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The 12 Best Wedding Photographers in Cincinnati

Choosing a photographer for your wedding is an important decision. After all, these are images you’ll be passing down to your children — images you’ll want to revisit for the rest of your lives. You need a wedding photographer who is creative, energetic, and relatable. You’ve got plenty of shutterbugs to choose from in Cincinnati — the city’s thriving arts and culture scene ensures that some amazing talent is always available. But the best photographers are more than just talented. They go above and beyond on your wedding day, knowing exactly how to get you relaxed on camera and looking your best. The top Cincinnati wedding photographers all have these skills and more. Take a look at our list — we’re positive you’ll see a photographer or two who’s a perfect match for your style.

1. Megan Noll

Megan is an energetic photographer who’s a people person and can immediately get people relaxed on camera. Shooting both film and digital photography, Megan delivers a variety of images for her clients. Her enthusiasm for wedding photography is evident in her work — her images are light and airy, featuring amazing natural light. She’s an expert in portraiture, boasting a great talent for capturing candid moments.

2. David Stephen

David got his start in photography in high school, then he went on to assist some of the top commercial photographers operating outside of Cincinnati. This background gave him the skills he needed to become one of the best Cincinnati wedding photographers, founding his own studio in 2009. While he does take on corporate clients, David is first and foremost a wedding photographer.

3. Robin McKerrell

Before Robin picked up a camera, she was a model for a decade. She has plenty of experience being photographed — this knowledge has informed every element of her artistic style. She is intuitive, sensing how vulnerable people can feel when being photographed. Nevertheless, she’s an expert at making the process fun. Her intimate style is emotive and authentic, capturing people in moments of real expression.

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4. Sarah Beth Sutter

Like many photographers, Sarah has been interested in photography since she was a child. She photographed her first wedding in 2011, and has developed a unique approach to covering the big day. Her dynamic personality and love of being around people make it easy to work well with anyone. Take a look at her work, which serves as a testament to her creative vision and endless talent. She’s one of the best Cincinnati wedding photographers working in the city today.

5. Mandy Paige

Mandy takes inspiration from her own family and approaches each wedding with excitement and happiness for her clients. Her contemporary style is eye-catching and great for couples that want their wedding images to make an impact. By focusing on real moments, Mandy is able to apply her award-winning vision to creating images that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Not to mention, her work is frequently recognized by wedding publications as absolutely superb.

6. Sherri Barber

Sherri’s award-winning work has been recognized internationally — and with good reason. Employing a lifestyle approach to wedding coverage, Sherri artfully captures authentic moments between people. Her editorial style keeps her focused on all those little interactions that make up the day, and she’ll catch things you didn’t even notice yourself. With more than 400 weddings behind her, you can be sure Sherri has the experience to cover your special day with poise and vision.

7. Anamedia

Anna Sharp, the talent behind Anamedia, is passionate about telling people’s stories. With nine years of experience and hundreds of happy clients, Anna definitely has the experience to produce amazing work. Her organizational skills and great customer service means you’re guaranteed to love her wedding coverage. Her work is special — she’s got a great eye for detail, knowing exactly how to get her clients to relax and feel comfortable expressing their true emotions on camera.

8. Sarah Grider

Sarah is a passionate photographer who comprehends that capturing your wedding day is a big responsibility. These images are important, and Sarah pours herself into her work. With over 10 years in the business, Sarah boasts an impressive contemporary style. Her images feature the most amazing light and color palettes. It’s no wonder she’s one of the best Cincinnati wedding photographers — you’d be fortunate to work with her.

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9. Terry James

Terry’s professionalism and award-winning work make him an amazing wedding photographer. His elegant style creates memorable images, a fusion between perfectly posed portraits and candid moments. He and his team have a narrative-driven style, creating a wedding package that effectively tells the story of the day. Their goal is to produce a set of images that capture real emotions, as well as the fine details that make your wedding unique. This way, you can have images to remember for a lifetime.

10. Tracie Jean

Tracie and her husband own a photography studio just north of Cincinnati. She is an expert at finding amazing light, adeptly making her wedding images pop. Her award-winning work is sure to impress, and her friendly approach to photography immediately puts her clients at ease. Her bright, detail-oriented images have a timeless quality to them, and they’re sure to look great for decades to come.

11. Annie Ryan

Annie is a passionate photographer who first picked up the camera when she was a teenager — and hasn’t put it down once. She loves working with couples and has a knack for capturing their personalities in every frame. She’s an expert at posing, and her subjects never appear stiff in her images, and she largely focuses on documentary-style work — documenting couples exactly as they are. Her ability to capture moments of genuine expression make her one of the most talented Cincinnati wedding photographers working today.

12. Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan’s style is highly reminiscent of fine art — he has an expert eye for light and composition. Trained at the Pratt Art Institute in New York, Jonathan has a ton of knowledge when it comes to making incredible photography. The range of his work is impressive. By combining his knowledge of a variety of art forms, he’s able to create evocative images that are as beautiful as they are real. H\is stunning work will look good for generations.

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