Here’s How & Where To Rent A Studio For A Night

Do you need to rent a studio for a night? In this post, we’ll explain how and where to rent a studio for a night through Peerspace, the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals. We’ll also provide you with three examples of stunning studios for rent by the hour through the platform. Let’s get to it!

Most Peerspace venues close around 10:00 pm local time. Event timing and venue availability are solely up to our hosts’ discretion.

Why use Peerspace to rent a studio for a night

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Toronto
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Just to make things perfectly clear: by “rent a studio for a night,” we mean for several hours in the evening, probably in the context of an event, as opposed to an overnight stay like you might find on Airbnb. So if that’s what you’re in need of, read on!

You’ll want to begin your search on Peerspace’s homepage. Peerspace is the most extensive platform for renting all sorts of spaces (including plenty of studios!) on an hourly basis from local hosts.

There are literally thousands of Peerspace listings based in hundreds of cities across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., parts of Europe, and Australia (with more destinations coming soon!) that are available for a wide variety of uses.

You can rent a studio for a photoshoot, a film shoot, a private event, a business function, you name it. Many come equipped with equipment and amenities you need included with the hourly rental fee.

Next, we share how to use Peerspace to book your perfect studio location.

Using Peerspace to book a studio for a night

Photography Studio with White Cyclorama Wall las vegas rental
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Starting on the homepage, type in the event / production you’re planning and the city where you intend to plan it. At this point, you can also add the date you’ll need it for if you already know that info, but it’s not required.

When you receive that initial page of search results, go to the “More filters” section at the top of the page and enter “studio” as your keyword of choice. This should return at least a few studios and studio apartments in your area.

If there are still too many options for you to want to scroll through each one individually, you can narrow your search down considerably more using an array of detailed criteria: price per hour, the total number of expected attendees, included outdoor and indoor spaces, production equipment, space style, ability to instant book, and other amenities you might want. Definitely do this for any “must haves” (like if you, say, need an studio that comes with its own piano, check that option off under “amenities”).

Finally, browse those search results to see if your ideal hourly studio rental is anywhere on the list. To figure that out, click on specific listings and check out the hosts’ detailed descriptions of the space, their high-quality photos, and even some reviews from past renters. If you’re still unsure after all that, you can always contact the host directly from the listing to ask them some questions.

A few examples of studios you can rent by the hour via Peerspace

Rent A Studio For A Night
Source: Peerspace

Now that you know how to rent a studio for a night using Peerspace, how about a few examples of lovely studio apartments at different price points and in different cities across North America? They’ll help give you an idea of what kinds of studios you might find near you.

Cozy studio apartment in Long Beach, CA

One of the main benefits of a small space is how cozy they can be, and this 420-square-foot studio apartment fits the bill. It’s also conveniently located in the East Village Arts District of Long Beach, where you’ll find everything from galleries, to restaurants, to funky boutiques, and more.

Inside the apartment is a working kitchen, the space has plenty of sunlight, and the decor has been chosen with plenty of “neutral backgrounds and colors” The hosts bill this studio as ideal for a small photoshoot, but recommend this space for no more than four to five people, so be sure to keep that in mind when you’re deciding whether to rent it. At $95 an hour (with a four-hour minimum), this sweet apartment is a total steal.

Key lime studio with huge private yard in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Going with a studio apartment for your short-term rental doesn’t mean you have to give up access to outdoor space! With access to a super sunny private backyard, this little 550-square-foot studio has it all. And even though it’s pretty small, the hosts state that it can accommodate up to 15 people at once, because it’s set up to be as spacious as possible.

The most distinctive feature of this apartment, though, has to be the use of a “key lime” green color scheme, with decor like accent pillows, curtains, bedding, wall art, and plants creating pops of bright green set off by a mostly white backdrop.

You’ll also appreciate the “brand new furnishings,” the convenient location in Fort Lauderdale’s lovely Riverside Park neighborhood, the big flatscreen TV, and perhaps even the in-unit washer and dryer, depending on why you happen to be renting this space.

If you need to do any cooking, there’s even a “full kitchen with pots, pans, plates, [and] utensils” for your use. Also convenient are the keyless entry system as well as the free parking spot that’s included with your reservation.

Minimalist studio with a Steinway B piano in New York City, NY

Those seeking a minimalist aesthetic in their chosen studio might find that this apartment is the ideal option. Not only is it a tasteful studio apartment with plenty of natural light as well as a full kitchen and dining set, it’s also a “great inexpensive recording or practice space with wood flooring for beautiful natural acoustics.”

For these purposes, the hosts can also set up their high-quality Zoom H6 portable audio recorder and a pair of Neumann TLM 49 microphones for an extra $15 per hour. Situated in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of the Upper West Side (near the famous Lincoln Center!), this studio is also a quick walk to the nearby 1 subway train.

There are many positive reviews of this space, but we’ll just quote a couple to give you a general sense of what it’s like. From a reviewer who filmed a video shoot here: “[The host] was so accommodating and flexible for me. The lighting is beautiful and she keeps everything neat and clean.” And a photographer who did a photoshoot here wrote, “Used for photoshoot—Lovely bright unique space in a convenient accessible UWS location. Leah is a wonderful host!” Definitely worth considering this one if you’re anywhere near NYC, as it’s ultra-affordable to rent at only $60 per hour.

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