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The 9 Best Wedding Photographers in Grand Rapids, MI

If you’re looking to plan your next wedding in Michigan’s Grand Rapids, you’re in luck! Not only is Michigan full of talent, but the city of Grand Rapids in particular is home to creatives who make lasting art out of wedding photography. Unsatisfied with merely documenting your special day, these photographers want you to feel profound emotions as freshly as the day the photos were taken! Without further ado, here are the most talented wedding photographers in Grand Rapids.

1. Amanda Montgomery of Arrae Photography

Arrae Photography began back in 2003 as a part-time business. Since then, Amanda Montgomery’s photography outfit has flowered into a full-time life-affirming job. As an innately curious person, Amanda finds fascinating human bonds and the psychology and science of intimacy and personality. Wedding photography is a natural direction for her creativity, with its unique blend of documentary, artistic, and emotional elements. Amanda often employs classic portraiture techniques, and we’re huge fans of the dramatic, flair-filled lighting she accents her work with! Her environmental portraits also take us on journeys to urban hotspots, the natural world, restaurant venues, and other places significant to her featured couples.

2. Ryan Inman

While based in Michigan, Ryan Inman shoots weddings, portraits, and other photography across the country. Ryan aims for authenticity in his wedding photography, keeping in mind the fact his work will be lasting complements to your memories of this once-in-a-lifetime event. One eye-catching aspect of Ryan’s work is his frequent use of the wide-angle perspective. Many photographers get overly attached to normal and telephoto views on wedding images because of the classic portrait style.

However, Ryan’s wide-angle portraits take in more of the environment, as well as tell us far more about the couple and the venue in a single image. His photography has a playful element to it as well, as he often uses contrasting lighting, shoots both up front and behind obstacles to find unique compositions, and continually treats us to unexpected views of each couple.

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3. Alyssa Schultz of Mae Photo Co.

Alyssa’s work is modern, vibrant, and full of life, especially in terms of color. The sense of zest and joy is a perfect match to the emotions running high during each wedding. As one of the most thoughtful wedding photographers in Grand Rapids, Alyssa is sensitive to not only emotion but how it’s expressed in her clients. As she explains it, “My favorite parts about being a photographer are the people I meet along the way and how uniquely different everyone loves.” Having received a bachelor’s in photojournalism at Cornerstone University, Alyssa often takes on documentary approaches in her wedding day coverage — from applying makeup to guest outtakes, little escapes her meticulous eye.

4. Jamie, Marie, Jessica, and Jill of Jamie May Photography

The four masterminds behind Jamie May Photography are Jamie, Marie, Jessica, and Jill. As some of the top wedding photographers in Grand Rapids, they create unforgettable portraits that showcase personal elements like rural barns, American flags, favored venues, and other clues to the complex story of each relationship. These talented visual storytellers are adept at capturing the candid as well as the classic moments; they have an easygoing, playful style that shows in their portraiture. Each photographer brings a slightly different perspective to the shoot, which ensures the entire story is told, start to finish!

5. Leidy and Josh Photography

Husband-and-wife photographer duo Leidy and Josh Fournier honor their marriage through the world of wedding photography. As romantics themselves, they find meaning in telling the story of each bond affirmed through marriage while looking to stand apart from other wedding photographers. They describe their style as “light and airy,” which we agree with! Leidy and Josh combine bright white highlights with pastel tones that flatter soft skin tones. Together, this style adds an ethereal, often free-flowing quality to their breathtaking work.

6. Kylie Anne of Lilac and Lemon Photography

Utah native Kylie Anne calls Grand Rapids home now, and how lucky we are to have her! Kylie found it impossible to deny that wedding work inspires her in a way few other art forms do. In her own words, “I originally wanted to photograph families and squishy newborns. But, I couldn’t deny that photographing weddings set my soul on fire. It was a combination of everything I loved: flowers, people dedicated to marriage, and building memory books for people.” Now she takes her desire for documenting memories, emotion, connection, and people to create art that takes people back, both mentally and emotionally, to that special moment with each viewing.

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7. Mallory Claeys Photography

Mallory Claeys’s personal style embraces the shadows, something not seen nearly enough in traditional wedding photography. Vignettes, deep contrasting colors, and subtle natural light all combine to give her work real character. Combined with the candid documentary style she often employs, her work exudes a photojournalistic quality that stands apart in the wedding world. As one of the best wedding photographers in Grand Rapids, Mallory seeks to nurture the bonds created between photographer and couple not just during the big day but permanently!

As she says herself, “I am not that person to show up, push a few buttons, deliver the gallery and never hear from again. I would really love to be your friend, experience your big day with you while screaming ‘YAASSSS!’ ’cause I am so excited about the images we’re creating together.”

8. Lisa Shaw at The Bigger Picture Photography

Lisa Shaw’s work combines her candid/photojournalistic approach with her personal fine art vision to create images with impact. Instead of simply documenting an event as it is, Lisa seeks to produce something more enduring by using the moment as a template. Double exposures and other classic techniques are a major part of her fine art toolkit. In addition, Lisa is a talented lifestyle photographer and photojournalist. Many organizations and media outlets have recognized her work, including GR Boss Babes and Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women (GROW).

9. Sandra Vue of DreamBox Photography

“I love capturing EVERY moment of a wedding day: the excitement, the happy tears and all the raw emotions in between,” says Sandra Vue of DreamBox Photography. It’s clear intimacy, romance, and elegance are a few of the elements that drive Sandra’s passion for wedding photography. And her color palette — a modern pastel tonality that invokes these same elements through the visual medium — is the perfect choice for wedding work. Plus, Sandra’s work carries lifestyle elements, showcasing the venue, people, and events in an especially artistic fashion.

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