11 Adorable Princess Birthday Party Ideas

It’s easy to find decorations for a princess birthday party — now you just need to pair the princess decor with a fun space and amazing activities! Our top princess party ideas are based on a different Disney princess each, which is sure to make the celebration a hit!

1. Location, location, location

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We have tons of fun activity ideas for you — but don’t forget to pick the perfect venue for the party too! Peerspace has the perfect venues available for any princess party. For a Little Mermaid Party, consider a Peerspace venue with a pool. Book a castle on Peerspace for a Cinderella party! Or how about a gorgeous outdoor space for a princess tea party? Search by location and event type on Peerspace, and we’ll match you with tons of fun and creative choices for your party! Narrow down your search with keywords or scroll through photos for each venue to make sure you’re choosing the perfect one!

2. Snow White’s visit to the woodland creatures

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Take a trip to the local zoo, petting zoo, or local farm and let the kiddos meet all of Snow White’s favorite friends! We love the idea of going to the petting zoo, so all the guests have the experience of petting and feeding the animals. For added photo fun — ask all the guests to dress up as Snow White for the party so you can snap a pic of them recreating a scene from the movie of Snow White and her woodland friends!

3. Belle’s beautiful roses

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Let the kiddos pick some of the flowers from the garden (or dandelions from around the neighborhood) and then teach them how to press them! You might also want to consider buying some roses a few days before the party and pressing them yourself. Then, the birthday guests can use the petals to make bookmarks or art to bring home with them.

4. Anna’s art show

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Print out the prettiest Frozen coloring book pages— it’s time for an art show! Each party-goer is tasked with making a beautiful piece of Frozen artwork to show to their family during an art show at the end of the party! You can provide the kiddos with fun frames— or let them make those on their own as well!  Then, fill the hallway with their artwork to share with all their friends and family, and then let the guests bring their artwork home with them!

5. Jasmine’s tea party

tea party
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It’s tea time! Tea is popular in the Arab world and would be a great addition to the rest of your princess party ideas for an Aladdin-themed celebration! Let the guests try out popular Arabic teas like chamomile and mint tea— and maybe even find a fun genie bottle they can pour the tea out of! 

6. Ariel’s beach bonanza

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For fun summer, princess party ideas—why not let the beach be your inspiration? Guests can dress up as Ariel, make friends with Flounder while swimming in the ocean, and collect seashells to bring home! If you don’t live by the ocean, no worries! Instead, celebrate your Ariel-themed princess party at the pool or maybe even the aquarium! If you’d like to book a home with a pool for the party—check out the options on Peerspace!

7. Headdresses and dancing with Moana

flower crown leis, moana
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Do your kiddos love to dance? Of course they do! Practice and perform a Polynesian-inspired dance routine from Moana’s “How Far I’ll Go” at the party! Before the dancing starts, have each guest make a Tuiga, or headdress, to wear while they dance. You can make them out of felt, or be more realistic — use leaves and flowers!

8. Making potions with Merida

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Have a potion-making class at the party to see if the guests have better luck than the witch in Brave! The potion can be as simple as the ingredients to a Shirley Temple or as fancy as a virgin pina colada in a carved-out pineapple! Or, let everyone’s creativity come to light and just let the guests have at it with a table full of ingredients! Guests can drink their potion with their cake — here’s hoping no one transforms into a bear!

9. Horsing around With Mulan

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Suppose your kiddo and their friends have the bravery of Mulan — saddle up and take a trip for a horse riding adventure for this princess birthday party! Many horse and pony riding venues also offer hayrides, petting zoos, and other fun activities if the kiddos want to see the horses but aren’t quite sure about riding them yet! Other princess party ideas might include braiding the horses’ hair or seeing if you can match horses to the horse they look like from a Disney movie! Can you find a horse that looks like Maximus in Tangled? How about Belle’s horse Phillipe from The Beauty and the Beast? Is there a Mongol horse like Mulan’s?

10. Rapunzel and the finest tiaras in all the kingdom

Source: Pixabay

Host a tiara-making contest with lots of fun “jewels” and colors for the guests to make beautiful crowns! For a Rapunzel-themed party, braid streamers and staple or glue them to the back of the tiara, so all the guests have beautiful long hair to show off as well!

11. Sleeping Beauty’s sleepover of the century

Source: Pexels

Why let the fun stop early?! Bring your princess PJs; it’s time for a sleepover! Ask the guests to bring their favorite princess bedtime PJs, pillows, and blankets for a night filled with all their favorite Disney princess movies.

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