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9 Awesome Venues for Art Basel Parties

Art Basel is an art fair held in Basel (Switzerland), Hong Kong, and Miami Beach (Florida). It attracts an international audience, especially those interested in purchasing works of art, as well as those simply seeking to admire the art. In Florida, Art Basel is held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. It involves a huge number of events, including live music and panels on topics like entrepreneurship, pop-up galleries, and immersive art experiences.

When you’ve had your fill of Art Basel events, you might be one of the many attendees who plan a separate, smaller event of your own — perhaps an after-party, cocktail party, happy hour, catered dinner, or something else entirely. If so, you’ll need to locate a venue that’s relatively close to the Miami Beach Convention Center. We’ve assembled a list of nine of the coolest, most impressive venues for Art Basel parties — keep reading for our assortment of carefully curated, wide-ranging recommendations.

1. A trendy art gallery in the heart of the Little River Arts District

urban art gallery miami rental
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An art gallery would seem to be a fitting location for a party taking place during Art Basel! And this one is fabulous — minimalist, roomy, and with lots of plant life, as well as skylights and large windows that let in abundant natural light. The space measures 1,600 square feet, and it can accommodate 100 guests. Catering and beer and wine services are also available, if you’d like to streamline your party planning process even further.

2. An awe-inspiring and vibrant event lounge

lounge space miami rental
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The walls make up part of this incredible space’s gallery, so you’ll be able to enjoy a gorgeous array of art during your event. (If you want to display art of your own, you’re also able to rent the space for that!) With plenty of greenery and a cool, relaxed ambiance, this is one of the most fitting venues for Art Basel parties.

As many as 150 guests can comfortably enjoy this space’s 2,000 square feet. The venue rental comes with the support of an event supervisor, as well as the opportunity to connect with any other professionals, just in case you might need caterers, DJ, bartender, security guard, etc.

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3. A luxuriously posh Mediterranean estate

luxurious mediterranean estate miami beach rental
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This estate is a massively elegant destination for team-building, networking, product launches, and other professional events. The 13,201-square-foot gated home offers countless grand details, such as a center courtyard covered in bougainvillea, as well as a resort-style pool and spa. The house is situated 100 feet from the waterfront and a private dock for a yacht. It’s one of those places you really have to see to believe — at the very least, check out the photos online! We think this is among the grandest venues for Art Basel parties in Miami.

4. An elegantly refined Victorian-inspired lounge

victorian lounge miami rental
Source: Peerspace

This Victorian-style lounge is unlike any other venue in Miami. Its colorful and historic decor sets it apart from more common modern spaces. Its three rooms add up to 1200 square feet and can accommodate as many as 40 people standing or 25 seated. Located in downtown Miami, this lounge is quite convenient to reach from Art Basel. It’s the perfect place for an elegant yet fairly casual gathering.

5. A swanky Brickell meeting and networking event space

brickell meeting and networking space miami rental
Source: Peerspace

Designed by a world-renowned architecture firm, this smaller-scale location seats 16 to 20, making it a perfect venue for a more professional meeting or network-gathering among a limited group. Beyond a standard workspace, it includes areas to collaborate, work independently, or casually socialize, allowing greater flexibility in your gathering’s agenda. Right in downtown Miami, it’ll be accessible from the main event, too.

6. An airy and bright multi-purpose warehouse

multi purpose warehouse studio miami rental
Source: Peerspace

Here’s a huge, expansive space for your party of up to 250 people! There are two private rooms, as well as a kitchen and private outdoor garden. Automatic disco lights will liven up your party while outdoor garden lights create a warm, relaxing atmosphere as guests enjoy the fresh air. This venue offers a high-quality sound system and microphone, so your music will sound flawless. It’ll also be a breeze to make any announcements.

7. A wild gallery space and sculpture garden

gallery space and sculpture garden miami rental
Source: Peerspace

Continuing Art Basel’s artistic theme in your own event is a cinch when you choose a unique, creative space. This venue — one of the grandest venues for Art Basel parties that you’ll find — is described best by its owners as “a dynamic space of 4,000 square feet full of art and fashion from around the world.” The 7,000-square-foot outdoor sculpture garden includes a raised patio with a water feature and covered by a pergola. This outdoor space is beautiful at night, especially when it’s lit by an assortment of dramatic lighting. Your guests (as many as 700, total!) will be especially amazed and impressed by this venue.

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8. An industrial-chic, modernist loft in Wynwood

modernist and industrial loft miami rental
Source: Peerspace

The first things you’re likely to notice about this breathtaking loft are its 36-foot ceilings, along with the cool, eye-catching art on the walls. It offers 1500 square feet of open space, accommodating as many as 250 guests. It’s marketed as a “blank canvas” that’s perfect for events like pop-ups, fashion shows, product releases, and photoshoots. The overall vibe of the loft is chic and elegant, and it definitely suits the vibe of Art Basel.

9. A picture-perfect venue in South Beach

instagrammable spaces miami
Source: Peerspace

Not even a mile from the Miami Beach Convention Center, this massive venue is unbelievably impressive. If you’re having a huge event — say, with as many as 700 people — this should be your go-to. Created by the celebrated architects Herzog and de Meuron, it’s a world-famous parking structure that beautifully embodies the aesthetics of modernism. The views are unquestionably some of the best in Miami, and you’re free to shape the 25,000-square-foot space to your event’s ideal aesthetic.

Regardless of what kind of event you’re looking to plan, Miami has a huge amount to offer when it comes to beautiful, appealing venues. Choosing the right location is the way to ensure that your event is a total hit, and the above list is a great start when narrowing down venues for Art Basel parties.

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