The 8 Best Sports Photographers in Pittsburgh

Hoping to partner with one of the best Pittsburgh sports photographers? Few places are as welcoming to sports enthusiasts as Pittsburgh. There is a team here for everyone and sports photographers are ready to tell their stories. In fact, there are so many that we at Peerspace had a hard time selecting the very best.

There is just so much amazing talent to sort through…But we did it! These are the top 8 Pittsburgh sports photographers we recommend partnering up with for your next game day.

1. David Hague

No list of the top Pittsburgh sports photographers would be complete without David Hague! His portfolio includes past partnerships with NCAA, Major League Baseball, and high school sporting events. David is also a partner of choice for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Pitt Sports Now.

Few sports photographers do as good a job at conveying the entire story of a game day. From the size and artistry of a stadium to the rapturous expressions of athlete, David ensures his shots are the next best thing to being there in person.

We especially love his willingness to find compositions that break the mold. Sometimes that means finding a high place or even crouching super low to add a new dimension to the image. David’s sports photography is as artistic as it is documentary. A rare thing to see in what is sometimes a straightforward genre!

2. Sarah of Sarenae Photography

As the founder of Sarenae Photography, Sarah’s artwork explores meaning through beauty. Her subjects are varied and include not just sports but also portraits, motherhood, and family photography. Sarah is very active in the dance niche, where graceful poses and flowing outfits convey a completely different aesthetic from football or swimming.

By using studio lighting and backgrounds, Sarah carefully highlights the subtleties of skin tones and outfit textures. Colors are nicely saturated and postures are chosen for their impact and style. She is also experienced in working with dancers of all ages. We find it hard to choose between her brightly illuminated shots versus her dark and moody approach. Shadows and subdued highlights offer a radically different approach…Which style of dance photography do you prefer?

3. TSS Photography

Sports portraits (sportraits) are what TSS Photography specializes in! Images that capture your child or young adult athletes in their game day finery on the field or court. However, they also take their lenses out onto the field, documenting your future young celebrity player as they score a goal for their school’s team!

4. Ed Thompson

True Pittsburgh sports fans will likely be familiar with the work of Ed Thompson already! After all, his images find places in publications like Pittsburgh Steelers Now, ZUMA Press, and other major spots! Ed also happens to be an assistant editor and photographer with Pittsburgh Music Magazine.

This amazingly active sports and event photographer has an energetic style that’s powerfully engaging. Ed finds emotional highlights that give us a close look into the feelings of his subjects and documents instants that encapsulate the game for us. Few Pittsburgh sports photographers have the breadth of experience that Ed does, either. From swimming to martial arts, his camera brings the action right to your screen!

5. Marsha Green

Marsha Green’s photographs are better thought of as time capsules that take you right back into the energy and emotions of that instant. While this is true of her wedding and senior images, it’s powerfully evident when viewing her sports photography!

Marsha has a talent for finding moments that best define the day. The warm embraces, game-winning goals, and high peak of a leap…Her photography includes both the sporting event as well as how the athletes relate to each other.

6. Todhunter Productions

Jared Todhunter is the founder of this Pittsburgh brand. He provides not only sports photography, but documentary and portrait services as well. Jared broke into the sports niche in 2018, becoming a top contributing photojournalist for Pittsburgh Soccer Now, Pittsburgh Hockey Digest, and other local publications.

Jared’s photography is a good blend of composition styles. He includes classic tightly cropped compositions, where there is a clear moment and subject against a blurred background. Yet we also enjoy his wider perspectives, where additional players and the field add context to the moment in time!

7. Matt Durisko

Matt Durisko is not only a sports photographer; he is also a coach. So he understands what it’s like to work on the field from all possible angles and leverages these skills to capture athletes at their very best. Matt covers events from Eastern Ohio all throughout Western PA, in both the high school and professional sports niches. He also provides sports portraits that capture students in full game day attire.

Matt’s style uses just the right amount of contrast and saturation for an uplifting feel. It’s ideal for furthering the engaging character of his sports photography. Such colors and expertly timed compositions also make it easier to imagine being immersed in the day’s events.

8. Jared Wickerham

As a top Pittsburgh sports photographer, Jared Wickerham is in demand throughout Pennsylvania and New England. He’s on the sidelines documenting major professional events, including the Super Bowl, the World Series, and Sochi Winter Olympics! Jared counts major clients like ESPN The Magazine and Nike as satisfied customers, all of whom seek out his focus on the energy, speed, and grace of sporting events.

We love Jared’s work because it goes beyond the documentary style common to sports photography. He also finds shares of artistry through the creative use of shadow and lighting. Subjects disappear into dark silhouettes or move through radiant banks of fog. Lines converge with powerful forms on the court. His work reveals fine art compositions that only an attentive master sports photographer can capture! Check out his work on his Instagram or website.

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