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7 Cool Places to Find Photoshoot Inspiration in Houston

There’s a reason people have been moving to Houston in increasing numbers. It’s a vibrant city with amazing food (including, but not limited to killer Tex-Mex), tons of cultural vitality, and diversity. Plus, it boasts the economic powerhouse combination comprising a low cost of living and healthy job market. There’s the blissful lack of cold winters and so much more. And when you’re here, there’s not just the city of Houston itself. There are also numerous surrounding attractions — like picturesque and quintessentially Texan ranches, beaches, and other small towns.

All of these features add up for a location that’s unbeatable when it comes to photography. That’s true whether you’re a seasoned professional who’s been snapping stunning photos for years, an amateur who’s just getting into the art, or an Instagram influencer looking to spice up their photo feed. Either way, we’re sure that Houston has what you’re looking for! Keep reading to learn about the coolest places we’d recommend to just about anyone seeking photoshoot inspiration in Houston.

1. Aquarium showroom and multi-purpose event space

Multi-purpose Event Space - Aquarium Showroom - Uptown houston rental
Source: Peerspace

Talk about a unique location for photoshoot inspiration in Houston! You’re sure to be inspired by the vast array of mesmerizing aquariums, including one massive 4,000-gallon aquarium. The rich colors of the plants, fish, and natural decor make for endless opportunities for stunning and serene photos as you explore the space’s 2,500 square feet. And it’s only five minutes from the Galleria and 15 minutes from downtown, so it’s enormously convenient, on top of everything else.

2. Sprawling 75-acre horse ranch

horse ranch houston rental
Source: Peerspace

This location is another chance to incorporate the beauty of nature into your photos, but in a completely different way: instead of fascinating fish tanks, it’s a gorgeous and lush wooded area with pastures and plenty of horses. Not to mention that, in Humble, TX, it’s only 20 minutes from downtown Houston and just 10 minutes from Bush International Airport. Horses, hayrides, and bonfires are even available for an additional fee. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported right back to the Old West, with your camera in hand!

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3. Two-acre outdoor production space

Outside Production Space - 2 Acres houston rental
Source: Peerspace

Are you a drone photographer, perchance? The hosts point out that this is an especially great location for drone photography, with two full acres of beautiful, quiet, private land shaded by plenty of tall trees. And even if you’re looking for something more traditional, like portrait photography, this lush parcel of  land is an equally great pet. The hosts are proud to be pet-friendly — even for horses, if you’d like to bring them and take a ride around the space! It’s located in Spring, Texas, about a 25-minute drive from central Houston. When it comes to photoshoot inspiration in Houston, you can’t beat the simple beauty of nature. 

4. A spacious, naturally lit industrial warehouse

Central Location - Warehouse Vibe Event Space houston rental
Source: Peerspace

Another location that combines majorly cool and edgy industrial vibes with chic and modern style, this bright, unique venue makes for top-notch photography. We love the exposed brick as well as all the thoughtful, high quality details you’ll find throughout the space. One reviewer commented that “everything about this place was dreamy and beautiful” — we wholeheartedly agree!

5. Central Houston bungalow for photo and video production

Central Houston Bungalow for Photo Video Production houston rental
Source: Peerspace

What really sets this space apart is its unbelievable and breathtaking view of the Houston skyline, which makes it an unbeatable source of photoshoot inspiration in Houston. Just about any photo will be made ten times better by the panoramic view of this quintessential cityscape. You’ll have plenty of space to work with, too, as the balcony that offers this incredible view is absolutely massive. And not only is the outdoor view amazing, the indoor space is comfortable, welcoming, and beautifully decorated. 

6. Modern and creative art gallery in the Montrose District

Modern Creative Art Gallery - Montrose District houston rental
Source: Peerspace

This huge, 4,000-square-foot gallery incorporates a diverse range of fine art from a total of 30 artists, so you’ll never run out of creative inspiration as long as you’re here. What’s more, it’s situated in the vibrant and centrally-located Montrose District, which is well-known for its hip and historic feel, with a thriving arts scene, food scene, and plenty of nightlife—so once you step outside the gallery itself, you can explore the surrounding neighborhood (it was even named one of America’s 10 great neighborhoods by the American Planning Association in 2009).

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7. A picture-perfect, two-acre private ranchette

two-acre private ranchette houston rental
Source: Peerspace

The hosts bill this lovely property as a “perfect wedding venue” because it has romantic vibes for days. Even if you’re not planning on getting married, you can use this atmosphere to your advantage when you snap dreamy photos while exploring its two acres. You’ll find a party barn, hot tub, sauna, pool, patio, and lots more. To quote one reviewer’s incredibly high (and justified!) praise: “This has to be the most beautiful property in Texas.” 

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