The 8 Best Still Life Photographers in Dallas

Dallas still life photographers are some of the best in the nation at blending artistry with established commercial practices. They can take an ordinary item and with a bit of light and photography, reveal completely new sides to it. Many of them even suggest entire lifestyle narratives in a single frame.

Don’t believe us? Then take a look at the still life portfolios of these photographers and see if you don’t come away with a greater appreciation for the beauty of ordinary products!

1. Ray Detwiler

Ray Detwiler became a real estate and Dallas still life photographer in 2008 when he started his brand. He is in demand both nationally and internationally, thanks to the impact of his vision.

Ray’s still life images bring out the essence of a product; the essential promise that it offers a customer. Yet, he remains sensitive to the artistic qualities as well. The sharpness of machined edges, the textures of an item…Even the lifestyle narrative that a particular item suggests!

2. Jami Clayman

Jami Clayman first learned about the power of photography to engage and inform while working in Houston with ABC investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino. She then spent over a decade working on television productions before opening her own commercial studio to help lifestyle, still life, and beauty clients get the word out about their products!

Her portfolio nicely demonstrates the breadth of her experience. And we especially love Jami’s willingness to find compositions that stand out from the norm. Her overhead shots highlight items in surprising ways while using shadows and shapes in a whimsical yet effective fashion. Check out her work on Instagram!

3. Alexis of Alcorta Photography

Alexis is a Dallas still life photographer who focuses on beauty product images. Her brand, Alcorta Photography, is the result of her intense studies at the University of Texas at Arlington. She’s putting what she’s learned to work immediately, creating still life images that feature all of the best qualities of an item

Alexis is fond of using pastel shades that mesh well with contemporary advertising photography. The soft colors are easy on the eyes and heighten the promises that skincare products whisper to viewers. Alexis is also sensitive to textures, using balanced lighting to bring out the softness in fine powders or the slick surface of shampoo.

4. Hilaire Baumgartner

Few Dallas still life photographers provide bomb-ass photography like Hilaire Baumgartner! She highlights the fun qualities of food; its ability to connect with other people, memories, and emotions. That’s why she counts brands like Bed Bath & Beyond, Standard Meat, and Fort Worth Magazine as satisfied partners of hers!

Hilaire’s still life food images are neatly composed with no distracting elements to take our attention away from the main course. Strongly contrasting hues heighten the artistic feel and shapes from dishes, surfaces, and items all remind us of the innate artistry that food has. Each item is then finished off with rich, saturated colors for an irresistible character!

5. Allison David

The food and beverage images of Allison David are some of the most luscious still life media you’ll come across. She partners with several top chefs and restaurants in the city to highlight what they’ve got cooking in an eye-catching fashion. Few photographers so nicely balance color grading with a realistic take on a dish. Plus, among her impressive roster of main clients are beloved brands like The Four Seasons, Eataly, The Salty, Which Wich, and Kerbey Lane.

Allison’s images even have an active feel thanks to the addition of sauces, sprinkles, and other “final touch” moments. In addition, she offers marketing and social media management services for Dallas brands looking to outsource these essential tasks. Combined with her ability to create custom-tailored culinary images, you can have all of your visual media needs met by a single creative!

6. J & J Studio

Still life and commercial photography with a focus on advertising is what J & J Studio has to offer. Based in Dallas, this team is available for collaborations state and nationwide. Their brand includes food and product subjects in their still life portfolio. Items are portrayed in an ideal way, with compositions that flatter them using hero angles.

We also enjoy the close working distances J & J Studio favors. Macro level details heighten our appreciation in ways that would be impossible to do in person!

7. Jeff Stephens

As a commercial and Dallas still life photographer, the portfolio of Jeff Stephens is a deep dive into the world of product images. His work is high-end luxury still life, where his own fine art vision of an item’s possibilities contributes to the final image. Jeff’s vision is one of bright exposure, with punchy backgrounds and isolated subjects. Each item feels like its being celebrated by viewers. Textures, flowing forms, and colors that we might miss in a casual inspection are presented for your enjoyment.

Small wonder that Jeff counts brands like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Spanish Vogue as clients! That said, Jeff is also a creator of fine art. In addition to his website, you can also find his work in galleries in both New York and Texas.

8. Rusty Bradford

As a graduate of the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Rusty Bradford has honed his innate talents in school and through decades of time working as a professional. He opened his Dallas studio in 2012, attracting clients from all over the world that love his snappy, explosive style. These include major national brands like HEB Grocery, Southwest Airlines, and Fox Broadcasting Company.

Rusty’s still life images focus on the food and product niches. They tell stories about the possibilities of a given item. The flavor profile of a rich dessert, the texture of a classy coat, the promise of comfort a pair of shoes offers…Each item fairly leaps off the screen thanks to Rusty’s use of ideal lighting, balanced contrast, and eye-catching saturation!

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