11 Creative Realtor Photoshoot Ideas

Presenting yourself in a professional manner is a key part of marketing yourself as a realtor, whether you’re going for classic headshots or something a little more unexpected. Keep reading for 11 creative realtor photoshoot ideas that will help you garner more business and take your career to the next level.

1. Rent a photo studio for your headshots on Peerspace

Realtor Photoshoot Ideas
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If you’d like your photos to be simple and straightforward as well as professional and flattering, renting a photo studio is a great realtor photoshoot idea – the photographer will have complete control over the lighting, backdrop, and just about every other factor that goes into the finished product.

As an example, this photo studio loft with natural light and historic charm is a great option if you’re located anywhere near Concord, North Carolina. It can be rented for just $65 an hour and has more than 150 positive reviews.

2. Alternatively, rent a professional-looking space for photos

Perhaps you’d prefer a space that looks like an office environment or other professional space for your photoshoot backdrop. For this realtor photoshoot idea, you’ve got a ton of options available for rent through Peerspace as well.

There’s this bright, modern boardroom in downtown Toronto and this professional studio/branding space in Knightdale, North Carolina,. Take a look at what’s available near you for a setting that will help lend your photos an air of competence.

3. Do your hair and makeup in advance

Makeup Photoshoot Ideas
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You want to ensure that your photos come out as polished as they possibly can. One way to do that is by getting your hair (and makeup, if that’s something that you typically wear) done professionally before the shoot. Doing so may help you feel more confident, and we’re willing to bet that confidence will come through in the resulting photos!

Our creative branding photoshoot ideas can help you find the perfect tone for your shoot. Check them out!

4. Don’t excessively retouch your photos

Pin-Up Photoshoot Ideas
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Photos that are excessively edited will end up looking strange, and the obvious editing will distract from the subject: you! We’d recommend hiring a professional photo editor for this step of the process to ensure that any retouching looks natural and, ideally, is virtually undetectable.

5. Take inspiration from successful realtor headshots

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One of our top realtor photoshoot ideas is to draw inspiration from photos you like of successful realtors. Figure out what it is you like about these photos and make a list of features to incorporate into your own photos. This might include the photos’ lighting, backdrops, and poses, as well as the subjects’ facial expressions and lots more.

6. Be careful with your use of props

Natural/Studio Lighting Photo & Film Production Space Including Light Kits & Backdrops in North Hollywood Hero Image in North Hollywood, North Hollywood, CA Natural/Studio Lighting Photo & Film Production Space
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It can be tempting to bring lots of props into your photoshoot to make it more interesting and help your photos stand out from the crowd. But in the end, most props are more of a distraction than anything else. The focus of your photos should be you, so only use props if you’re certain they’re adding something to your photos.

For instance, you might want to be holding a set of keys because they’re not distracting but still convey your profession clearly and effectively. Otherwise, keep it simple!

7. Avoid distracting clothes, makeup, and other such styling choices

Business Photoshoot Ideas
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Here’s another way you can avoid distracting from the subject of your photos: don’t wear distracting makeup, clothing, or jewelry. For clothes, this means simple cuts and solid colors rather than patterns. Jewelry-wise, it should be very simple – or you can just avoid wearing jewelry altogether. Accessories like hats won’t add anything but may interfere with making a good impression. Makeup should be as subtle and neutral as possible, and hairstyles should be simple and function primarily to frame your face in your photos.

8. Take photos walking toward the camera

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One way you can make your professional photos less stiff and more natural-looking is by having your photo taken while walking toward the camera. Instead of trying to find a stationary pose that won’t make you feel awkward, walking normally makes it a lot easier to look professional.

This is an especially good choice for a photo taken outdoors (for instance, in a downtown area where you do a lot of business). You’ll have plenty of space in which to move around comfortably, but you can also do this in a photo studio or other indoor space.

Our unique urban photoshoot ideas can provide even more inspiration with this tip!

9. Make eye contact with the camera

Hotel Photoshoot Ideas
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One of our most helpful realtor photoshoot ideas is to look into the camera. This will make the viewer feel like you’re looking right at them, and subconsciously create a sense of connection with them. When you’re looking for an advantage in a competitive industry, every little detail of your branding can make a difference, including the direction you’re looking in in your professional photos.

10. If you take photos outdoors, you’ll probably want to blur the background

Amazing Mountain and Lake Views all in one
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One of the key elements of great realtor headshots is avoiding distractions from you, the focal point of the photos. It’s fine to take your photos outdoors to give your photos a more naturalistic and casual feel.

However, if you choose to do this, you may want to blur everything behind you to ensure that no background details detract from the finished product. A professional photo editor can do this for you, so make sure you discuss this with them when they ask what you’re looking for.

11. Make sure to update your photos every few years

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You want your realtor photoshoot ideas to be an accurate representation of what you look like, so you should be sure to update your photos whenever your appearance changes drastically. For instance, if you change the color of your hair or you’ve aged a few years.

The other reason to prioritize keeping your photos up-to-date since fashions change. It can be distracting and make a bad impression to be wearing obviously dated clothing in your photos, especially if your target audience is younger and more likely to be aware of contemporary fashion trends.

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