13 Creative Picnic Decoration Ideas

Need a few unique and thoughtful picnic decoration ideas? At Peerspace, we get it! Gathering with friends and loved ones to eat a delicious meal in the fresh air is a near-guaranteed way to have a great time. If you’re looking to take advantage of warmer weather by hosting a picnic of your own, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 13 creative picnic decoration ideas that you might not have considered to get you started as you plan!

1. Beautiful picnic blankets

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What’s a picnic without the blankets to sit on? You’ll definitely want to bring blankets either way, but one way to take things to the next level is to find picnic blankets with designs that you really love. Spread out on the grass they’ll look extra stunning while also serving a practical and necessary purpose!

2. Paper lanterns and string lights

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Add some lighting in the form of paper lanterns and string lights. It is a festive addition that will bring a magical atmosphere to your gathering. This also has the added benefit of allowing your picnic to continue even when the sun has gone down if the weather allows it!

3. Poolside picnic

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When it comes to picnic decoration ideas, it’s hard to go wrong with a bright blue swimming pool glimmering in the sunlight! With a pool in the mix, your picnic can also be a pool party–a two-in-one deal, if you will. This is especially ideal because few ideas seem to work up more of an appetite than swimming. If you don’t have access to a pool of your own, you can easily rent one like this lovely garden oasis with a pool right outside Philadelphia!

It’s also the perfect setting to incorporate these 13 cute picnic photoshoot ideas!

4. Give your guests pretty paper fans

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In case the breeze dies down and the weather gets a little too warm, make sure your guests are prepared to keep themselves cool by providing all of them with paper fans in the color/pattern of your choice. These are easy and affordable to buy and are a great way to add pops of color throughout your party while also being a practical solution to a common picnic problem.

5. Add fake ants

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This picnic decoration idea won’t be for everyone, especially if you have a fear of creepy crawlies. But if you want to bring in your sense of humor, decorating with large fake ants is sure to make your guests chuckle. After all, picnics are notorious for attracting ants, so why not embrace this in a fun way?

6. Surround yourself with flowers

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Frankly, we can’t think of anything more beautiful than flowers when it comes to picnic decoration ideas, or any decor for that matter. What’s great about picnics is that they typically take place outside, so the flowers don’t have to be bouquets–they can be living flowers in all different forms (flowering trees, bushes, flower beds, etc.)! To maximize your flower exposure, why not have your picnic at a flower farm like this one in Ferris, Texas? It even has seven picnic tables where you and your guests can eat in comfort.

7. Use glassware instead of disposable dishware

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To make your picnic extra classy and really take things to the next level, aesthetically speaking, use real glassware. You’re also avoiding the negative environmental impact of paper and plastic cups, plates, and forks. Your guests will be impressed by this extra bit of fanciness, and we think food always tastes better eaten off of real plates.

8. Umbrellas for shade

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This idea is both practical and pretty! As fun and relaxing as it can be, one of the risks of spending lots of time out in the sun can be getting a sunburn. To avoid this problem and add a further feel of elegance to your picnic, include large outdoor patio umbrellas to block the sun that will keep your guests cool and comfortable!

9. Farm-y picnic decor

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Have your picnic on a farm, and the farm setting itself will provide you with all the classic decor you need with relatively little effort on your part! In terms of living picnic decor, free-range chickens are a fun and hilarious addition to any gathering. And this unique colonial farmhouse in Gastonia, North Carolina has them. It also has a twelve-person picnic table and a ten-person swing fire pit! There are also walking trails if you’d like to go for a leisurely stroll after your meal.

While there, be sure to pose for the camera using ideas from our farm photoshoot post!

10. Use red gingham

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We tend to associate red gingham with picnics, and you can embrace this classic theme for your picnic decor! The picnic blanket, the lining of the picnic basket, even the liners of the cupcakes you bring – all these and more can be decorated with a red gingham pattern for a traditional picnic vibe with a twist.

11. Hang garlands from nearby trees

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If your picnic is taking place in the shade of some trees, you can use these as a place to hang pretty garlands, which can be purchased but are also easy to make yourself out of paper and string. For instance, if you happen to be on the crafty side, here’s a guide to creating a cute and colorful garland that’s decorated with paper popsicles for a summer theme.

12. Switch things up with an indoor picnic

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OK, so let’s say you’re someone who loves eating delicious food with friends and loved ones but you’re more of an indoorsy person than an outdoorsy person. Who’s to say you can’t have an indoor picnic? There are even spaces designed for this – check out the ultimate bohemian indoor picnic experience in Charlotte, North Carolina, for example!

13. Serve pink lemonade

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In addition to being delicious, big glass pitchers or bottles of pink lemonade make a really pretty and colorful addition to your picnic spread. You can of course buy your pink lemonade at the store and decant it into the vessel of your choice for the event, but if you’d like to make the lemonade yourself, check out this easy recipe for homemade pink lemonade from Simply Recipes (bonus: it uses cranberry juice for color instead of artificial color!).

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