12 Special 60th Birthday Celebration Ideas For Mum

Looking for special 60th birthday celebration ideas for mum that show her how important she is to you? Then you’ve come to the right place since that’s what we at Peerspace are proud to present to you today.

With the help of Peerspace, you can go big on your mum’s 60th with an unforgettable celebration to welcome in the next decade! Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for hourly venue hires and makes it easy to discover and book hidden gem spaces in cities across the globe. While the following venue ideas are all in England, on Peerspace, you can find thousands of stunning party spaces throughout North America, parts of Europe, Australia, and beyond, too.

Here are a few 60th birthday celebration ideas for mum that will make her special day absolutely unforgettable.

1. A private yoga session

a yoga studio event space London
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Make your mum feel extra special this birthday by booking her a private yoga session! On Peerspace, you can find a variety of beautiful yoga studios near you.

Like this boutique studio in London that comes with yoga mats, props, and plenty of space to stretch out! It’s an elegant and modern studio in West Hempstead that provides her with beautiful surroundings and the perfect gear to relax, unwind, and enjoy every moment.

2. Rooftop cocktail surprise

60th Birthday Celebration Ideas For Mum
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Celebrate your mum’s 60th birthday by booking a unique rooftop in London for a surprise party. She’ll be wowed by the views, the drinks, and the amount of thought you put into planning her party. The venue’s interior is kitted out with mid-century modern furnishings, while the terrace is also available for relaxing amid lush greenery.

No need to tell her booking the venue, with drinks and catering provided, only took you a few minutes on Peerspace!

3. An elegant garden party

60th Birthday Celebration Ideas For Mum
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Plan a lovely garden party with your mum’s friends and family for her 60th celebration. And to make sure mum doesn’t have to stress about getting the house ready for guests — host the garden party at a local Peerspace venue, like this London townhouse! It’s an ultra-stylish and spacious home in Hammersmith with an outdoor garden that has a dining table for eight.

Peerspace venues are ready and clean as soon as you arrive so all you have to do is whisk mum into the garden to enjoy her day.

Here’s how to find an Airbnb for events in London for all of your special occasions!

4. Taking a swing at ballroom dancing

Large Dance Studio with Breakout space
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Be original with your 60th birthday celebration ideas for mum! For example, how about taking a swing at ballroom dancing? Once you and your mum get the basics down with her 60th birthday lesson, you’ll be able to show off your skills for years to come.

If you and your mum are a bit nervous about learning in front of a class, rent your own dance studio on Peerspace, like this large dance studio in Manchester. It has beautiful dance floors and a wall of mirrors, perfect for helping mum learn her footwork.

5. An intimate dinner with family

60th Birthday Celebration Ideas For Mum
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Looking for 60th birthday celebration ideas for mum where she can spend time relaxing with the whole family? Surprise her with a fully catered private dinner!

Peerspace offers a variety of gorgeous homes and dinner venues throughout the U.K., like this historic Georgian event space near Brixton. Vincent Van Gogh called this residence home for a year and it has been lovingly maintained by its host. Outside the home, your mum can stroll the charming outdoor garden, too.

6. A relaxing spa day

unique warehouse and lounge space in london
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Give mum the gift of relaxation for her 60th birthday. No cooking for guests or cleaning up after a party — just time to herself or with a few of her closest friends and family members.

On Peerspace, you can book an entire salon space, like this chic London lounge, so mum doesn’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle of a busy salon on her special day. She’ll be surrounded by just those she’s hand-selected to spend her birthday with!

7. Her own private cinema

60th Birthday Celebration Ideas For Mum
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If your mum loves movie nights, imagine how much she’ll love having her very own cinema! On Peerspace, you can search for venues near you that include private cinemas.

For example, in the Birmingham area, you’ll find this gorgeous former textile factory that now contains its own 25-seat movie theater, bar, art studio, and three self-contained living spaces.

8. A youthful photoshoot

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Your 60th birthday celebration ideas for mum should include activities to make her feel as beautiful as ever! A professional photoshoot is a wonderful way for your mum to feel confident about herself on her birthday.

Book a photo studio on Peerspace that includes a variety of color backdrops for her to choose from and maybe even consider hiring a makeup artist to meet you there and help get mum all done up! This professional photoshoot studio in London makes the ideal location for this idea. The host offers an array of colorful backdrops and has a private dressing room for mum to get ready.

This is one of those venues that gets a lot of love from the Peerspace community, judging by its user reviews. Here is one example of what we mean: “Absolutely amazing space. Got everything you’d need. Clean and bright. Nice lights. Well maintained.”

9. A canapé reception

60th Birthday Celebration Ideas For Mum
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A canapé reception is a perfect way for mum to be able to mingle with all her friends on her 60th birthday. And no need to waste time researching and negotiating with vendors.

Book a Peerspace that can help set up catering for you — like this beautiful gallery space in south London. It’s a gorgeous, open space that frequently partners with the adjacent cafe! This is a wonderful way to celebrate mum with several thoughtful amenities, all in one place.

Here are more fun London birthday ideas in case your mum is celebrating in the capital city!

10. A luxury retreat

wiltshire stunning farmhouse rental
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Spoil mum with a luxury retreat on her birthday. But how do you pull it off?

Book a space like this stunning historic farm like Wiltshire, invite a few of mum’s best friends, and let them enjoy the day hot-tubbing in the six-seater hot tub, chatting on the large southwest-facing patio, or spending time with the horses and llama on the farm! This home also offers a gorgeous sunset of the fields and pastureland.

11. A romantic evening with dad

60th Birthday Celebration Ideas For Mum
Source: Peerspace

If dad is struggling to come up with 60th birthday celebration ideas for mum, help him plan a romantic evening.

On Peerspace, you can book a variety of romantic venues, like this large garden in North Chailey. It boasts woods, two ponds, and a beautiful lake. The host can also provide catering if you like. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic and canoe ride!

12. Afternoon tea on the terrace

60th Birthday Celebration Ideas For Mum
Source: Peerspace

Invite mum to a relaxing afternoon tea date to celebrate her 60th. And what better spot for afternoon tea than a gorgeous terrace in London! 

This private Westminster terrace is open evenings and weekends for private events. It’s located within PUBLIC Hall and overlooks the London Eye and the River Thames, so mum can enjoy gorgeous views while sipping her favorite cuppas.

60th birthday celebration ideas for mum: conclusion

Rent A Kitchen For A Day in London
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Mum deserves the world, and with these 60th birthday celebration ideas for mum and the perfect Peerspace venue, you’ll get pretty close. Choose your favorite ideas from this list and hire an amazing space that lets you pamper mum for her big milestone birthday. She’ll always appreciate your thoughtfulness while creating her own lasting memories!

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