The 8 Best Still Life Photographers in Los Angeles

Hoping to see the work of some of Los Angeles still life photographers? Still life photography includes scenes like fruit baskets and flower bouquets. But it also includes commercial product photography, which brands need to help get the word out on what they have cooking. And of all the places in the world to find a talented photographer, Los Angeles might be the best of them all! So much so that finding just the right artistic partner can be overwhelming!

That’s why we at Peerspace have curated this list. Each one of the top Los Angeles still life photographers has a unique vision. From classic to contemporary, there is something for everyone on this list!

1. Fah + Mindo

Fah Sakharet and Mindo Cikanavicius go bright! They prefer cheery tones, with punchy saturation and vibrant exposure. The style is eye-catching and ideal for brands looking to share stories about food, beverage, and cosmetic items.

Even before starting their brand, Fah was active in the design and advertising space while Mindo had been working with commercial photography clients for years prior. Their highly complementary skills, brought together, make them a natural fit for our list of the top Los Angeles still life photographers.

Fah + Mindo has been recognized not only by us at Peerspace but also by the International Photography Awards for 2022. Here they achieved an Honorable Mention for the Advertising Conceptual genre!

2. Stephanie Shih

Originally from San Francisco, Stephanie Shih is a Los Angeles still life photographer. Her work is the result of commercial collaborations with brands like Gastronomica and Blue Chair Fruit as well as a collection of her own forays into the world of fine art.

One element that defines Stephanie’s work is her use of shadow. Darkness can add as much to a scene as light can. Her style uses strong chiaroscuro elements to create a sense of potential alongside what’s clearly visible. As she explains: “As a photographer, I prize the absence of light as much as light itself. Beauty exists in the shadowed depths where our imagination sees more than our eyes.”

You can explore Stephanie’s bold still life imagery in exhibitions at the USC Pacific Asia Museum and other locales! In addition, check out her work on Instagram.

3. Dimitri Newman

The diversity of Dimitri Newman’s approaches to still life product photography is not to be missed. His work explores everything from flat-lay products to editorial images with narrative-driven backgrounds. Small wonder he counts major national brands like Adidas, Amazon, and Nordstrom as satisfied customers of his.

Dimitri’s work nicely balances the line between established practice and fine art. Even in his commercial work, we see attention paid to the beauty of each item. He chooses angles that flatter and enhance our perspective of the subject. Dimitri then uses light to reveal fine textures, subtle tonality, and emphasize curves and lines in a product.

4. Joyce Lee

As a lifestyle and Los Angeles still life photographer, Joyce Lee is the artist brand to turn to when they want a story to go along with their product shots. Her work uses backgrounds that add to the message that brands want you to experience. Using urban backdrops, interior spaces, or marble countertops to say more about who might be the right person for a given product.

We also love Joyce’s subtle yet effective color grading. She subdues some colors and saturates others for a profile that’s an excellent fit for contemporary editorial advertising. Lighting choices are diverse as well, ranging from direct natural light to diffused studio light. Whichever best fits the subject and needs of her clients!

5. Matthew Roharik

As a formally trained artist with a degree in fine art, it’s no surprise to find Matthew Roharik in the upper echelons of LA’s still life scene! His clients include some of the largest advertising firms and corporations in the world. All of whom recognize that Matthew has a unique take on the genre.

He manages to combine both formal techniques with a personal fine art vision. We love the playfulness inherent in Matthew’s images, how subjects seem to float, and form and texture are enhanced by ideal lighting and color grading. At other times, Matthew explores how lines, shapes, and contrasting colors guide our attention through the frame.

6. Vijey Mohan

Still life, food, and beverages are the favored subjects of Vijey Mohan. Based in Los Angeles, his style is one of the most complex we’ve come across. So much so that we think it’s best if you read to how hs website describes his approach: “Working across multiple visual platforms, Vijey’s work is immediately identifiable in its ability to tell a narrative that is at once evocative, gripping and uncommonly romantic.”

The evocative and gripping elements shine forth when viewing how contrasting color and diverse forms come together in a single image. Subjects are emphasized in a masterful way despite Vijey not relying on plain backgrounds. In fact, his busier backgrounds often make for powerful images, as shown in his work on Instagram. These use repeating minimalist patterns that intrigue us without pulling us away from the main subjects!

7. Natalja Kent of Subject Object Manifest

Subject Object Manifest is the work of Natalja Kent, Los Angeles still life photographer. As the daughter of artists, she’s been immersed in the possibilities of fine art her entire life. She counts brands like Postmates, New York Times Magazine, and CVS/Pharmacy as partners of hers. All companies that appreciate the power of still life to engage viewers through the beauty of product images.

Natalja’s photography makes especially good use of human subjects. Hands, arms, and even entire bodies find their way into the frame, engaging with products to whisper lifestyle stories about them. The moods range from celebratory to whimsical and are always well-matched to each still life subject!

8. Sydney Krantz

Originally from New Jersey, Sydney Krantz is a published photographer and transplant to Los Angeles! You will find her work in places like Oranbeg Press and the Humble Arts Foundation. We admire her classic still life photography, as seen in her collection of personal work.

Sydney’s compositions make ample use of shadows, highlights, and mid-tones in shots that are deceptively complex. Timeless subjects like flowers and fruit are well-matched to both the illumination and color choices of the scene. It’s the kind of still life work you’d want to hang up on your wall for endless appreciation.

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