13 Special Easter Brunch Ideas

Easter brunch is a great excuse to gather the whole family around the dining table for genuine discussions, good laughs, and heartwarming moments! Make your Easter Sunday a day to remember with these 13 special Easter brunch ideas.

1. Find the perfect venue on Peerspace

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If your dining table isn’t quite big enough to get the whole family around or if you are looking to get everyone out of the house for your Easter Sunday celebration — consider renting a Peerspace venue! Peerspace can help you uncover thousands of unique spaces for your brunch event ranging from large mansion-style and beach homes to sprawling ranches and quaint cabins. On the Peerspace website, you can communicate directly with space hosts to coordinate logistics, enjoy high-quality photos to visualize your brunch event in the space, and read detailed descriptions of amenities. If you aren’t quite sure whether a space is a right fit or not, check out the reviews from real people who have used the space to understand clearly whether or not it will fit your needs!

2. Spruce up a space with flowers

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Spring is in the air— and it should be visible at your Easter brunch, as well! Spring-blooming flowers like tulips, pansies, and daffodils are a great way to brighten up your brunch space and make a great centerpiece for tables. If you’re looking for Easter brunch ideas that are a bit more out of the box, consider using flowers in your cooking! This Southern Living article details 10 of the best edible flowers with foods and drinks to add them to.

3. Break out your best recipes

Easter brunch is a great time to break out the family cookbooks or try out new fun recipes! Crepes, fruit salads, and deviled eggs are all tasty and light breakfast options, or you can go all out with brioche or eggs benedict! If you anticipate a more hectic morning, opt for quiche or egg casseroles that can easily be whipped up the day before and quickly reheated in the oven before your brunch. Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s are a brunch staple, but non-alcoholic spritzers and mocktails can be fun options too!

4. Make it a potluck

brunch spread for party
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If you have the type of family that won’t be able to resist bringing something over to your Easter brunch celebration— make the event a potluck! Ask everyone to whip up a dish of their favorite brunch entree or starter and bring it to share.

5. Opt for a caterer

tray of catered food
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On second thought, consider hiring a professional caterer! It’s a smart Easter brunch idea for many reasons. Mainly, it means less work and stress on yourself and your guests. Plus, caterers know how to handle various allergy and dietary requests. And when you book a Peerspace, you can rely on our Concierge service to link you up with the best caterer in your metro.

6. Give up and give back

catered savory food
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If Lent is part of your Easter season traditions, you are already familiar with the concept of “giving up” something at the beginning of Lent— but what about adding a new tradition of “giving back” something to your community at the end of Lent? Consider volunteering to cook Easter brunch at the local food shelter or ask all your brunch guests to bring cans of food to your party that you can donate to the local food bank! If you would like other Easter brunch ideas for giving back, reach out to your local Salvation Army chapter to ask how you can help.

7. Decorate creatively

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Flowers, woven baskets, Easter wreaths, and wait… what’s that over there?? A hidden Easter egg?? Even if your Easter brunch is an adult-only event, hiding Easter eggs around the venue is still a fun surprise for all your guests! Inside Easter eggs, you can put gifts adults appreciate too. Lipstick, bath bombs, face masks, and chocolate are just a few examples!

8. Hire a photographer

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For some of us, getting all the family together is only a one-in-a-blue-moon occasion! Make the most out of your family get-together by hiring a local photographer to snap some family photos. As a bonus, everyone will probably already be in their “Easter best,” so the photos should turn out great!

9. Invite the Easter bunny

pet rabbit
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What’s Easter without a visit from the Easter Bunny?! Volunteer a relative to wear a costume or hire a non-family member to come out to the party as the Easter Bunny! This will be a hit with all the kiddos and make for a great photo opportunity— don’t forget to add the Easter Bunny into your family photo!

10. Have a fun-filled kids table

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Give parents a little extra time to enjoy brunch and adult company by filling the kid’s table with arts and crafts and games to keep the little ones busy! Stock the table with plenty of crayons, markers, and Easter-themed coloring sheets. Another fun option would be to buy plastic Easter buckets or wooden Easter boxes for kids to put their treats inside and decorate with glitter, paint, and stickers!

11. Stress-free egg decorating

egg decorating for easter
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After kids have finished eating their brunch, swap out empty plates for hard-boiled eggs to decorate (which may lead to fewer tears over easily broken eggs!). For a less messy option than egg dying, kiddos can also use markers to decorate too. 

12. Bring in a petting zoo

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What’s better than the Easter Bunny? A whole zoo of Easter bunnies! Bring in the petting zoo for an enjoyable afternoon surrounded by baby bunnies, chickens, and lambs. Be careful, though. This is one of those Easter brunch ideas that could have unintended consequences– you may end up taking a new pet home!

13. A parting gift

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Don’t let your guests leave without a parting Easter gift! Gift baskets are a heartfelt way of thanking all your guests for coming out to spend the holiday with them. Chocolate eggs, stuffed bunny toys, and flowers are great ideas to put inside your party favor gifts!

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