21 Chic White Party Outfit Ideas For Your Summer Bash (2024)

Summertime means outdoor parties and breaking out your favorite outfits for the festivities! How about a white themed party? How many different white clothes do you have that aren’t socks or underwear? Well, if you’re looking for fun white party outfit ideas, you’ve come to the right place! 

Peerspace loves helping people make lasting memories so we’ve put together this list of chic white party outfit ideas for your next event. See if what we’ve gathered is to your liking…And also take a look at some of our party venues! As the nation’s leading online marketplace for festive spaces, Peerspace has hundreds of venues where you can host a thrilling white party this summer!

1. Be chic with a white midi skirts

Midi skirts strike the right balance between classy and casual. They’re comfortable enough for a hot day, no matter the fabric. You can go with a denim midi skirt and pair it with a crop top, blazer, or blouse. Go with a linen or cotton midi skirt for a lightweight option that’s even more comfortable!

2. Don’t forget the white gloves

Gloves in the summertime? Hear us out! White gloves are an amazing retro fashion choice for ladies who are going to a tea party, vintage fashion party, or other celebration where you want a dated look. White gloves are made of light fabric so they won’t get hot or feel like they’re in your way when using your hands. If your soiree is upscale enough for fashionable white gloves, think about booking a venue to match the occasion! Peerspace has hundreds of indoor and outdoor summer party spaces worth looking at, like summer brunch and pool party venues!

3. Go elegant-casual with white jeans

There’s nothing like a comfortable pair of good jeans. If they happen to be white, they’ll be the perfect base to build your white party outfit ideas off of! Denim can be a bit hot in the summer, so plan accordingly with a light top if you’ll be spending lots of time outdoors.

4. Opt for style and function with a white sun hat

Keep the sun off with a good sun hat. Preferably white to catch people’s attention and keep your head even cooler as the color is reflective! A white hat can be as simple or fascinating as you like. Go all in with a vintage fascinator hat or wear a white bolero for something more modern and easier to accessorize! 

5. Elevate your look with white rings

Jewelry is as important to the white party outfit idea list as clothing and shoes. Show off your dedication to the white party theme with white rings! These can be made of pearl, ceramic, bone, marble, painted metal…Whatever best goes with the outfit you’ve chosen. White rings with accents of gold will add a bit of color without ruining the white ensemble.

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6. Keep it casual with white T-shirts

Lightweight and comfortable, the timeless T-shirt is the ultimate casual white party outfit idea for men. T-shirts show off your summer physique and are light enough cotton to not get too sweaty. You can wear a T-shirt as it is or pair it with a button-down shirt, jacket, or other piece of clothing.

7. Dig out your white framed sunglasses

Sunglasses are the one fashion accessory you’ll be leaving on all season! Make them your white party outfit idea of choice by picking up a pair of white sunglasses! The bold white frames and black glass make them a high-contrast option that works with any outfit.

8. Dress it up with a white blazer

White is the color of summertime and white blazers are a great lightweight option that won’t get too warm! You can wear a white blazer over a maxi dress, white pants, or even with linen shorts! Blazers offer a dressy look that’s easy to pull off. Plus you can literally pull it off with ease if it feels too warm for a long-sleeved blazer.

9. Go versatile with white pants

Pants are one of our favorite fashion choices because they are so versatile! You can pair pants with a blouse or crop top…For men, try a white T-shirt, button-down shirt, or make pants part of your summer suit ensemble. A black or gold belt adds a bit of contrast that’s okay for a white party – or you can stay true to the theme with a white belt as an accessory!

10. Choosing a white fabric

The fabric you choose when shopping for white party outfit ideas is very important. If your summer festivities are happening outdoors, don’t go with something that will hold in heat and moisture, like denim. Dupioni, rayon, and lightweight cotton are good choices. If you don’t want your summer clothes to feel too loose, light fabrics tend to, try linen or quilted cotton.

11. Embrace summer with a white sundress

Loose and comfortable to wear, sundresses are some of the most popular white party outfit ideas for an outdoor summer party. You can accessorize them with ease and they come in many different kinds of breathable fabric. Try a white sundress with a ruffled hem for a more playful look! 

12. Add an accent with white earrings

Don’t forget about the accessories when making your list of white party outfit ideas. Pure white jewelry is very attractive against the rest of your white clothes. Earrings can be a small addition; a pair of white pearl studs or crystal hearts. Or you can put on a pair of white hoop earrings for a more elegant look.

13. Layer up your white bracelets

White bracelets go well with earrings and necklaces as fashion accessories. They can be pearl, crystal, shell, composite plastic…Whichever material best completes the look you’re going for! 

14. Go cozy with white sandals

Summer is the season for sandals! Free your toes to get a little sun and wind with a pair of white open-toed sandals. Besides being stylish, sandals are also functional for a beach or pool party. They are easy to take on or off and sand doesn’t get stuck in them like they do when you wear regular shoes or boots.

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15. Opt for playful white crop tops

Crop tops are some of the most versatile fashion accessories you can own. They go well with skirts, shorts, or pants. You can wear it solo or add a blouse or jacket, depending on the weather and your taste! If you’re wearing a crop top, you’ll be very comfortable in an outdoor party space when it’s hot.

Did you know that Peerspace has outdoor event spaces near you with all kinds of amenities? Whether your summer bash is a white-themed outdoor birthday party, picnic, or gender reveal, Peerspace can help you with everything from the menu to the venue!  

16. Don your favorite white denim jacket

Denim jackets are casual yet stylish party options in any color. A white denim jacket is a fashion statement that men and women can both pull off. As a medium-weight outer layer, you can wear a white denim jacket as summer, fall, or winter wear, depending on the climate.

17. Go street chic with white sneakers

Comfortable and durable, everyone should have a good pair of sneakers. White sneakers go well with white denim jeans and other more casual white party outfit ideas. Keep your white sneakers looking their best with frequent cleaning as they collect scuffs, grass stains, and dirt marks easily! 

18. Go sophisticated with white summer suits

Summertime tends to be so warm that a suit can be uncomfortable. It’s not just the long sleeves and legs, though. Suits made of flannel, tweed, or smooth wool are going to be stifling. A summer suit, on the other hand, is made of linen, light woven wool, or other fabrics that leave you feeling cozy despite the suit. 

19. Do it up with white three-piece suits

If you’re a guy looking to make an instant statement, break out the white three-piece suit for your summer party! It’s hard not to catch every eye in the room with a white shirt, jacket, and pants. Add a white (or black) tie, hat, and shoes to complete the ensemble. A white three-piece suit should only come out for special occasions so don’t wear out this look!

20. Keep it cool with white linen shirts

Linen is one of the most comfortable fabrics for a summer party. It’s lightweight, wicks sweat, and dries quickly. Linen shirts are inexpensive and attractive options when looking for white party outfit ideas! Most linen clothes have a loose look that’s perfect for a more casual ensemble where you still want to look dressy.

21. And don’t forget the white linen pants

White linen pants have all of the same characteristics as a linen shirt: breathable and lightweight for summer gatherings. Plus a more casual, loose appearance, depending on the cut. You can find linen pants that have a more formal look as well. If you don’t want to be sweating in denim, linen pants are the best option for an outdoor summer party!

White party outfit ideas: Conclusion

White party outfit ideas are so much fun to collect! Few clothing colors stand out so bold as a white outfit. It’s the best choice for a color-themed bachelorette party, birthday, or other major occasion. Peerspace is here to help you come up with more than outfit choices; we also provide venues for people all over the world! So while you’re here, take a look at our party spaces for any future events you have planned! 

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