oregon while Laurie was in Florida. Over the years, especially after Knicki made the move east, the pair have worked together and assisted each other in their individual photographic pursuits.

In 2019, they decided to officially collaborate and form Urban Dog Studio. Launching the only studio in the area that specializes in fine art pet photography, both photographers also volunteer with shelters. Not only that, their photographs have appeared in dozens of national publications.

8. Coleen Logan Photography

Colleen Logan has taken photographs since she was a little girl. Back then, she took pictures of everything and enjoyed taking her rolls of film to the local pharmacy. These days, she specializes in landscape photography, shooting glorious, natural photos of the ever-expanding and beautiful Floridian landscapes. Undergoing a spinal injury in her 20s, photography and nature were all that pulled her through her darkest days. As a result, she decided to help preserve the parks through her photography by donating 10% of every photograph she takes. We have to give a shout-out to her pet photography, too. She portrays dogs at their happiest in the outdoors!

These Tampa pet photographers are ready and willing to snap your special little animal’s picture. Our pets sadly don’t last as long as we’d like them to, so having a professional portrait of them to keep forever is just priceless.

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