8 Wonderful Vow Renewal Ideas

On the lookout for special vow renewal ideas? You and your spouse’s wedding day may only have happened once, but your bond is ongoing. So take the time to recognize your commitment with a party! For your next anniversary — or even Valentine’s Day — celebrate your love with a vow renewal ceremony. You can re-create your wedding in a low-key way or go all out with the festivities. You can also personalize these vow renewal ideas to best suit you and your partner.

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1. Write new vows

vow renewal ideas
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These days, many couples are writing their own vows to add a personal touch to their wedding ceremony. Let’s face it — your wedding vows may be outdated and unoriginal if you got married before you knew about this trend. Or, they just might not reflect your values as a couple anymore. So write some new ones that speak to who you are for your renewal ceremony.

You can hire a calligrapher on Etsy to write out your vow renewal ideas and then get them framed for your wall as a daily reminder. It’s a special keepsake that you can cherish for years to come. This is especially ideal if your love language involves words of affirmation.

2. Enjoy a destination ceremony

Masterpiece Beverly Hills Gated Private Mansion la los angeles rental
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Maybe you didn’t get the destination wedding of your dreams because they tend to be expensive. Plus, it isn’t easy to get everyone to attend. Luckily, you can have a “redo” with a small group of guests by hosting a destination vow renewal ceremony! Choose a tropical island or a faraway country, and invite a select few of your closest friends and family. Then enjoy a party to celebrate your love. If you can be flexible with the date, you may be able to score good deals on plane tickets and accommodations.

If you prefer to keep it closer to home, remember to check out available Peerspace venues near you. A fresh, clean setting immaculately decorated will give you exciting vacation vibes. Plus, no huge price tag or plane tickets are required!

3. Take a cruise

bel air mansion with yacht design
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Turn your vow renewal into a full-on vacation on the high seas. A cruise is a luxurious, all-inclusive option for your ceremony that offers everything you need to have a blast — food, endless drinks, entertainment, and beautiful views. You can make it a trip for just the two of you, or invite some guests along. Either way, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and do your own thing after the ceremony itself. This is a romantic option that requires minimal planning and offers maximum enjoyment.

Not quite up for a legitimate seaside voyage? Why not book your vow renewal ceremony at this incredible Bel Air yacht mansion (pictured above)? This luxurious themed mansion can host 50 and is sure to drop the jaws of all your guests. It consists of multiple patios, a cantilever pool, and stunning LA views.

4. Visit a winery

elegant european style wine cellar
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Picturesque and romantic, a winery is the perfect setting for an event centered around love. Wineries are popular wedding venues, so why not book one to bring your vow renewal ideas to life? If you don’t know where to start your search, turn to Peerspace. There are several wineries with catering options, so the food and drinks will be covered, and planning the rest will be simple. You can also turn to the Concierge service for catering if your dream winery doesn’t include it. The Concierge can also arrange entertainment, so you and your loved one can be serenaded by a string quartet as you sip wine and stare lovingly into each other’s eyes.

5. Book a romantic rooftop on Peerspace

vow renewal ideas
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On Peerspace, you can book a private and gorgeous rooftop space no matter where you live. We love this idea, especially for a couple who eloped or maybe just wants to keep their vow renewal ideas between the two of them. Book a romantic rooftop, have the Concierge service arrange for a private chef to cook your favorite meal, and enjoy it under a blanket of stars.

And remember, you can reach out to the Peerspace Concierge service should you need assistance with other vendor recommendations. With Peerspace by your side, you’re basically your very own event planner, in the easiest and most fun way possible!

6. Take a tour abroad

vow renewal ideas
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Is there anything more romantic than traveling with your spouse? Take your love overseas by renewing your vows abroad! You can find custom couples’ tour packages online that are all-inclusive and bookable with just a couple of clicks. Alternatively, you can design your own unforgettable international getaway with a personalized itinerary based on the sights you want to see. You can easily tailor this vow renewal idea to your interests, and you can even turn it into a backpacking trip if that is more your style. It’s like having a second honeymoon!

If you’re looking for a unique, private place to celebrate while abroad, don’t forget that Peerspace is available there, too! For instance, check out this retro event space home (pictured above) in London’s Streatham suburb. It boasts funky decor, a welcoming ambiance, and even an indoor swimming pool.

7. Re-create your wedding day

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It will be hard not to reminisce about your wedding day when renewing your vows, so why not re-create that special day? You can design a smaller-scale version of your wedding, complete with a few of the same elements. Buy the same cake flavor, wear your wedding attire if possible, invite some of the same guests, and keep the menu the same. Or, if your wedding reception wasn’t quite as dreamy as you wanted, this is the perfect opportunity to create the wedding day you wish you had for your vow renewal ceremony.

8. Hire a band or DJ

north buckhead private luxurious dance studio atlanta rental
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Nothing sets the mood quite like live music. Entertainment is just as important for your vow renewal ceremony as it was for your wedding day, especially if it’s part of your anniversary party. The Concierge team can help you find a musician or group that can perform your favorite music genre so that you can dance the night away after your vow renewal. Ask the DJ or band to play some of some songs you danced to on your wedding day or request songs that were popular the year you got married. Be sure to book a spacious venue on Peerspace, so you and your guests have plenty of space to bust a move!

Bonus: book a photo session with a professional photographer

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Commemorate your vow renewal by booking a private photo session with a professional photographer. Your kids or best friends may mean well and know how to use a cell phone camera, but trust us, the results will not be the same! Book a private and ultra-stylish Peerspace studio and a professional photographer near you who has experience with portrait and wedding photography.

You can find the best professionals near you by consulting our photography resources pages. You’ll be gifted with heirloom-quality prints of you and your loved one to mark this special event. And that’s something you cannot put a price tag on.

Peerspace brings your vow renewal ideas to life

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Whether you’ve been married for five years or 50, a vow renewal ceremony is a sweet way to celebrate your love. You both deserve a party, and these vow renewal ideas can help you plan a celebration that’s as dreamy as your wedding was. No matter how you choose to recognize your love, remember that it’s your relationship that matters, not the size of your party.

And to make the whole day come together easier, book a venue on Peerspace. You’ll find sensational venues that are incredibly stylish, comfortable, clean, and chock full of helpful amenities. You can book a space in your city or a destination location, with more spaces being added every day. Simply click the link and take a look around! And when you need anything added to your booking, contact the Concierge service and they’ll handle it for you. That way, you can focus distraction-free on yourself, your partner, and the love you share.

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