Here’s How & Where To Rent A Castle For A Night

Hoping to find a castle for a night where you can plan an event, a photoshoot, a video shoot, or just about any other type of gathering you can imagine? We’ve got you covered with our guide on how you can rent a castle for a night through Peerspace, the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals.

Keep reading to learn how Peerspace makes renting a castle by the hour a total breeze. We’ll also share some examples of stunning castles across the U.S. that you can actually rent for yourself.

Most Peerspace venues close around 10:00 pm local time. Event timing and venue availability are solely up to our hosts’ discretion.

How to rent a castle for an evening on Peerspace

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We’ll cut right to the chase: to rent a castle for the night, you’ll want to search on Peerspace, the most extensive internet marketplace for renting all kinds of spaces – including but not limited to castles.

Peerspace connects renters with thousands of venues, creative studios, multipurpose spaces, and more based in hundreds of cities across the globe.

Peerspace makes this part of the process not only easy but also pretty enjoyable. Each venue has its own listing page that comes with high-quality pictures of the space in question as well as a detailed description written by the host of said space. In addition, if you’re looking for feedback from past renters, check the reviews – not every listing has them, but lots of them do, and they’re an honest insight into the rental experience.

If you have any additional questions or requests after reading all this info, you can also contact the host of a given space right from the listing page (every page includes a “Message Host” button to make this super easy).

How to use Peerspace to rent a castle for a night

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Start your search by heading to Peerspace and inputting the kind of event or gathering you’re planning in the search bar and the location where you will be having it. You also have the option to include the date when you’re planning this event.

After you make that preliminary search, the next step is to narrow your search down so that your only results are castles. To do that, click “More filters” and enter “castle” in the keyword section, then resubmit your search.

At this point, you can also narrow your search down quite a bit more, as well as broaden the geographical area of your search by zooming out on the map on the search results page.

Depending on what criteria are absolute essentials for your chosen venue, additional search filters you might want to use include:

  • Included outdoor spaces like a backyard, beach, desert, or garden
  • Included interior spaces like a bathroom, bedroom, or dining area
  • Production equipment such as a cyclorama or a green screen
  • Style of the space
  • Type of space
  • Instant booking availability
  • Amenities like a deck, elevator, exposed brick, fireplace, etc.

Now your search results are as limited and specific as you’d like them to be. The next step is to start looking at each of the listings to decide which ones would be suitable for whatever you’re planning.

Ahead, we’ll share a couple of examples of the castles you rent for a night on Peerspace.

Three examples of castles for rent by the hour on Peerspace

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Now you know how and where to rent a castle for a night. Here are a few fantastic examples of castles you can rent for a night on Peerspace:

Historic castle recording studio in Franklin, TN

We’ll start with the fascinating history of this location: it was built by a Chicago mobster almost a century ago, and has since been “an underground casino, speakeasy, high-end restaurant, riding academy, residence.” Since 1983, though, it’s been a recording studio, but it’s equally suitable for lots of other purposes, from parties to productions.

It’s situated on 32 acres of land consisting “of sprawling grass fields and a cedar forest creeping up a limestone hill in the back.” Inside the castle, there’s the main tracking room, the piano room, the “stone” room, a control room, and a full kitchen and lounge.

There are a bunch of positive reviews, but we’ll simply quote one reviewer who had a birthday party here: “This space was absolutely incredible! From the exterior to the interior. The space was perfectly sized for our group and everyone commented on the beauty of the building. Lance and his team were so great to work with. They were extremely helpful and responsive to all my questions. Their efforts made the event run smoothly. Will definitely have another event here!”

Historic 100-year-old pink castle near downtown St. Augustine, FL

Seeking a castle with a girlier vibe? Your best bet is definitely going to be this amazing pink building known as Pillars’ Castle. Built in the 1920s by a famous sculptor named C. Adrian Pillars, this century-old “Moorish Revival architectural wonder” is a stunning destination for a gathering of up to 20 people, with 5,000 square feet of space and numerous rooms decked out in modern, brightly colored furniture and decor.

There’s also a lush backyard area, a baby grand piano, a balcony, a grand staircase, a pool table, and many more fantastic amenities. Plus, it’s situated right in downtown St. Augustine, so you’re conveniently located near everything you might need, like entertainment and fine dining.

Windsor Castle, a private lakefront home in Bella Vista, AR

This private, luxurious home is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to rent a castle for a night. Measuring a total of 4,000 square feet, the waterfront home sits on “two and a half acres of wooded lakefront paradise.”

It offers convenient access to Lake Windsor with a private boat dock and swim platform, two decks with a private hot tub and outdoor dining, a media room with tons of entertainment options, a fully-stocked kitchen, a formal dining room, great views of the treetops across Lake Windsor, and lots more to explore once you arrive. Rent Windsor Castle if you’re looking to spend hours in comfort with tons to keep you happily occupied!

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