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The 10 Best Portland Portrait Photographers

Anytime a city dedicates itself to staying weird, unique, honest — it’s only natural that its artists will stand out from the crowd. Portland is like no other American city. Its citizens have an uncanny ability to see into the hearts of people, not focusing on the superficial, but choosing their friends and life partners based on the beauty of their souls. Just one day of people-watching in Portland will show you this. In a city full of authentic people, these 10 Portland portrait photographers stand out for their ability to capture real, essential, evocative portraits worthy of the unique individuals they work with.

1. Fritz Liedtke

Fritz Liedtke earned his degree from Pacific Northwest College of Art. He’s has spent many years taking authentic portraits of people for magazines and commission. He and his team are focused, talented, and fun as heck to work with. They pay attention to all of the small details, coming to every project with the mindset of inventors. They’re constantly reinventing the wheel, and this means that you know that — no matter what — if you hire Fritz and team, you’ll receive totally one-of-a-kind photos.

2. Katy Weaver

Katy Weaver takes warm, cinematic portraits of couples, individuals, and families. She’s a tremendous artist with an energetic, creative, and experimental style. She’s clearly able to see people for who they really are. She never tries to shoehorn anyone into a preexisting template, and she instead recognizes that everyone boasts a unique complexity. This leads her to a style that leans on observation. Perhaps no one can truly capture the deepest essence of someone else — but, if you pay close enough attention, you can certainly capture something true about the people in front of your camera. We love Katy’s philosophy, style, and incredible portfolio.

3. Daniel and Lindsay of Stark Photography

Daniel and Lindsay Stark are two photographers who understand the power of a perfect photograph. Specializing in portrait photography and documentary wedding photography, these two creatives have enough experience to trust their clients and learn from them, rather than coming to photoshoots with a specific, narrow goal in mind. What results are photographs with real emotions, authentic connection, and genuine flair. Stark Photography’s photos are dynamic, cinematic, and one of a kind. You will love your experience working with them.

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4. Dylan M. Howell

Dylan M. Howell loves that his portrait sessions give him chance to embark on adventures and make new friends. His photos don’t feel like photos. He doesn’t believe in posed nonsense; he likes to capture experiences and memories. That’s what he sees as being the essence of his job. Working with Dylan begins with a hangout session and ends with breathtaking photos that will make your friends think, “Holy crap, I didn’t know my friends were this cool.” Dylan’s whole life is art, and you can tell that by the way that he’s constantly pushing the boundaries of his work.

5. Lexia Frank

Lexia Frank is a former ballet dancer, a classically trained photographer, and one of the most sought-after Portland portrait photographers. Her award-winning style is elegant, clean, and celebrates the human form for all of its uniqueness and physicality. She’s a creative who creates work that goes far beyond the ordinary, capturing not just our most important moments, but the natural cycles that all of our bodies must go through during our time here on Earth. She is a conscientious artist with a thoughtful, genius approach to portraiture. And when you work with her, you can expect greatness in return.

6. Evrim Icoz

Evrim Icoz is another award-winning Portland portrait photographer. Unlike others on this list, he began his career as an engineer, and he had built a thriving career at Intel before he decided to leave and pursue photography full-time. Since then, he’s won numerous awards for his timeless photographs that capture the complex relationships upon which our lives are built. His photos capture a candidness and authenticity that’s rarely seen in portraiture. Evrim is a perfectionist with a heart for people, and he can take your portraiture far beyond the expected.

7. Yasmin Khajavi

A lover of travel, humanity, and photography, Yasmin Khajavi takes people-centric photographs with unparalleled texture and attention to small details. Her work is cinematic without being artificial, as well as bright and colorful while maintaining an intense realism. As a bridal photographer, her work has been featured in magazines such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Bridal Guide, and Oregon Bride Magazine. As a portrait photographer, her work has earned her a reputation for being one of the most meticulous and generous photographers in Oregon.

8. Donny Mays

Donny Mays is a storytelling Portland portrait photographer whose eye for love and joy keeps him restlessly chasing the perfect photograph. As a wedding photographer, he’s extremely adventurous, pushing wedding photos into realms far outside the norm. And as a portrait photographer, he puts serious work into capturing something real, candid, and deeply personal. He’s a photographer who simply will not rest until he’s created something that can satisfy his own lofty tastes. By every indication, he’s a kind man, an absolute joy to work with. Put yourself in Donny’s hands, and trust that your photos will exceed even your grandest expectations.

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9. Andrew Fedchenko of A Fotography

Andrew Fedchenko is a commercial photographer who helps brands and businesses build a visual language through smart, dramatic lifestyle photographs. He’s also one of the most talented of Portland’s portrait photographers. He’s dedicated to shooting in a natural style — using post-production tricks as sparingly as possible. Never trying to overwhelm his photographs with glitz or sheen — instead, simply trying to bring even greater depths of reality. If you work with Andrew, whether you’re a brand looking for the perfect product photographer or an individual seeking the ideal portrait artist, you’re guaranteed to receive unique, raw, and honest photographs from Andrew.

10. Federico Xavier

Since he started his photography business back in 2015, Federico has not wasted any time building an impeccable reputation. He is a trailblazer who has never been one to follow anyone else’s path, but he has been setting new trends from the very beginning. His photos are clean, and he makes tremendous use of focus and negative space to give his photographic subjects ample room to let their warmth and personality radiate from them. It’s rare to see a photographer who can do so much with a simple smile. If you’re interested in his work, do not hesitate to reach out to him. He understands the pressure that comes with posing for a portrait, and he’s adept at putting people at ease and working closely with them to create timeless pieces of art.

It’s always a joy chatting with you, Portland. We wish we knew what was in the water there that could account for how many incredible artists you have. But rather than trying to explain your greatness, it’s good enough for us to just bask in it. And you should take a moment to do that, too. Check out these 10 amazing Portland portrait photographers’ portfolios, and take a little time to just be grateful that you live amongst so much talent. Catch you soon!

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