How To Host A Bridal Shower: Tips & Tricks To Wow The Bride

It’s official — one of your favorite ladies in the world is about to walk down the aisle. You can’t contain your excitement! She deserves the world on her wedding day, and you can’t wait to see her live happily ever after with someone she’s crazy about. Before the big day, you’ll get one last chance to show her how much she means to you. It’s time to host the bridal shower of the century. Here are our favorite tips on how to host a bridal shower that she’ll completely adore!

1. Gather all her favorite girls 

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The first step to any good bridal shower begins with a stellar guest list. Gather a dream team of all the bride’s favorite girls. We’re talking sisters by blood and bond. The bridal shower is one of the last chances you’ll get to get together as a group before she officially says “I do,” so now is the time to shower her with love from all her favorite ladies if a bestie can’t make it in person, not to worry. You can set up a Zoom station with a laptop where they can take part in the festivities remotely. It’s a sweet way to ensure that everyone the bride cares about gets to be a part of her special party. 

2. Host at a show-stopping Peerspace venue 

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If you want to know how to host a bridal shower that’s completely unforgettable, you’ll need a venue that exceeds expectations. Forget drab meeting rooms or boring community centers. With Peerspace, you can find the perfect venue for a bridal shower in cities all across the country. Romantic lofts with arched windows, elegant cottages perfect for afternoon tea, or dazzling mansions with stunning outdoor gardens. No matter the bride’s dream aesthetic, you’re sure to find something that’s just her taste. Filter listings by price, location amenities, or overall style until you find the perfect spot. 

3. Serve up delicious food

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Every good party needs some delicious food. Serve up a fantastic menu with all the bride’s favorite dishes! Go for something elegant and dainty, like afternoon tea and finger sandwiches, or something non-traditional, like a spicy Mexican buffet or Chinese takeout. You could even combine the bridal shower with an elegant private cocktail party for an upscale shower. It all depends on exactly what your bride’s hungry for and what her exact tastes are. If you need help curating the menu, give Peerspace concierge a call to find a caterer in your area. 

4. Don’t forget dessert!

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Who says sweets are only for the wedding? Serve up something sweet for the bride-to-be with a an elegant pre-wedding cake. Commission something from a professional baker, like a sparkling geode cake in her favorite colors, or put your own DIY cake decorating skills to the test. You could even top it off with an adorable custom centerpiece that she’ll get to take home after the shower. 

Is the bride-to-be not a fan of cake? Surprise her with another dessert instead, like a donut tower that doubles as a trendy centerpiece. You could even make the bridal shower a baking party and whip up scrumptious treats in one last hurrah before the big day. Who needs to diet? 

5. Decorate with custom party pieces 

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After you’ve chosen the perfect venue, it’s time to make it shine even more. Custom decorations are definitely the way to go if you want a truly one-of-a-kind experience. You can find tons of fabulous DIY inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, like these adorable light-up bottles you can make with champagne bottles or a spectacular custom balloon arch made with all the bride’s favorite flowers. Choose colors, flowers, and design elements that reflect the bride’s unique sense of style. If you manage to outdo yourself, the bride can take some of your DIY designs home as souvenirs or even recycle them for her wedding reception. 

6. Tell your favorite stories about the bride 

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Since the spotlight is on the bride, there’s nothing like a good-natured roast to get the laughs going at her special shower. If you’ve got a mic, now’s the time to pass it around and have everyone share some of their favorite memories of the bride-to-be. A little sisterly teasing is an excellent way to show that you care. Just make sure to follow up all the embarrassing stories with something sweet to balance it out. 

7. Play some fun games

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What’s a bridal shower without a little fun and games? This could be simple, like print-out quiz cards centered around the bride and her sweetheart, or something more engaging like a floral arrangement contest. Looking for non-traditional shower activities for an off-beat bride? Rent a karaoke machine and sing along to the bride’s favorite songs, or take things outdoors for a bridal shower by the pool. 

Consider the bride’s favorite activities and combine them with her shower for a thoughtful party she’s sure to adore. Remember to take plenty of pics for the Gram later! You’ll definitely want to remember every second while the whole bridal party is laughing and having a good time. 

8. Come together with a special gift 

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Last but not least, if you want to know how to plan a bridal shower that’s truly wow-worthy, you’ll need a special gift that the bride will adore. It doesn’t have to be expensive to make her day. Handmade gifts can provide a far more thoughtful touch than what money can buy, like a custom scrapbook filled with all her best moments leading up to the big day or an etched sign with her and her sweetheart’s initials and their wedding date. So long as you gift it from the heart, she’s sure to adore it, along with everything else you’ve done to make her day as memorable as possible.

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