11 Vibey Hotel Photoshoot Ideas for Your Instagram (2024)

Ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram, only to pause on a stunning photo of someone posing in a gorgeous hotel room? Yeah, we’ve all been there and wondered, “Where is that amazing hotel?” It’s those snapshot moments that spark the urge to hunt down some fantastic hotel photoshoot ideas of our own.

After all, there’s something about the mix of plush pillows, dreamy balconies, and chic interiors that just screams photo op. No matter if you’re aiming to give your Instagram a dash of luxury or tell a story of your travels, hotel rooms are the ideal stage to make it happen. Let’s turn those envy-inducing scenes into your own stylish shots.

Peerspace is here to help you out and so much more. We’ve got thousands of unique photoshoot locations thanks to amazing hosts who offer virtually any hotel vibe you’re looking for, whether that’s something totally glitzy or a throwback. We’ve put together 11 vibey hotel photoshoot ideas for your Instagram that’ll help get the ball rolling.

1. Journey through time with a Victorian hotel shoot

Victorian riverview mansion hotel and lounge production space near Chicago
Source: Peerspace

Capture the essence of a classy Victorian-era building in a 1894 Victorian waterfront mansion hotel and lounge production space. Imagine the elegance of baroque design elements — luxurious drapery, intricate woodwork, and opulent furnishings setting the stage. It’s this rich and detailed backdrop that makes it an ideal setting for a moody or boudoir-style hotel photoshoot.

The Victorian era, known for its romantic and ornate aesthetic, offers an unmatched vibe to explore themes of beauty and intimacy. Incorporating antique or vintage props can enhance the authenticity of your photos, adding layers of depth and intrigue. Think of using period-appropriate accessories like lace fans, pearls, or velvet chaise lounges to complement the mood.

The dramatic lighting, a hallmark of the baroque influence, can also help highlight the intricate details of the room and create a sense of warmth and mystery. For a photoshoot that takes you back in time, it’s important to stay authentic and this location has it all plus a classic hotel lounge.

2. Kick back and relax with a room service photoshoot

A minimalist bedroom with earth tones, an exposed brick wall, and a black wall
Source: Peerspace

One of the ultimate pleasures of a hotel stay is indulging in room service, especially when it means savoring breakfast without leaving the comfort of your bed. This simple luxury opens up a world of creative possibilities for a photoshoot that radiates comfort and joy. Capture the delight of a morning well spent, surrounded by elegantly presented dishes and platters that promise a feast not only for the stomach but for the eyes too.

Picture yourself cozied up amidst plush pillows, the morning light casting a soft glow, as you take a moment to enjoy a meal in solitude or share it with someone special. This scenario highlights the indulgence of hotels and creates a relatable scene that resonates with the universal love for little luxuries.

3. Flex your creativity with a contemporary hotel shoot

newly remodeled home in Scottsdale
Source: Peerspace

Want something a bit more modern? The contemporary luxury hotel has a typically minimalist and sleek design, like this remodeled mid-century desert oasis with a pool in Old Town Scottsdale. Spanning 1,836 square feet, it’s a fantastic spot for photoshoots, film productions, TV commercials, music videos, and more.

The owners are also enthusiastic about accommodating any unique or creative uses you might envision for the space. Guests will have access to lightning-fast internet, a kitchen stocked with all the essentials, and comfortable sleeping arrangements. This includes three bedrooms furnished with a king-size bed, a queen-size bed, and two full beds. The property also features inviting outdoor spaces, including a charming painted cactus mural.

See what one of the five-star reviews has to say about shooting here: “Matt was such an accommodating host. We had to book the day before our shoot and he was quick to provide all the info I needed and ensure that the space would be clean and ready for our arrival.

4. Tune into your inner child with a pillow fight photoshoot

Whimsical bedroom with velvet bedding and pillows
Source: Peerspace

There’s something about staying in a hotel that just makes you want to get up on the bed, start jumping up and down, and swing a pillow at the nearest human. So why not get your closest friend or partner and document it for the ‘gram? There’s bound to be tons of laughs, and pillow fights are such a slumber party vibe.

5. Capture moody shots with a gothic hotel photo session

1920s dark gothic castle in Los Angeles, California
Source: Peerspace

Probably the opposite of sleek and minimalist is the sometimes over-the-top atmosphere that a “goth”-style hotel photoshoot would have on offer. A phenomenal place for this kind of shoot is an eclectic, dark, and moody castle in Los Angeles with vintage furniture, oddities, and artwork chandeliers throughout. This is one of those hotel photoshoot ideas for your Instagram that’ll definitely turn some heads.

6. Enjoy some R&R with a spa day hotel photoshoot

An indoor swimming pool and hot tub in a big, bright space
Source: Peerspace

One of the best things about hotels is the ability to unwind in them, especially if they happen to have a spa. Capture the moment when you’re all bundled up in your robe with a towel wrapped around your head and cucumber slices over your eyes for your next Insta shoot. Show your followers you’re getting all the relaxation in to recharge for fresh and exciting content.

7. Capture elegance in every frame with an Art Deco hotel shoot

Whimsical Art Deco loft in downtown Los Angeles (DTLA)
Source: Peerspace

Pay tribute to some of the most famous hotels in the world with an Art Deco hotel photoshoot. Or, head to this incredible Art Deco-inspired loft apartment in downtown Los Angeles to look like you’re in one of the coolest hotels around. This expansive space is bathed in natural light, thanks to massive 12-foot windows. In addition, there are heavy curtains available to mimic a nocturnal ambiance at any time.

The interior boasts an abundance of lighting options, from lamps and chandeliers to spotlights. Plus, many of the options feature adjustable RGB/Hue settings, allowing for endless color combinations to create a sexy, immersive retro backdrop. The venue frames stunning cityscape views, featuring historic buildings and iconic architecture.

8. Feel like royalty with a castle hotel photoshoot

French Normandy Castle in a Philadelphia suburb
Source: Peerspace

Like Ashford Castle in Ireland, there are dozens of castles around the world that have been converted into luxury hotels. Instead of traveling halfway across the world, leave it to Peerspace, which has locations like this suburban French-inspired castle near Philadelphia that’s the next best thing. This is a vibey hotel photoshoot idea for your Instagram that’ll have people asking if you just got back from a European vacation. But don’t worry, your secret is safe with us!

9. Lean into spooky vibes with an abandoned hotel shoot

A burned abandoned haunted house
Source: Peerspace

Taking the idea and turning it on its head a little is an abandoned or dilapidated hotel photoshoot. For your post-apocalypse cosplay or a haunted house-style shoot, check out this spooky burned haunted house in Sun Valley, California. See what someone had to say about how their shoot turned out here: “The pictures don’t do this space justice. A little eerie but perfect for our shoot, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for this type of vibe.

10. Get cozy with a rustic log cabin photo session

A rustic tiny house cabin in Dallas
Source: Peerspace

If you’ve ever been to the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone, you know just how beautiful a log cabin hotel can be. With some really cool accents and colors that you just can’t get with traditional construction, it’s a good choice for a photoshoot that’s a little bit more out of the ordinary.

Show off the natural textures of wood and stone and the warm glow of firelight from a grand fireplace. And incorporate the rich, earthy tones that embody the essence of cabin living. These elements together create a backdrop that is both inviting and intriguing. It’s great for fashion shoots, lifestyle blogging, or even thematic storytelling that requires a touch of wilderness elegance.

11. Add in Italian flair with a Roman-inspired hotel shoot

An ornately decorated bedroom with Roman-inspired decor
Source: Peerspace

Caesars Palace is arguably the most famous hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. It boasts an iconic design and imagery that feels out of this world. But you don’t have to head out to Vegas for your hotel photoshoot ideas. Instead, get the same effect at a property like this gorgeous villa estate with breathtaking and beautiful grounds.

12. Fall in love with a lovers’ retreat hotel photoshoot

Retro-chic house of Glamour in Nashville
Source: Peerspace

There are so many classic lovers’ hotel rooms with champagne flute tubs and heart-shaped beds, it’s no wonder that’s become a favorite idea for the ‘gram. If you want a room that embodies that style and is set up for hotel photoshoot ideas, this retro-chic house of glamour in Nashville has you covered. Think Barbie dreamhouse aesthetics combined with Hollywood glamour.

You’ll feel like the star you are while you’re shooting here. As the owner describes it: “Hollywood Regency mystique paired with 1970s opulence creates an aura that transcends ordinary space and time.

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