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The 12 Best Wedding Photographers in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has got to be one of the most underrated cities in the country––if not the world. It’s got everything you could want in a home base. World-class restaurants, bars, venues, hospitals, schools, and of course, world-class people. It’s no surprise you found your soulmate in Pittsburgh. Now that you’ve chosen to marry, there are a million little details to arrange. One of the most stressful, which actually shouldn’t be stressful at all, is finding the right wedding photographer. We understand that it takes reading tons of reviews and looking through portfolios, all while trying to get a read on whether you can really relate photographers or not. We get how hard that is, and that’s why we’ve put together this list for you of the 12 best Pittsburgh wedding photographers.

1. Stanley and Marie Tatarek

Stanley and Marie Tatarek are a husband and wife wedding photography team who exude kindness and gratitude as they approach their work. Their clients rave over the quality of their storytelling photos and their willingness to answer questions and to quietly and confidently lead couples through the wedding photography process on their big days. Work with this young couple of photographers, and you’ll receive some of the most gorgeous wedding photos you’ve ever seen, as well as the kindness and patience you’re looking for in your search for the best Pittsburgh wedding photographers.

2. Jorge Santiago

Jorge Santiago started his career as a photojournalist and later further apprenticed by managing a black-and-white darkroom. His own style is obviously influenced by these periods of his life, as he takes powerful storytelling documentary photos with a distinct fine-art style. This means looking through your wedding book will be a moving journey.  He’s a creative, technically proficient photographer with a passion for rendering moments at their most elemental. And his impeccable reviews show that he is a patient, organized photographer with an ability to lead in to teach.

3. Caitlin’s Living Photography

Caitlin of Caitlin’s Living Photography is a chill photographer, who does everything she does to the best of her ability. She has a unique skill for capturing authentic personalities, real emotion, and true love, and is sure to satisfy you, your spouse, and your families with the photographs she takes. She’s also super fun, so your portraiture sessions will be just as pleasant as the party that follows. And she is such a skilled candid photographer, you won’t even notice as she documents every moment of your big day, allowing you to just focus on what’s important, and to enjoy yourself.

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4. Connor Hochbein

Connor Hochbein is a Pittsburgh wedding photographer with an eye for capturing the dynamics of relationships. His style is mostly photojournalistic, with a real emphasis on capturing the realities of love, and with a high-art edge to it that often results in jaw-dropping images. In addition to being a spectacular photographer, he has a ton of wedding experience and can play backup, helping your wedding day go smoothly, all while providing total photographic coverage and capturing every memory you won’t want to forget.

5. Melissa Shontz

If you’re looking for a photographer who can break through the barriers we put between each other and capture intimate, personal photos of your special day, look no further than Melissa Shontz. She begins the process by forming a bond with the couple she intends to photograph and with their family and even with their friends. She gets that your wedding day is all about you, and she connects with those people who love you so that she can join in celebrating your happiness with them. All in all, nobody does a better job of getting all of your guests comfortable in front of the camera, and this results in some magical photographs.

6. Adam Michaels

Adam Michaels has more than 15 years of experience in the photography game, and in that time, he’s essentially seen it all. He puts his experience together with his attractive photojournalistic style in order to consistently satisfy his customers. When you work with Adam, you will always have a second photographer, as it’s included in all of his packages—so you can expect gorgeous photos from all angles of your wedding, all without missing a single moment.

7. Tyler Norman

Tyler Norman is all about letting people be real. He wants to provide you with images you’ll be happy to look back on in 20 years, when your marriage becomes what it’s destined to become. He doesn’t force you to be formal if you’re not, nor does he force you to be laid-back if you’d prefer to be formal; he simply wants you to be true to yourself. Tyler is easy to work with and very accommodating, so you don’t have to be worried about approaching him and telling him exactly what you’re after. He’s got a beautiful fine art style, and he’s one of the most talented candid photographers we’ve come across.

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8. Courtney Gilliland of CTG Photography

Courtney of CTG Photography attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she received a Bachelor’s of Science in Communications Media and Sociology. She’s known since high school she would become a photographer, and spent most of her free time as a teenager in the darkroom. She cherishes the opportunity to get to know so many great people through her wedding photography work. She’s a truly great portrait artist and takes vibrant life-filled candids, the type you’ll want to revisit throughout the rest of your life.

9. Eivan’s Photo & Video Inc.

Eivan’s Photo & Video Inc.’s Pittsburgh team offers both photo and video coverage, and are able to provide you with two unique and artful perspectives of your wedding day. Their team is extremely skilled at finding the line between customization and tradition, meaning the photos they take will be a reflection of your unique personality while also being timeless heirlooms of the type that your children and your children’s children will treasure. We love their dramatic photojournalistic style and their ability to capture your guests looking their best.

10. Charlene Potts of Custom Portraits by Charlene

Charlene Potts of Custom Portraits by Charlene is a skilled portrait artist with a classical style. Her candids also shine, as she has a knack for reading into people’s eyes and bringing out truth. Her candids are quite unique and are shot without preconceptions; instead they lean into a truly photojournalistic conception of capturing the under-represented moments and demonstrating the beauty of those. Her skills are equal whatever her pursuit, whether she’s shooting wedding photos, portraiture, or animal photos. This tells us that she’s just gifted at using her vision to conceive of great photos.

11. Krystal Healy

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Pittsburgh wedding photographer Krystal Healy takes rich, naturally-lit and colored photographs that really capture the beauty of Pittsburgh and the surrounding countryside. She’s an artist who can do so much with the dreamy shadows of the late afternoon and the perfect light of golden hour. She does much of her work in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area but is also available for a few destination weddings each year. Her clients rave about her attention to detail, her friendly demeanor, and her ability to stay organized even in the most hectic of situations. Everyone who’s worked with her has loved the experience, and we’re positive you will too.

12. Julie Rosillo 

Based in Altoona, Julie Rosillo has been photographing weddings in the Pittsburgh area for more than 11 years. She’s a genius portrait photographer who is able to really bring out the drama and love in her photographs in an almost effortless manner. We also love how she’s able to infuse her photos with a few simple pops of color that transform everyday photos into magazine-worthy, gorgeous candid shots. Take a look through her portfolio, and we’re sure you’ll agree with us that she’s one of the most creative and technically skilled photographers in the Pittsburgh area.

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