The 8 Best Still Life Photographers in Austin

Curious to see the work of the best Austin still-life photographers? Still-life photography is one genre that everyone can enjoy. Sometimes it is straightforward and features a single item as a flat-lay product shot but it can also include compositions with several culinary masterpieces, telling a story while tantalizing your taste buds.

The work of the top Austin still-life photographers includes commercial collaborations and personal projects. Both of these invite you to take a closer look at the featured subjects!

1. Sarah Natsumi Moore

Sarah Natsumi Moore is an Austin still-life photographer whose work takes her all over the world! Her clients who need the stories of their spaces and products told include Magnolia Homes, Texas Monthly, and Urban Outfitters.

We chose Sarah because her work is a good balance of strong compositions and playfulness. The way she includes hands, liquid splashes, and stacked items gives us something to ponder while we appreciate the beauty revealed in items that we’d normally overlook.

2. Sarah Frankie Linder

As an environmental and still-life photographer, Sarah Frankie Linder’s images explore design, architecture, and the innate beauty of her subjects. She works with both commercial clients and her own inner muse when creating still-life compositions.

Sarah counts YETI Coolers, Harvard Business School, and Big Ten Network/Fox Entertainment as select clients of hers. Yet we think you’ll also admire her fine art showings as well! Sarah has been featured in several Austin exhibitions, including at the OLA Gallery and Modern Rocks Gallery.

3. Meg Mulloy

Meg Mulloy’s interest in photography comes from not just an innate talent for the art form but also a long appreciation of the work of other artists seen in museums during family trips. She ended up studying history and photography in college, giving her a strong foundation for becoming a top Austin still-life photographer. Meg is also an adjunct professor at Austin Community College as well as the Art Institute of Austin.

Her still-life compositions explore the organic shapes found in food and how complementary colors and shapes guide our vision across her compositions! Meg’s approach tends to be vibrant in exposure as well, with soft colors and bright whites for a contemporary character that’s ideal for editorial and branding images!

4. John Langford

John Langford’s portfolio explores branding images, corporate headshots, still life, advertising…But people and artistry form a central thread through all of his work. John has been active in the commercial space for over 30 years now. So realtors, advertisers, and other business professionals who need to make an immediate connection with clients seek him out to tell their stories.

John’s still-life photography is a blend of commercial and personal work. Oftentimes it includes items that caught his attention for their beauty. These can be ordinary things that are also extraordinary when looked at in the right way. Classic subjects like fruit, fishing nets, decorative statues seen on his travels…John’s still-life images enchant us with their diversity.

5. Dennis Burnett

Dennis Burnett is a freelance photographer who is active in the still life, corporate, fitness, and portrait niches. He recently relocated to Austin after living in Savannah, Georgia, for the past decade.

Dennis describes his style as being firmly rooted in the documentary approach, which we definitely see when browsing his collection. Oftentimes he pairs products with human subjects just off-camera. They reinforce the subtle story being shared, one of family gatherings, connections, and so on!

6. Madison Baños

Madison Baños is a talented production assistant and Austin still-life photographer. Like many visual artists, photography was something of a surprise for her. Madison went to school intending to become a radio disc jockey yet ended up falling in love with the arts and changing her path after a class in photojournalism!

And we’re so glad that she did because Madison offers something fresh to the still-life world, as evident by her images on Instagram and online portfolio. Her approach is a subdued, moodier one. Exposure isn’t as bold and colors aren’t as crisp in her compositions. Faded flowers, worn metal, and other subjects are not the first choice of many still-life photographers. Yet Madison invites us to explore what these seemingly discarded objects have to offer. We find new interest in them through her gaze and careful compositions!

7. Knoxy Knox

Commercial advertising photographer and art director Knoxy Knox is active in the still-life genres of food, product, and lifestyle visual media. She often blends these subjects by adding narratives, emotional cues, and fine art compositions to what appear to be straightforward product shots. As she explains her approach: “I am dedicated to delivering elevated visual imagery with seamless style and inspired expertise.”

We especially love Knoxy’s food and beverage tabletop photography! She uses expertly directed light and well-composed spreads, allowing you to enjoy the food bonanza on display. The colors, shapes, textures, and hints of flavor all come together in an image that you won’t be able to look away from.

8. Cydney Holm

No collection of the top Austin still-life photographers would be complete without Cydney Holm! She works in Central Texas, New York, and Los Angeles as a photographer and art director, with fashion and products as her niches. Cydney counts Gucci, BUMPSUIT, and other major brands as select clients of hers.

They come to Cydney because of how creative her approach is to the genre. She manages to include compositional approaches that are popular and known to be effective yet adds enough of her own fine art vision to help brands stand apart in this competitive space. Subdued or pastel colors are foundational to her approach. She then includes models posed in expressive fashion while juxtaposed against backgrounds and props that add conceptual themes to the image. Cydney’s photography is never simple and always encourages a second or third look to fully appreciate it!

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