Where To Host A Bridal Shower & How To Make It Beyond Special

Wondering where to host a bridal shower? You’re in the right place. Whether the bride is your sister, best friend, or another special lady in your life, she deserves a shower that’s as amazing as she is. That’s where we can help you out. Here’s everything you need to know about where to host a bridal shower and how to make it beyond special. 

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If you’re looking for an extra special venue where you can host a bridal shower, check out Peerspace. As the largest online event marketplace globally, you can find unique venues to host your shower in cities all over the world. Filter them by size, distance, budget, and overall aesthetic until you find one that’s perfect for your bridal shower. 

If you’re looking for certain amenities, like an outdoor area or a bar, you can filter by those as well. Keep the bride’s personality and interest in mind when looking for a venue. Choose something that reflects her style but still adds interest to the occasion. You can make the shower extra special by incorporating activities that match your venue’s theme. Here are some ideas to help you gather inspiration!  

Setting the stage for your shower

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The venue is one of the most important aspects of your bridal shower. It sets the stage for the entire party. You want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the bride-to-be, where she can feel the love from all her favorite people. 

If you’re looking to create an extra intimate atmosphere, hosting at your house or a relative’s house can evoke a sense of coziness. Hosting at a local community center or church can also bring out feelings of intimacy since it’s a familiar atmosphere where the bride and her guests will feel right at home. 

However, not everyone has a house that’s roomy enough for a big occasion. And while familiar spaces can be homey, they can also lack excitement. If you’re looking to make the shower extra memorable, hosting at a unique venue is an amazing way to make that happen. Thankfully, it’s super easy to find one that is the right size and style on Peerspace.

Where to host a bridal shower: extra special ideas

underwater themed brewery
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A wedding shower’s purpose is to shower the bride with tons of love before her big day. That usually means giving gifts and well-wishes, but you can go the extra mile by also giving her a fun experience at the shower. 

Check out this unique underwater-themed brewery in San Diego (pictured above). It boasts a bright and airy atmosphere that’s perfect for the shower and a tasting room for a non-alcoholic kombucha brewery. The bride can enjoy unlimited samples of delicious kombucha while she opens her gifts and hangs out with family and friends. 

It’s a great way to add an extra touch of flavor to her special day and create fun memories that will last. Keep an eye out for breweries or venues that offer tasting experiences on Peerspace.

Help the bride craft her dream wedding

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Is the bride a Pinterest connoisseur? Why not incorporate some DIY activities into her wedding shower? Handmade decorations can bring an extra touch of personality to a wedding day or reception. Those decorations will be even more special when they’re put together with the help of trusted friends and family. The bride will feel the love when you all come together to help her craft centerpieces, backdrops, or other accents for her big day. 

Consider hosting at an extra inspiring venue to help you get your creative juices flowing, like this creative cafe in Houston (pictured above). Murals in a gorgeous array of colors splash across the walls, offering a bright and vibrant atmosphere that’s perfect for DIY activities. 

Shower her with natural beauty

elegant open air pavilion on ranch
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Does the bride love the great outdoors? Rather than staying cooped up indoors, take the shower outdoors to enjoy some sunshine. If you’re worried about the shower feeling too stuffy, this is an excellent way to give your shower a breath of fresh air. 

Open-air venues like this trendy pavilion in Houston (pictured above) offer plenty of wide-open spaces. The bride can enjoy a shaded canopy filled with chic rustic decor surrounded by natural Texas beauty. It’s an excellent spot for snapping picture-perfect images of a fun day she’ll never forget. 

But what if you’re locked in the city? Not to worry. You can find outdoor venues in some of the biggest metros in the country, like this airy outdoor courtyard in Atlanta. Artificial turf and trendy furnishings create a miniature oasis in the heart of this thriving downtown area. There’s also a bar on-site so that you can incorporate both outdoor vibes and a delicious tasting experience into the shower festivities. 

Making it extra special

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Now that we’ve covered some ideas on where to host a bridal shower, let’s talk about other ways to make a shower extra special. Remember above all else the purpose of a bridal shower. You want to celebrate the bride as much as possible before her big day. The most beautiful venue in the world is only as special as the people celebrating inside it. 

Hand-made gifts and keepsakes are an excellent way to show the bride you care. Create a scrapbook of special moments of the bride and her sweetheart throughout the years. You can also collect a book of heartfelt notes from close friends and family to give to the bride on the day of the shower. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or fancy. Little gestures that show the bride how much she means to you are the best ways to celebrate this exciting new chapter in her life. 

Really think outside the box when customizing a shower that’s perfect for your favorite bride-to-be. It’s the thought that counts, and being extra thoughtful is sure to go a long way! 

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